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Rosh Hashanah 2011

…In the seventh month, on the first of the month, there shall be a sabbath for you, a remembrance with shofar blasts, a holy convocation. —Leviticus 16:24 Tonight begins Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year of 5772, a time of prayer, introspection, repentance, and the ushering in of the Ten Days of Awe that culminates […]

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Ben Hur: LA Times Denial of Jewish History

The Los Angeles Times is, like the NY Times, a reliably anti-Israel newspaper whose liberal/progressive/leftist slant often veers into  support for the Jew-hatred that is the foundation of Palestinian terror. Even their entertainment articles frequently marinate in a radical ideology that extends to the most regressive, most vile denial of Jewish, not to mention literary […]

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Obama Wants Billionaires to Pay Same as Jew —

Take a look at this short clip of Obama rallying his base at the Congressional Black Caucus, and then I’ll have some comments: [youtube][/youtube] Sounds like Obama wants to institute a Jew-taxes. Would that be like the dhimmi tax placed on Jews in Muslim countries? Look, President Obama spent over twenty years as a dedicated […]

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Friday Fashion: Modesty Gaze

Seraphic Secret likes to follow trends in fashion. Our mission is to bypass the slutwear that parades as cutting edge design and focus instead on beautifully tailored outfits that are both flattering, ladylike, and modest. As always, we do not highlight pant suits; they are a crime of fashion. Speaking of crimes of fashion: We […]

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Brigitte Bardot’s Terrible, Horrible, Humiliating First Date

On May 2, 1949, Elle, France’s most popular women’s magazine, featured a cover photo of a fifteen year old model identified only as “BB.” Among the thousands of people who saw the photo of Brigitte Bardot was aspiring film director Roger Vadim, b. Roger Vladimir Plemiannikov (1928 – 2000.) In a trance, Vadim gazed at the […]

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Six Words

In light of the Palestinian stunt to seek statehood via the Jew-hating U.N. this message from The Simon Wiesenthal Museum is short, to the point, and comprised of six words: We “recognize Israel as a Jewish State.” [youtube][/youtube]

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Obama and Foreign Policy: Just Kidding

For the next 14 months Barack Obama will do what he does best: campaign for office. He has already shifted into full buy me, trust me, love me mode. He must, at all costs, rescue his fractured coalition. The hard-left are unhappy because Obama has failed to close Gitmo, has not withdrawn fully from Iraq […]

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The Smiling Baby Killer

As the Palestinians make their bid at the UN for statehood—in fact, just another tactic to destroy Israel—we should never lose sight of the fact that the foundation of Palestinian nationalism is Jew-hatred on the part of genocidal yearning Muslims. And this Palestinian nationalism is most clearly embodied in the terrorists who gleefully slaughtered five […]

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Friday Footwear: Into Thin Air

Several days ago Seraphic Secret received this email from a loyal but unhappy reader: Dear Robert: It’s been ages since you posted a Friday Footwear blog. I get it. You like to write about Israel. Awesome. I’m a Christian Zionist who loves the Jewish people. You like to cut Obama down to size. Double awesome. […]

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Edith Head Wants You to Get and Keep a Husband

Winner of eight Academy Awards for Costume Design, Edith Head was uniquely positioned to become a brand name, and reach a wide audience with her deep knowledge of fashion. Thus, in 1967, Random House published a handsome volume by Edith Head with Joe Hyams, How to Dress For Success. With its lilac linen cover and […]

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The Smell of Revenge In the Morning

 Jury Duty: I was voted off the island late yesterday morning. The attorney representing the State in an eminent domain dispute correctly judged that yours truly would mentally check out during proceedings which promised to be a massive dose of Thorazine. Who says President Obama is a divider? In fact, Obama, whose hostility to Israel […]

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Clinton, Bush, and Osama Bin Laden: The Secret Cables

Seraphic Secret is still performing (however reluctantly) his civic duty on Jury Duty. Hence, time to blog is severely constrained. Luckily, David Paulin, a friend of this blog for many years and a fine journalist has provided us with an informative article based on Wikileaks documents that examines the shockingly credulous mind-set of career diplomats […]

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I, The Jury

Seraphic Secret has delayed and delayed for years. But the Superior Court of Los Angeles has run out of patience with yours truly and stated in no uncertain terms that unless I answer the latest Summons for Jury Service I will be subject to a fine, incarceration—that’s legalese for prison—or both. Message received. I have […]

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Israel’s 9/11 Memorial

Israel is the only country outside America that memorializes the victims of the Islamist terrorism that struck our shores ten years ago. Inscribed are the names of all those innocents who were murdered on 9/11. This memorial park reflects the shared values of America and Israel. As the Muslim world celebrated this atrocity, Israel and […]

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Friday Fashion: Bag Ladies

Seraphic Secret believes that fashion is more than a frivolous pursuit for the rich and idle. Everyone wants to look good. Everyone dresses and primps in order to create an attractive shell. The image we present to the public is an idea of self: glamour babe, rock star, chaste girl, sports guy, yeshiva student, disaffected […]

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David Niven’s Mazel

Mazel: Hebrew, generally defined as good fortune or good luck. One of the problems with Hollywood memoirs is separating fact from fiction. Movie stars are usually determined to preserve the myths that nourished their celebrity. Every once in a while comes along a Hollywood biography that actually reveals almost as much as it conceals, but […]

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Palestinian Child Abuse

Tyrannies expand their power by breaking down family ties and turning children into zombies whose allegiance lies with the state above all else. Hitler Youth were monsters in the making, nourished on a mother’s milk of Jew-hatred. Communist states from Stalin to the current hermit kingdom of North Korea followed this same ruthless template, turning […]

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Obama’s War Against America

On Monday, Teamsters union President Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., described the Tea Party and congressional Republicans as “sons of bitches” and called for a war against them. Hoffa, a thuggish demagogue, worked up the crowd for Obama by saying: “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these sons of bitches […]

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It’s Springtime For IslamoNazis

Class Assignment: make believe that it’s a rabbi making the notorious blood libel against Muslims. The uproar would be instantaneous and global. There would be riots. The pages of the NY Times would be overflowing with righteous indignation. But a blood libel against Jews is, y’know, a big yawn. (MEMRI) — Following are excerpts from […]

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The New Obama Currency

President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for, uh, whatever. We think he deserves another honor. Something a bit more timely and relevant. And slapping his portrait on  a slice of American currency seems entirely appropriate. So, let’s figure out the proper denomination for Obama.

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