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Deadly Diplomatic Fictions

At Tablet, Lee Smith reviews the Wikileaks documents and compares them to The Pentagon Papers, except in this case Conservatives have been vindicated in their assessment of the geo-political landscape—especially in regard to the Mideast. The left has lectured endlessly—and Barack Obama continues the fiction—that the Palestinian conflict with Israel is priority in the Arab […]

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Dance of Death

Pious Jewish men praying at the Kotel, the Western Wall. Photo by Robert J. Avrech, all rights reserved. Imagine for a moment that you are dancing with a partner who has loudly announced plans to murder you when the music stops. You want to get off the dance floor, but clueless wallflowers insist the dance […]

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The Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1930s: ’30-’33

Clark Gable, the greatest male star of the 1930’s. Gable was glamorous yet rugged, a man’s man. Women wanted him and men wanted to be him. We continue our decade-by-decade survey of The Twenty Greatest Movies. Last week we examined the 1920’s, the era of silent movies where a particular American vitality found expression in […]

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Middle East Conflict: It’s Not Complicated

My friend Dennis Prager explains, in just 6 minutes, why the Islamist-Israeli conflict is not the incredibly complicated issue claimed by the, um, nuanced thinkers of the left. In fact, a recent poll among Palestinians reveals a people committed to Sharia law and the annihilation of the Jewish State. Granting such a society the status […]

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The Human Rights Monsters of Turtle Bay

It is a gruesome thing to behold, leftist totalitarian and Islamist regimes using the noble rhetoric of human rights to further their tyrannical and theocratic goals. We have entered the age of Orwellian Newspeak where war is peace, good is evil, hate is love—and it’s all being legitimized on the global stage by Barack Obama. […]

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Ma’ayan Ariel Shabbat Mommy

Ma’ayan Ariel attends a wonderful pre-school where the children not only play and sing and do arts and crafts, but they are also schooled in Torah Judaism. Every week, the boys and girls play make-believe Shabbat. There is a Shabbat Daddy and a Shabbat Mommy. This week, Ma’ayan was the Shabbat Mommy. Here, she drinks […]

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The Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1920s

I’m frequently asked by many of our readers to recommend the greatest movies ever produced. A daunting task which I’ve put off time and again. But finally, I’ve picked up the gauntlet. This week I’ve compiled a list of movies from the 20’s that I love, movies that strike powerful emotional and intellectual chords. The […]

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American Tax Dollars For Jihad

The Palestinians adore Obama. They refer to him as Abu Hussain. This is one of the more popular items on sale. The jihadists recognize Obama as a reliable enemy of the Jewish State. Caroline Glick explains what the Palestinian Authority buys with American money. Two weeks ago, a Palestinian from Bethlehem was arrested by the […]

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Pillar of Fire: The Founding of Israel

My good friend, Soccer Dad, one of the best bloggers on the Jewish blogosphere, sent me links to portions of a monumental seven-hour documentary, Pillar of Fire, about the founding of Israel. It’s excellent and I urge all our readers to view this epic story. Pillar of Fire Movie 1 Pillar of Fire Movie 2 […]

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Sarah’s Alaska and Nancy’s San Francisco

Sarah Palin’s Alaska garnered huge ratings, over 5 million viewers, a record for TLC. Last night, Karen and I curled up on the couch and watched TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Absent is the proud vulgarity, sheer stupidity, and abusive parenting of the Housewives programs. Instead, the series lyrically explores the intersection of dazzling landscapes and […]

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Friday Fotos: Miami On My Mind

A few weeks ago, I flew to Miami to visit my father, Rabbi Abraham Avrech and my wonderful step-mother, Sylvia. Maybe it’s my imagination, but the quality of light in Florida feels unique. Colors are softly saturated and glowing, very different than Los Angeles, where the light is harsh and hard-edged. Perhaps it’s the humidity, […]

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After the Massacre

Ordinarily, Seraphic Secret does not post community announcements, but the Mercaz Harav Massacre is and always will be an open wound in the Jewish soul. We urge all our friends in Los Angeles to attend these events. Rivkah Moriah is an amazing woman. Her talks are deeply moving, a reminder that in spite of the […]

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Christian Silence as Muslims Persecute Christians

In his latest speech shamelessly pandering to the Muslim world, President Obama stated—and how many times have we heard this?—“We are not and never will be at war with Islam.” Only problem is, Islamist are totally at war against Christianity. (We already know that Islamists are not just at war with Judaism, but positively and […]

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Canada Stands With Israel

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper eloquently defends Israel/Judaism—Harper recognizes that anti-Zionism is the new Jew-hatred—against the jihadist barbarians and their enablers on the international left. It’s refreshing to find a Western leader blessed with a moral compass fused to a spine, as opposed to the cowardly appeasers and Jew-haters of Western Europe. Here’s the core […]

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Arabs Attack Israeli Ambulances Trying to Save Arab Child

Palestinian culture is utterly warped by Jew-hatred and nihilistic nationalism. They are lucky their enemies are Jews. Anyone else—especially their Arab Muslim brothers—would have wiped them off the face of the earth a long time ago. Jerusalem area Arabs once again have stoned two Israeli Magen David ambulances trying to help neighbors. This time, the […]

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Friday Footwear: Head Over Heels

Childhood milestones abound: Learning to crawl then walk, the use of language, birthday celebrations, bathroom training. Religious rites of passage usher our children into the realm of G-d and spirit, the place where morality and personal responsibility merge. And for little girls, clothing often assumes epic shifts in the life cycle. Yesterday, Offspring #2—grinning hugely […]

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Dressing the Kindle

A few days ago, before flying East for a quick trip, I realized I didn’t have a travel case for my new Kindle, a gift from Karen. When I checked the internet, I judged most cases way too expensive and over-engineered. Honestly, I do not need a case made from leather, waterproof ballistic nylon, or […]

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America to Obama: The Thrill is Gone

Last night’s historic Republican landslide is a direct repudiation of the radical Obama platform. Seraphic Secret is particularly pleased that the toxic and disgraceful Democrat Alan Grayson has been kicked out of office. Ditto for the Hamas supporting Joe Sestak. Nancy Pelosi has been fired. We hope she will retire and go to work as […]

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The International Zionist Conspiracy… in West Virginia

I don’t know about you, but when I think of West Virginia I don’t automatically think of Jews. It’s true that Jews have lived in West Virginia since 1849, but today there are only 2,335 Jews within a total population of 1,816,856. Which makes Jews 0.1 % of the West Virginia population. Not exactly an […]

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Terror Threats: One from Yemen, the Other from a Jewish Liberal

There were two terror threats over the weekend. One came from Yemen in the form of sophisticated bombs—targeting Jews, naturally—disguised as toner cartridges. The second terror scare, and to me much scarier, was the guest appearance by Yusuf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens, at the Jon Stewart—formerly John Stuart Liebowitz—rally. Liebowitz/Stewart introduced Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens as […]

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