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Muslim Tolerance in Action: Desecrating Jewish Graves

Jewish graves on the Mount of Olives deliberately destroyed by Arab Muslims. You know how the Ground Zero Mosque Islamists claims that the purpose of the massive structure is to promote tolerance and interfaith dialogue. Well, that was the intitial fiction. But that’s been dropped because the aggression and rigidity are, well, obviously so not […]

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The Ground Zero Mosque: The Constitution, Decency and Indecency

Mark Helprin, one of America’s greatest novelists—and a veteran of the Israeli Air Force—weighs in on the Ground Zero Mosque controversy in the pages of the Wall Street Journal. Building close to Ground Zero disregards the passions, grief and preferences not only of most of the families of September 11th but, because we are all […]

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Fierce Flags

Lulu Guiness American Flag Lip Clutch Dear Robert: I really enjoy your Friday Footwear and Friday Fashion features. Though I can’t wear the high heels you feature, I’ll tip over and hit the pavement, I do enjoy keeping up with the glittery crowd. I know this is weird, but I have a fashion question. I’m […]

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Greta Garbo Meets Margaret Dumont, Sorta

Groucho Marx with his greatest straight man, Margaret Dumont. Several years ago, while on location for a TV movie I had penned, one of the featured actresses made it known that she was unhappy with, well, everything. The producer, a total pro, did all in his power to please her, going well beyond the details […]

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Ground Zero Mosque: The Bigotry Card

H/T Sultan Knish Why does Seraphic Secret continue to pay so much attention to the Ground Zero Mosque? Believe me, I’d rather write about all the amazing medieval-themed movies I’ve been screening—Marketa Lazarova (1967) The Navigator (1988) Anchoress (1993)—but there are moments in our culture that are such obvious turning points, disputes that are so […]

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Ground Zero Opponents Just Like anti-Semites

Totally predictable, and obscene. The Islamophobia card, but framed as a new form of anti-Semitism. A leader [Daisy Khan] of a planned Muslim community center near Manhattan’s Ground Zero compared opposition to the project to the persecution of Jews, in comments that could add to the controversy over the center’s proposed site. Memo to Daisy: […]

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“Fire!” He Yelled in a Crowded Theater

Are their limits to religious freedom? In a way, this question lies at the heart of Ground Zero Mosque controversy. The left, who support the mosque, claim that this is an issue of religious freedom. Like true fundamentalists, they endlessly lecture that this is a Constitutional issue. Which is an odd position for those who […]

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The Tarnished Angels

In light of yesterday’s post, it’s only appropriate that today we feature Douglas Sirk’s The Tarnished Angels, 1957. The bulk of Sirk criticism posits that the German-born director, in his best work, explores the dark underbelly of the American middle class. But the milieu in this film, my favorite Sirk movie, is far from middle […]

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Spit If You Love Douglas Sirk

Sirk monograph, from l to r: Douglas Sirk, Dorothy Malone, Rock Hudson, The Tarnished Angels, 1958. Several years ago, while shooting one of my films, I fell into conversation with the Director of Photography. We were lamenting the decline and fall of black and white films. I rattled off a list of great black and […]

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Those Who Oppose Ground Zero Mosque are like 9-11 Terrorists

I’ve got a blinding migraine. Can’t write, so I just grabbed this piece of clinical craziness from Breitbart. MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell sets forth the argument that those who oppose the Ground Zero Victory Mosque—68% of Americans—are “like the people who attacked America and killed 3,000 people.” She really says this. And management at MSNBC wonder […]

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Ground Zero Mosque, Israel, and Obama’s Bigotry

The Terrible Reality of, Um, Reality When first I heard of the idea to build a mosque at Ground Zero, I assumed it was a vulgar joke intended to mock Islam. Sadly, it quickly became abundantly clear that this scheme was quite genuine and being fast-tracked by the ever reliable American left, willfully oblivious to […]

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Hamas Endorses Ground Zero Mosque, Obama Too

Hamas, the terrorist gang whose charter endorses a world wide caliphate and calls for the liquidation of Israel and every Jew on the face of the earth, has come out in favor of the Ground Zero Mosque. Not a shock. Hamas understands that buiding a mosque at Ground Zero will be a symbol of Islamist […]

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Best of the Jewish Blogosphere

Joan Blondell is ready to play soccer with Soccer Dad. This is soooo exciting. Soccer Dad, the founder and Chief Rebbe of Haveil Havalim, has come out of retirement to edit this week’s Best of the Jewish Blogosphere #280.

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Friday Fashion: East of Eden

Then the eyes of both of them were opened and they realized that they were naked; and they sewed together a fig leaf and made themselves aprons. —Genesis 3:7 Out of shame and modesty are borne the very first fashion items. Several verses later, after HaShem has cursed Adam and Eve, He provides them with […]

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Joan Blondell: Fast and Furious

Joan Blondell Joan Blondell (1906-1979) was one of the most versatile and durable stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Never reaching the stratospheric heights of a Bette Davis, Joan Crawford or Katherine Hepburn, Blondell, in a career spanning over fifty years, eighty films, and dozens of TV shows, was a hugely appealing actress who gracefully moved […]

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Iran: Watch the Skies

In this month’s Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg has a major article about Israel, Iran, The U.S., and an almost inevitable strike by Israel on the Iranian nuclear facilities. Those who have been reading Seraphic Secret recognize our belief that the current Iranian regime—genocidal yearning theocrats—is an existential threat to the Jewish State. Further, we believe that […]

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Moderate Muslim Against Ground Zero Mosque

Yesterday, we published an editorial by Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah, two moderate Muslims who eloquently make the case against the proposed Ground Zero Mosque, an attempt by Islamist supremacists to appropriate sacred ground as a sign of Islamic conquest. Appearing on Bill O’Reilly, Raheel Raza, one of the authors, eloquently articulates their arguments, founded […]

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Mosque of Mischief, Mundus Volt Decipi

We keep hearing that the only issue at hand is whether building the Ground Zero Mosque is legal or not. We keep hearing that opposing this mosque is un-American and makes us just like the enemy. In short, those who oppose a mosque are bigots. This is, of course, a tactic employed by the left […]

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Friday Footwear: Marilyn Monroe’s Sole

Any man who is married, blessed with daughters, or, when he was a child, paid close attention to the shopping habits of his mother, knows that shoes hold a special place in the female psyche which translates into highly ritualized shopping habits. Have you ever heard a woman say: “I’m depressed, I think I’ll go […]

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Helen Rose: Marilyn Monroe, No Designer’s Dream

Casual Marilyn Frequently, when Karen and I attend a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or a formal dinner, I can’t help but notice that some people, all decked out in formal wear, look, somehow, not quite themselves. In fact, many women—and it’s mostly women who are genuinely transformed by glittering evening wear—appear like gaudy imitations of themselves. […]

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