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Friday Footwear

“I wonder what shoes she’ll be wearing,” Karen says. Karen and I are on our way to a late afternoon barbecue given by friends here in LA, a couple we have known since we moved to California over 20 years ago. Like us, they are from New York, orthodox Jews from humble circumstances who have […]

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Hollywood: I Drive Therefore I am… Free

As noted in my last post about Hollywood stars and their cars, automobiles represent freedom. You climb into a car and go whenever and wherever you want. The car is modern man’s most potent path and symbol of liberty. Contrast cars with trains. Trains and subways are an expression of the collective. Individual identity is […]

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Media Bias, A Jewish Student, An Israeli Soldier: Ten Years Later


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Massacre in Norway: The Jews Are to Blame and Hey, Amy Winehouse was Jewish So…

Yesterday, Seraphic Secret predicted that Israel/Jews would be blamed for the massacre in Norway. Not a hard call if you are familiar with the religious culture of hate that permeates the Muslim world. In today’s edition, The Daily Star, a Lebanese newspaper, delivers a blunt salvo in this Jew-hating conspiracy theory which will spread and […]

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Massacre in Norway, Patterns That Are and Are Not

  “The left’s wet dream has materialized.” Thus a close friend described the terrorist atrocity in Norway. Indeed, a blond hair, blue-eyed terrorist bombed government buildings and then gunned down scores of children at a youth camp run by Norway’s ruling political party. “Now,” said my friend, “the left will crow about Christian terrorism, proof […]

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Noah’s Ark Set to Sail

In Schagen, Netherlands, one man has built a replica of Noah’s Ark to the scale given in the Torah.  

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Hollywood: I Drive Therefore I am

America has long had a love affair with the automobile. Cars are the ultimate expression of form, function, fashion—and speed. But most of all the car represents freedom. Try and remember when you were a teenager yearning for your driver’s license so you could hop into daddy’s car and go, go, go. It didn’t matter […]

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American Showgirl Murdered in Gethsemane

It reads like the plot of a movie. A young, beautiful, restless American showgirl travels to the exotic east where she finds intrigue, romance—and a violent death. As reported on November 3, 1933 in the Los Angeles Times: (AP) Jerusalem, November 3 —Joan Winters, described as an American professional dancer, and an Indian Moslem were […]

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The Truth About Judea & Samaria Plus a Semi-Hysterical Hollywood Rant

  Below the fold is a pretty good video about Judea and Samaria hosted by, hold on to your seats: Danny Ayalon. And here’s the semi-hysterical rant I promised. You can tell it’s semi-hysterical because I go all James Joyce with lack of punctuation, and, oh, yeah, the bold type: I think it would have […]

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David Mamet’s Drama

David Mamet, a brilliant playwright, screenwriter and director was, in his own words, “a brain-dead liberal.” Gradually, over the years, he awakened from his political coma, turning to Conservative politics and Judaism. His turnabout is startling but hardly impulsive. It came about through rigorous self-examination and an unsentimental view of illiberal-liberal thought. His rabbi, Mordechai […]

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Good News: Only Six in Ten Pal-Arabs Are Genocidal Islamists

The elite media will never report this story because they have invested everything in a false narrative portraying Israeli intransigence and Arab victimhood. But the Arab-Israeli conflict is quite the opposite: The Arab Muslims reject the right of Israel, the Jewish homeland, to exist where it has existed for over three-thousand years. This conflict is […]

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Buycott: A Consumer’s Guide or How to Fight Jew-Hatred

Several days ago Karen and I sent a gift box of Max Brenner’s chocolate goodies to friends back east as a house-warming gift. Max Brenner’s chocolate shop in Australia has been the object of a boycott by Jew-haters who—aping the Nazi boycotts of Jewish owned businesses in Germany—conduct economic warfare against Jews under the guise […]

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In Search of Hollywood’s Sole

Hollywood glamour is most often, and correctly, associated with picture perfect faces, figures, magical charisma, and the stunning costumes worn by stars of the silver screen during Hollywood’s Golden Age. But then, as now, footwear was a vital component of the machinery of glamour.

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Understanding the UN, Brothel of Hate

A major part of Barack Obama’s multi-lateral (see under: appeasement) approach to foreign policy involves deeper US engagement with the UN, a corrupt institution whose major function in world affairs is to delegitimize Israel and Judaism. In a sense, the UN is Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity church on a global scale: a place where Orwellian speak […]

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Stupid American Jews Getting Not-so-Stupid, or: How American Jews Learned to Start Worrying About Obama

We know: it’s crazy paranoid to assume that a man who was mentored for over 20-years by a rabid Jew-hater just might have a few, um, issues, with Jews and Israel. But hey, Seraphic Secret did not go to an Ivy League college, nor did we attend graduate school where common sense is, North Korean […]

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Karen Speaks to Speaker Boehner

America is on the edge of an economic precipice. Obama’s stimulus is an utter and complete failure. The latest unemployment figures are not just bad, they are disastrous, truly alarming. Obama, like a petulant child, still blames George Bush. This is not just unseemly and immature, but a grotesque distortion of reality. Either Obama takes […]

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Obama to Sell Tanks to Egypt/Muslim Brotherhood

Months ago, Seraphic Secret predicted—not a hard call if you have some common sense—that the so-called Arab spring would end up as a launching pad for the Jew-hating, genocidal yearning Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. We were assured by El Presidente Obama that it was young people—slick rhetorical trick whereby “young” confers legitimacy—who are in the […]

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Lone Stars: Texas and Israel

Several years ago I visited Texas, researching a film I was writing for a Hollywood studio. I had never been  in the Lone Star State before and I did not know what to expect. My guide, a young Texas lady, greeted me warmly at the airport. We chatted amiably in her gigantic Mercedes on the […]

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Bag of Tricks

In Rear Window, 1954, Grace Kelly’s elegant Mark Cross bag emerges as something of a major character, a twin symbol of desire—Kelly cooly snaps opens the bag, unfurling a fetching neglige—and the domesticity Jimmy Stewart finds so intimidating. Women’s handbags are more than repositories of oh-so-necessary possessions but a reflection of a woman’s priorities in […]

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Not So Hollywood Wedding Night: Ava Gardner & Mickey Rooney

Hollywood, in its Golden Age, was a dream machine spinning images of adventure, glamour, and most of all, romance. MGM’s roster of female stars constituted the greatest collection of beautiful and talented women the world has ever known. One of the greatest was Ava Gardner. As an emerging starlet in the early 1940’s, before she […]

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