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Friday Flickers: My Darling Clementine

Henry Fonda had a bad day yesterday. Let’s rewind to the Henry Fonda of the silver screen, the supremely gifted actor who frequently exemplified what was noble and virtuous in the American character. Here are my two favorite scenes from My Darling Clementine, 1946. Fonda, as Wyatt Earp, is the new marshall in Tombstone. As […]

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Henry Fonda Loses It

Henry Fonda in Drums Along the Mohawk, 1939. Years ago, I was writing a film for a well known producer who had been a child star. One day, during a story conference, we noticed a dozen children and their mothers being herded into a casting session. From the window of our studio office, my producer […]

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14 Weeks

It’s 14 weeks until mide-term elections. This extremely effective video was produced by The Republican Governors Association. 14 Weeks from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

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Occupiers and Ethnic Cleansers Gain Support from British PM Cameron

The ghost city of Farmagusta, ethnically cleansed by Turkey The Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, who has allied his country with Hamas, Hizbullah, Syria and Iran, recently vowed that: Kurdish rebels who seek autonomy from Turkey will drown in their own blood. Sounds pretty extreme. In fact, it almost sounds like Erdogan is promising […]

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Welfare Witches Gone Wild

The so-called Palestinians have received, per capita, more humanitarian aid than any other group on the face of the planet. We’re talking billions upon billions of dollars. And yet we’re constantly bombarded with stories about poverty, disease and malnutrition. All lies, in fact, blood libels against the Jewish State. Where has the money gone? Well, […]

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Lockerbie: Obama “Surprised, Disappointed, Angry” and… Lying

Abdel Baset al-Megrah, left, received a hero’s welcome in Libya. On August 24, 2009, regarding the Lockerbie bomber, Seraphic Secret wrote: …the Libyan terrorist appears plump and awfully well fed for someone in the latter stages of cancer. Look for a miraculous cure in the next few weeks. If it was a case of compassionate […]

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Friday Footwear: The Hounds of Heels

Contemporary shoe designers have shifted their fashion focus to the heel. It used to be just a simple stilleto, a needle to elongate the leg and straighten the spine so the woman moves through space like an amazonian sword. Now, designers are transforming that narrow platform into sculptural forms that reference everything from movies to […]

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Shocking Footage of Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Warning: The following video contains scenes of unimaginable suffering, poverty, disease and violence. It is intended for mature audiences only. Seraphic Secret is not responsible for anyone who faints, retches or babbles incoherently about the evil Jooz. Due to the horrifying scenes in the above video, Barack Obama’s good friend, Rashid Khalidi is raising money […]

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Liberal Media Conspired to Kill Stories About Jeremiah Wright

Barack Obama with his spiritual mentor, racist Jeremiah Wright. Ever since Barack Obama’s close association with the racist, Jew and America hater Jeremiah Wright was revealed, it has been our contention that Barack Obama, who boasted that Wright was his spiritual mentor, is not fit for the Presidency. If a Republican politician were unmasked as […]

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Luxury Shopping Mall Opens… in Gaza

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza which we hear about in an endless terrorist/liberal loop is only getting worse. Yup, last week, a luxury shopping mall opened in Gaza. The horror! That fine blogger, Elder of Ziyon, reports: At opening ceremonies attended by ministers and government officials, the Gaza Mall is a multi-story shopping center that […]

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Obama Lies, Taxes Rise

Hey, do you recall when President Obama emphatically stated that the penalty not to sign up for health insurance was not, repeat not, a tax? Time for a good old-fashioned flashback. And do pay attention to my very favorite moment when Obama laughs—a classic Obama snark moment—at the definition of taxes because he’s so much […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere

No clever captions. I just love this picture of Audrey Hepburn. Up and live, Haveil Havalim, the Best of the Jewish Blogosphere, presented this week by Ima 2 Seven.

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Only Israel

It’s Friday. Normally we present Friday Footwear, Friday Fotos or Friday Flickers. But we’ve been holding this You Tube video for a few days and we’re anxious to share it with our readers. H/T Stroker Two fine companion pieces to this song are Daniel Greenfield’s essay: The Immorality of the Moral High Ground, and Lee […]

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Travis Banton vs. Claudette Colbert, Costume Design as Blood Sport

Costume Designer Travis Banton Claudette Colbert was signed to play Cleopatra in Cecil B. DeMille’s lavish 1934 production. As always with DeMille, the costumes had to be sleek, sexy, and outrageous. Little regard was given to period authenticity. Ever since De Mille turned Gloria Swanson into a fashion superstar, he understood that audiences—especially glamour starved […]

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Democrat Race Hustlers Gone Wild

Meet Congressman Brad Sherman. He’s a fourth term Democrat from the 27th District here in Los Angeles, an area that covers much of the San Fernando Valley and the City of Burbank. This district is reliably Democrat and went for Obama by 66%. In a town hall meeting the other day, Sherman tried to weasel […]

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Proust, Jews, and Jewish Inverts

Noomi Rapace as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The other night, Karen and I curled up on the couch and screened The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, a Swedish film based on the best selling novel. A Hollywood version is in development and I have no doubt that the American movie will far surpass […]

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Swedish Jews: Going… Going… Gone…

One of the most cherished myths of liberals/leftists/progressives is that criticism of Israel should not be equated with Jew-hatred. It’s just, uh, constructive criticism, or, and this is my favorite, tough love. Sort of like a man who beats his wife to a pulp and claims that he does it because he loves her so […]

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Friday Fashion

Here at Seraphic Secret we keep a sharp eye on current fashion trends. Usually, we’re appalled at the plunging necklines, skirts no larger than postage stamps, the baffling impulse on the part of so many fashionistas to look like escorts or porn stars. Thus, when we come across a collection that eschews the aesthetics of […]

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Ava Gardner Critiques Screen Test

Ava Gardner in The Killers, 1946, her first starring role. “After my screen test, the director clapped his hands gleefully and yelled: “She can’t talk! She can’t act! She’s sensational!” —Ava Gardner Here’s a clip from The Killers. At about the three minute mark, Ava sinks her hooks into Burt Lancaster. And at the four […]

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Auschwitz Borders

Barack Obama’s circle of Jew-hating friends. Clockwise from top: Obama with Edward Said, Rashid Kalidi, Bill Ayres, and Obama’s spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright. In 1969 Abba Eban warned that a return to pre-1967 borders would mean Auschwitz borders for Israel. President Obama, though publicly making nice to Netanyahu—elections in November, y’think—is, without a doubt, privately […]

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