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Feminism 101

Today, at 4:10 CT I will be a guest on Dr. Gina Loudon’s radio program. We will be discussing actress Afshan Azad—she plays Padma Patil in the Harry Potter series—who is in hiding, under threat of an honor killing by her family. I wrote about it here. The almost complete absence of so-called feminists in […]

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Israel: Freedom to Sing and Dance

The proliferation of flash mobs and lip dubs has become something of a western ritual, a ritual that expresses joy in the public sphere. It’s important to understand that these highly choreographed dances are, first and foremost, expressions of freedom. And of course, these mini Busby Berkeley scenes come to us from Democratic societies where […]

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Apple: Trillion $ Market Cap

Seraphic Secret has made no secret of our enthusiasm for Apple products—I skip their first generation stuff, it’s usually quite beta—and Apple stock. Every year, like clockwork, we urge our readers to consider purchasing Apple stock because Apple is on an epic roll. Apple products are marvels of technological innovation, yet at the same time […]

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2010 Top Ten, Part Two

Yesterday, for our 2010 Top Ten, we covered the best magazine, novel, Hollywood biography, TV show, and 2010’s best movie. Today, we round out our top ten list with some new and novel choices. Enjoy! 6. Best Film Blogger: Self-Styled Siren. Self-Styled Siren looks exactly like Joan Fontaine. There are film critics and then there […]

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2010 Top Ten, Part One

Lists are fun. And top ten lists are even, um, funner. Especially since I’ve decided to indulge some of my guiltier pleasures. Let’s roll. 1. Best Magazine: Launched in Spring 2010, Jewish Review of Books is a beautifully written and edited quarterly. In the premiere issue, Hillel Halkin’s Endless Devotion, a review of the new […]

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Christmas in Connecticut

I know the feeling. The yearning, almost physical, to curl up on the couch and marinate in a good, old fashioned Christmas movie. Seraphic Secret recommends Christmas in Connecticut, 1945, starring the great Barbara Stanwyck, as America’s most celebrated food writer who, in fact, can’t boil an egg. Things get complicated when she’s forced to […]

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Israel’s Enemy is America’s Enemy

The Grand Mufti, Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini collaborated with Hitler, organized Muslim SS troops, and cheerfully toured death camps, promising to use the same genocidal model against the Jews in Israel. Terrorist leader Yassir Arrafat played kissy face with Saddam Hussein and then with Iran’s Ayatollah Khomenei. The most excellent Elder of Ziyon has, for […]

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Harry Potter Actress Afshan Azad in Hiding

Actress Afshan Azad is in permanent hiding. My colleagues in the film business absolutely a-dore causes. They sport really cute AIDS and breast cancer ribbons at every opportunity. Global warming—rebranded as climate change—is, natch, the fashion forward cocktail shmooze of the moment. Park in any studio lot and you’ll see a dozen “Free Tibet” bumper […]

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Harry Potter Actress Beaten and Branded a Prostitute by Her Family After Dating a Non-Muslim…

Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad The only thing notable about this story is that it’s being reported. And the only reason it’s being reported is because Ms. Azad is an actress in one of the most popular franchises in movie history. In fact, all over the Muslim world, every day, every hour, every minute, women […]

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Jewish Witchcraft at Guantanamo

Sex crazed felines brought to you by the Jooz. It’s tempting to dismiss this story as just another lunatic fantasy from the Islamic world, but that would be a mistake. A huge portion of the Muslim world is steeped in such delusions. And those who do not believe in them do nothing to discourage their […]

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Sabbath Lights

All week I look forward to Shabbat, the Sabbath. Years ago, our son Ariel ZT’L, told me that it’s a mitzvah for the husband to help his wife prepare for Shabbat. Immediately, I took it upon myself to set the table and prepare the candles which, traditionally, the woman lights to usher in Shabbat. But, […]

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Tolerance of the Intolerant

Warning: This video is graphic. It shows a woman being lashed by a Sudanese policeman. She begs for mercy, cries out for her mother. And the police laugh. Welcome to Sudan where men are men and women are cattle. Sudan is an Islamic state. An Islamic state where sharia is the law of the land. […]

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Guess Who Came to the Presidency?

President Clinton’s step-in for President Obama the other day was, to some pundits, bizarro political theater. Certainly, it was a strange spectacle: Obama drafting Clinton to the Presidential podium to publicly express support for Obama’s tax compromise. Obama’s domestic political capital is seriously eroded—it is non-existent in foreign policy, just read the Wikileaks docs to […]

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Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1930s: 1938-’39

Myrna Loy and Clark Gable on the set of Test Pilot with director Victor Fleming. We continue our survey of the Twenty Greatest Movies of each decade. Part One, in which we cover the era of silent movies. Part Two, The Thirties, 1930 – ’33. Part Three, 1934 – ’37. Okay, time to wrap up […]

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And Her Name Is…

Seventh Day of Chanukah in Casa Avrech. This morning in synagogue our granddaughter was blessed with a beautiful Hebrew name. The naming ceremony is called Zeved Habat, the gift of a daughter. This custom has long been associated with Sephardic Jews, but is increasingly adopted by Ashkenazim. We thank HaShem for the miracle of a […]

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Catching Up: Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1940’s

Several months ago I started a list of my picks for the Greatest Movies ever made. I started with silent films, made my way through the 30’s, then started the 40’s but got sidetracked by, um, laziness. My apologies. I’m going to continue with my list of the 20 films that I feel are the […]

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Chanukah Baby Photo Op

Sixth day of Chanukah in Casa Avrech. Karen and I, as you can imagine, are glowing with joy at the birth of our second granddaughter. Chanukah has always been my favorite holiday for its powerful and miraculous narrative of the triumph of Torah Judaism in the face of overwhelming odds. And now, a Chanukah granddaughter […]

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Chanukah Miracle

With great joy and gratitude to HaShem Karen and I are pleased to announce that Offspring #2 gave birth to a beautiful (naturally) baby girl, 7lbs. 1 oz, a few minutes ago. Ma’ayan Ariel now has a baby sister. Mazal Tov to our entire family. May our new granddaughter build a bayit ne’eman b’yisroel, an […]

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Palestinian Euphoria over Jews Burned to Death

Fifth day of Chanukah in Casa Avrech As you know by now, a forest fire has been raging in israel for over four days. It is a human disaster with scores of fatalities. Let it be noted that 36 of the victims were Israeli Prison Service members, young Jews who burned to death on a […]

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Friday Fotos: Chanukah in Casa Avrech

And now for a Chanukah tune. Here are the Maccabeats, an a cappella group from Yeshiva University singing Candlelight, based on Mike Tompkins’ version of Taio Cruz’s Dynamite. Karen and I wish all our friends and relatives a comforting and joyous Shabbat. And remember to kindle your Chanukah lights before your Shabbat candles.

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