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Gimme (Temporary) Shelter

Gathering, a Succah designed by Dale Suttle. Recently, there was a Succah Design Competition that presented an astonishing and unexpected array of Succas, the temporary dwelling in which observant Jews eat—and some sleep—during the holiday of Succot. When I first looked at the designs I doubted they were kosher, built according to the specifications of […]

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Palestinians Rape Peace Activists, But No Big Deal

Welcome to the Arab Muslim world where men are men and women are cattle. I have to admit, this story is not surprising, not from any angle. Women, especially western women, are viewed as fair game in the Arab Muslim world, hence rape is frequently understood as the fault of the victim. That the raped […]

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Ma’ayan Ariel: Mind Over Matter

Karen and I spent the first days of Succot with Offspring #2, her wonderful husband, and our grandaughter Ma’ayan Ariel. As you can see, Ma’ayan is dragging her backpack on the ground. Karen and I wondered: Is the bag so heavy she cannot shoulder it? Insisted Ma’ayan, “Is wheels!” Offspring #2 explained that some of […]

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Succot, 2010

Karen decorates the Casa Avrech Succah. In observance of Succot and then Shabbat, Seraphic Secret will be off-line until Monday. We wish all our friends and relatives a Chag Sameach, a happy holiday, and a meaningful Shabbat. For those who are on-line during the next few days, and continuing the Succot theme of shelter, here’s […]

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Muslim Sensibilities and the Shofar Rebellion

During the British Mandate in Palestine, Jews were forbidden at the close of Yom Kippur, to blow the shofar at the Kotel, the Western Wall, for fear of offending “Muslim sensibilities.” Sound familiar? Left unsaid then as now, is that if Muslim sensibilities are offended, said Muslims will riot, burn, loot, and murder. In short, […]

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Molly Norris No Longer Exists

Sharia, coming to America. While the media were obsessing over the non-burning of the Koran and the perpetually-outraged at-something-liberals were piously beating their collective breast over this clever and revealing non-event, Molly Norris, a young cartoonist from Seattle, was advised by the FBI to go ghost, to cease existing. You see, because Norris offended Muslim […]

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Kol Nidre

The hazzan, cantor, as movie star. None greater than Moishe Osher, here in a still from Edgar Ulmer’s Yankel der Shmid, The Singing Blacksmith, 1938. Tonight, begins Shabbat and Yom Kippur. This is a clip from the Yiddish film Overture to Glory, 1939 starring the great hazzan, Moishe Oysher, as a cantor—typecastng at its best—from […]

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Diet Tips from Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, 1954. Audrey Hepburn’s son, Sean, authored a lovely and loving memoir about his mother. There are no scandals, no beatings, no abuse. Hepburn was a genuinely good woman who valued family above career. In this brief passage, Sean discusses his mother’s famously trim figure. My mother didn’t snack, but when she […]

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Gaza’s Camps for Terror

During the Summer, when I was a kid, my parents sent me to various Orthodox Jewish summer camps. I spent time in Camp Massad, Hi-Li, and Morasha. My daughters also attended Morasha for quite a few summers. We made new friends, played baseball, basketball, and went swimming twice a day. We also studied Torah, and […]

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Goodbye Sweden

Here’s an in depth report by the Israeli Broadcast Authority on the Jew-hatred that is gripping Sweden, a liberal and ahem, enlightened, socialist democracy. The mayor of Malmo, where Jew-hatred is at a high pitch, advises Swedish Jews to distance themselves from Israel and then everything will be just peachy. The mayor is a classic […]

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Ground Zero Mosque: Learning from Israel

On Sunday, I forced myself to sit through Christiane Amanpour’s stroke session with Feisal Abdul Rauf. Amanpour is not a journalist. And Rauf is not a moderate. Thus, it was a perfect fit. Rauf made one outrageous statement after another and Amanpour just nodded her head like a bobble. Rauf has deliberately created a political […]

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Rosh Hashanah: The Sound of the Shofar

This evening begins the holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. In fact, the name Rosh Hashanah is not found in the Torah. The holiday is called Yom Ha-Zikkaron the Day of Remembrance, and Yom Teruah the Day of Sounding the Shofar. The blasts of the ram’s horn call us to accept personal responsibility […]

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Kvetcher-in-Chief: They Talk About Me Like a Dog

This is what happens when Obama goes off teleprompter: “Some powerful interests who had been dominating the agenda in Washington for a very long time and they’re not always happy with me. They talk about me like a dog. That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true,” he told a crowd largely consisting of […]

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Staring at the Walls for Fun and Profit

I spend a lot of time staring at this wall. It’s Labor Day weekend here in Los Angeles. Thus, a few words about work are in order. I’ve been a Hollywood screenwriter for over twenty-five years. I get up early in the morning, bind tefillin and pray, eat breakfast while reading the Wall Street Journal, […]

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Five Smooth Stones

When visiting a Jewish grave, it is our custom, not to leave flowers—a sign of life—but to place stones or pebbles on the headstone. The rocks suggest the power of memory, as solid as stone. Further, one of G-d’s names is, “The Rock of Israel.” Thus the rock is a reminder of His presence, whose […]

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Remove the Check Points!

Another terror attack on Jewish civilians in Samaria. But because they were settlers, it’s no big deal. In fact, it’s all their fault. Sort of like abused wives who make their husbands beat them to a bloody pulp. Anyhoo. I have a fab-u-lous idea. Israel should dismantle even more check points as, y’know, a confidence […]

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The Murder Process

Yesterday, Seraphic Secret wrote about the Muslim desecration of Har Hazeitim, the Jewish cemetery on the Mt. of Olives. We concluded: When Arab Muslims trod on the graves of our dead, you can be certain that they have no regard for living Jews. The fiction of a peace process is a dangerous illusion. You cannot […]

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