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Obama’s Friends and Enemies

Here’s an articuate analysis and indictment of Barack Obama’s foreign policy by Bill Whittle, a film editor who’s one of the few Hollywood Conservatives—including yours truly—to come out of the closet. H/T Bookworm Room

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Ready-to-Wear Fall 2011

It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it. Analyze style, fashion and pick out the looks most appropriate for readers who are religiously observant but deeply glamorous and cool. Loyal, and maybe not-so-loyal Seraphic Secret readers are aware that we consider fashion, like movies, a moral landscape. What we wear in the public sphere […]

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Tunisia Sounds of Freedom: Death to the Jews!

Freedom-loving Tunisians demand Death to the Jews. We are constantly being told that Arab Muslim governments use Jew-hatred as a means by which to redirect the anger of their people; a classic strategy of blaming the Jews for all the ills of the backward Arab Muslim world. And it is undeniably true that Arab regimes, […]

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Banning Circumcision The Jew-Hating Tyrants of San Francisco

The commandment to perform ritual circumcision on the male Jewish child is given in Gen. 17:10-14 and Lev. 12:3. The covenant was originally made by G-d with Abraham. It is the first commandment specific to the Jewish people. Circumcision has nothing to do with health or aesthetics. It is a Brit Milah, a holy covenant. […]

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The No-Go Rape Zones of France: 751 and Counting

The horrifying gang rape of Lara Logan, as we all know, is not an isolated incident of a western woman targeted by an Arab Muslim mob. One of the best kept secrets of the leftist world is the rape and enslavement of western female activists by Palestinians. These women have been pressured to remain silent […]

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Freedom in the Arab World Means Freedom to Rape (Jewish) Women

Lara Logan surrounded by demonstrators in Tahrir Square on the night of her brutal and sustained sexual assault. My thanks to so many readers who were concerned about Seraphic Secret’s silence since last Tuesday. I have been ill with some sort of flu or bronchial infection. The sexual assault of journalist Lara Logan is horrifying, […]

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Freedom in the Arab World Means Freedom to Persecute Jews

Love the freedom movement sweeping through the Arab world? Let’s discard the gauzy, romantic narratives as presented in such propaganda as The Battle of Algiers. The freedom Arab Muslims seek is not the Jeffersonian democracy we in the West value, but the Islamist version of freedom, namely the freedom to hate and persecute Jews. In […]

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Ann Coulter and the Glamour Factor

One of the great joys of watching Ann Coulter in action is the knowledge that she causes liberals to spontaneously combust. And it’s not just what she says that drives them up a wall. It’s the glam factor. Liberals sincerely believe that Conservatives are dweebs. I can’t count how many times my Hollywood friends have […]

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Twenty Greatest Movies: The 1940’s, Part Ten, How Green Was My Valley

Roddy MacDowell in How Green Was My Valley, 1941. We continue our survey of the Twenty Greatest Movies of each decade with the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1940’s Part One, silent movies. Part Two, 1930 – ’33.Part Three: 1934 – ’37. Part Four: 1938 – ’39. Part Five: His Girl Friday, 1940Part Six: Remember […]

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Obama’s Trainwreck

High speed rail. It’s got a romantic vibe. You think of a sleek, bullet-nosed slab of steel flying along at unimaginable speeds. Inside, passengers lounge in plush chairs, sipping cocktails, clacking away at laptops and iPads, reading a trusty Kindle. No pesky traffic jams, no worries about the cost of fuel, no-stress travel. Just leave […]

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Iranium: The Movie

Iranium, a new movie about the Iranian nuclear threat, is online for a limited time. You can screen the entire movie for free. Just register by clicking below and typing in your email address. This is the movie Iran and all transnational Islamists do not want you to see. The film explores the Iranian nuclear […]

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The Jew of Cuba

Alan Gross It is worth wondering why the streets of Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan are roiling with protestors, but the Cuban people are silent. Is it because they are so darned happy in their little Communist paradise where the internet is blocked, where no one, except government higher-ups, can afford a cell phone, where tweeting […]

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Friday Footwear: Do it Yourself

Remember how Karen took an ordinary pair of black boots and launched them into fashionville by strapping English riding spurs to the heel? Last Friday night Karen and I attended a shalom zachar here in Los Angeles. Karen wore her spurred boots and a couple of her more fashion conscious friends experienced the Inner Imelda—latent […]

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Twenty Greatest Movies: The 1940’s, Part Nine, The Lady Eve

Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda in The Lady Eve, 1941. We continue our survey of the Twenty Greatest Movies of each decade with the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1940’s Part One, silent movies. Part Two, 1930 – ’33.Part Three: 1934 – ’37. Part Four: 1938 – ’39. Part Five: His Girl Friday, 1940Part Six: […]

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Israel, Alone Again

Yossie Klein HaleviYossie Klein Halevi and I went to Brooklyn Talmudical Academy High School together. We really didn’t know each other, but I was aware of his activism on behalf of Soviet Jewry. While Yossie was attending mass protests, bravely smuggling prayer books into Russia for the oppressed Jews, and being stalked by the KGB, […]

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Muslim Brotherhood Calls for War Against Israel

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” — Sir Winston Churchill Welcome to the new and improved Egypt—via the Muslim Brotherhood. Mohamed Ghanem, one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, calls Egypt to stop pumping gas to Israel and prepare the Egyptian army for a […]

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