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Libya: Father Slit Throats of Daughters Raped By Gaddafis Men

The Arab Spring continues to unfold in all its glory. I wonder when the elites in the West will recognize that the values which they claim to hold dear are despised by the majority of the Muslim world? The problem is that the doctrine of multiculturalism—the religion that has replaced Judaism and Christianity, (yoga hangs […]

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Libya’s Dogs of War

The provisional Libyan government has refused to deport Abdel-Baset al-Megrahi, the man convicted of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. There were 270 fatalities, most of them Americans. Scotland released Megrahi on faux compassionate grounds that he only had two months to live. Unfortunately, Seraphic Secret has seen cancer and its […]

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Terror in Tel Aviv

A few brief observations about this latest Palestinian terror attack on Jews: 1. Terrorism is part and parcel of Arab Muslim culture. 2. The murder of Jews, Christians and other infidels is always justified by Islamists on religious grounds. 3. The moderate Muslims we hear so much about are about as useful and effective as […]

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Friday Fotos: Mirror, Mirror

The business of creating glamour was hard work. And the Hollywood still photographers employed by the studios did a great deal of the heavy lifting. Thorugh their craft they helped manufacture stars by producing shimmering, glamorous images that hinted at beings who were human gods. Who has not seen the stunning George Hurrell photo of […]

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Bookshelf: Smart Jews, Tragic Star, Child Bride

On the average, Seraphic Secret reads between five and ten books at the same time. Always there is a pile of books devoted to old Hollywood, politics, war, and works of fiction and non-fiction about various aspects of Judaism. Time to highlight a number of our favorite volumes. The Golden Age of Jewish Achievement, by […]

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Jewish Legal Eagles Sink The Flotilla of Fools

Feel-good story of the day about Shurat HaDin by Alana Goodman at Commentary. The legal strategy used by Shurat HaDin, “Bankrupting Terrorism – One Lawsuit at a Time, ” puts Jew-haters on notice that legal methods are being used against them in ways guaranteed to drain their terrorist resources and lead to a third act […]

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Iran’s Strategy To Annihilate The Jewish State

When Islamists detail their grand strategy for the genocide of the Jewish people it’s wise to pay heed. Here, a Hizbullah MP explains the Iranian plan for a final solution. His analysis of the geopolitical situation is accurate for as America draws down from Iraq the power vacuum is being filled by Iran. The end […]

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Restoring Courage

Several months ago, the local Jewish weekly here in Los Angeles published an editorial listing those whom they considered anti-Semites. At the top of the list was Glenn Beck. Bewildered, Karen and I just gazed at eachother, but at the same time we understood that the creature who authored this editorial is a secular Jew […]

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Friday Fotos: Vacation

The theme for our brief summer vacation was “Hooray for Capitalists.” William Randolph Hearst and John Paul Getty were titans of  business who built empires, gathered stupifying art collections and then built suitable structures in which to display their treasures. Hearst built the world’s first newspaper media empire. San Simeon, designed by the great Julia […]

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Hollywood is Burning, or: Jew Without Gun

In light of yesterday’s post about Jews and guns and the vigorous, articulate comments from our readers I am republishing my three-part series about the LA Riots of 1992 in which Karen and I and the children were caught. We were unarmed. The police were, um, absent, and the bad guys owned the streets. It […]

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No Guns For Jews

In the liberal world guns are viewed as evil. In truth, guns are a tool which can be used for good or evil. Plastic bags are also tools; they can bundle garbage or, as used by the Khymer Rouge of Cambodia, to murder one million innocent souls through suffocation. Do we hear anyone calling for […]

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Open Letter to the Tea Party

Dear Tea Party: You may have noticed in the past few days that the Obama administration, through designated attack dogs—David Axelrod, John Kerry, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, etc.—have blamed the Tea Party for the recent S&P downgrade. Naturally, the Obama-enabling liberal media have jumped on the bandwagon and accused the Tea Party of being hostage-takers, terrorists, […]

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Friday Fashion: Hollywood The Old is New

Every once in a while Seraphic Secret come across a Hollywood photo that isn’t a burnished glamour shot but a portrait of the star caught in a more casual, more intimate moment. Quite often, the resulting look transcends both time and place in terms of fashion and style. Above, in the early 1950’s, is—who else?—Brigitte […]

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Not the Girl Next Door

A great deal has been written about the Hollywood glamour machine that flourished between the mid 1920’s and the late 30’s. But perhaps the most articulate—if somewhat caustic—meditation on Hollywood and glamour was made by Joan Crawford, a woman who worked harder at the business of stardom than most any other star of Hollywood’s golden […]

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Obamanomics For Dummies

Great Britain is burning. Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Ireland are economic basket cases. All are quasi-socialist nanny states whose fiscal policies are Ponzi schemes, the con job for which Bernard Madoff was sent to jail. This is the economic model to which Obama and the Democrats aspire. Their thinking is simple and cynical: […]

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Tisha B’Av: Downgrade in Nutrition

Today is Tisha B’av, a fast day. Without food and coffee I usually succumb to migraine. So I’m going to preserve my energy and post this summary from Judaism 101. Note: There’s another great photo of an ancient Jewish artifact below the fold. Tisha B’Av, the Fast of the Ninth of Av, is a day […]

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How Hollywood Would Downgrade Obama if Hollywood Wasn’t, Y’know, Hollywood

Hollywood, an overwhelming leftist enclave, has a deep, dark secret. This secret has nothing to do with substance abuse or adultery. Hollywood’s best kept secret is that it is deeply Conservative—when it does the business of, well, Hollywood. Step into any pre-production meeting and this is what you’ll hear: Executive Producer: “Who do we get […]

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Ava Gardner: Situation Wanted

Great clip from The Bribe, (1949) a steamy film noir starring Ava Gardner, Robert Taylor, Vincent Price and Charles Laughton. Taylor plays an FBI agent on a mission to break up an illegal war surplus racket. Ava’s an innocent femme fatale, the devil’s candy. Here’s the moment Taylor—and the audience—first lay eyes on Ava. [youtube][/youtube] […]

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Friday Fotos: iPhone & I

My morning goes something like this: 1. Up at about 5:30, maybe 6:00 a.m. 2. Shacharit, morning prayers. 3. Breakfast: fresh fruit sprinkled with non-fat plain yogurt while reading the Wall Street Journal. 4. Write Seraphic Secret blog. Hope I don’t make an idiot of myself with the day’s post. 5. Work on latest screenplay. […]

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Gloria Swanson’s Not So Hollywood Wedding Night

In a series of wildly popular films Gloria Swanson made with Cecile B. De Mille between 1919 and 1921 the iconography of Hollywood glamour was formally codified. The visual language of glamour—and it was purely visual, films were still silent—is characterized by stunning women wearing one gorgeous outfit after another, placed within elegant sets that […]

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