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Top 10 of 2011

If you’re as deeply involved in politics as is Seraphic Secret, if you’re a lover of Zion, as is Seraphic Secret, if you’re terrified of another four years of Obama, as is Seraphic Secret, well, you tend to walk around with a black cloud hovering over your head. But compiling a Ten Best List, wrestling […]

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William Powell’s My Man Godfrey: Lost & Found

Certainly one of the most talented and able actors during Hollywood’s Golden Age, William Powell personified the image of the sophisticated man about town ready to disarm with the perfect quip. In My Man Godfrey (1936) the classic screwball comedy in which he starred opposite the great Carole Lombard, Powell found the ideal vehicle as […]

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Hamas Loud and Clear: Goal Is Destruction of Israel

[youtube][/youtube]   In Islam there is a religiously sanctioned obligation called Taqiyya, lying. Speak soothingly to the enemy in order to lull him into a state of unpreparedness. Yet to their own people, the truth is loud and unvarnished in the form of frequent calls for genocide and world domination through a caliphate. Deceit and […]

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Honesty Is Not The Best Policy — If You’re A Liberal

Karen alerted me to this TV and radio propaganda by Let’s Move, Michelle Obama’s—c/o your tax dollars—fitness campaign. Outraged and disgusted, we sat down and wrote this post together. As you will see the message of the Let’s Move commercial is quite simple: Lying to your children is fine because, y’know, it’s good for them. […]

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Europe’s Unfinished Business

I’m not sure how many Americans pay attention to or understand the European Union—a single European currency dominates, an attempt to erase national borders—or the econiomic implications of this union. But the EU is, at the core, an anti-Democratic “treaty” dreamed up by a European elite that concentrates power in the hands of unelected, um, […]

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Chanukah: Light Up the Night

Here’s an original Chanukah song from the Ein Prat Fountainheads [youtube][/youtube]   And of course, a Merry Christmas to our cherished Christian friends.

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Seraphic Secret Hollywood Star Quiz: Answer Revealed

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Seraphic Secret Hollywood Star Quiz

Chanukah is a time for latkes—which I don’t eat out of respect to my heart and my waistline. It’s also a time of prayer. We sing Hallel during morning prayer, and after sundown, when lighting the menorah, we chant additional prayers. Chanukah is also a time for games. Spinning the dreidel is the most popular. […]

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Europe’s Judenrein Universities

Since the inception of this blog in May 2004, we have maintained that anti-Zionism is camouflage for Jew-hatred. During World War II six million Jews were systematically murdered by Germans and their European collaborators. After the war, in a flicker of shame, European Jew-hatred went into a brief eclipse. But Europe has returned to its […]

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The Idiot’s Guide to North Korea

Here’s a peek into the gulag known as North Korea. Part One: [youtube][/youtube] Part Two: [youtube][/youtube] Part Three: [youtube][/youtube]   With the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, American, Chinese and South Korean forces are on high alert, worried that internal frictions in the hermit kingdom might spark instability and lead to a […]

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Chanukah: In Those Days, At This Time

Tomorrow night begins the holiday of Chanukah, Here’s a fine video from our friends at The Land of Israel, that sketches  the historical roots of the Festival of Lights and its modern relevance. [youtube][/youtube] Allow me to add an important historical note.

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Friday Footwear: Happy

The American economy is not happy. The European Union is even less happy. And the Asian markets are, you guessed it, totally unhappy. But shoe designers want you, more specifically your tootsies, to be happy in super cute, super colorful, super sculptural footwear. Let’s take a look at some examples of potential female happiness, Seraphic Secret’s […]

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The Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1940’s: ’46-’49

We continue our series of the Twenty Greatest Movies of each decade. Here are our our picks for the last five great movies of the 1940’s. 16. Notorious, 1946. No American actor has tampered with his own charming image more successfully than Cary Grant. In Only Angels Have Wings (1939) he is the tough boss […]

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Seraphic Secret’s Man of the Year

Time Magazine has named as  their Man of the Year ”The Protester.” Like this guy: Or these Jeffersonian Democrats in Egypt: Does Time also nominate the 22.2 million dollars the OSW thugs have cost the American taxpayer? We assume Time has failed to notice, or care, that the kosher Milk Street Cafe has gone out […]

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Obama’s Smart Power: Return Drone… Please

A top secret American RQ-170 Sentinel Drone either malfunctioned or was shot down over Iranian air space a few days ago. At first the Obama administration denied the Iranian claim. Then the Iranians publicly displayed the drone on state television. The drone should have self-destructed when it went down in order to protect its classified […]

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Philistine Gun Control and Jews

Now, not a smith was to be found in all the land of Israel, for the Philistines said, “Lest the Hebrews make swords or spear.” And all Israel went down to the land of the Philistines to sharpen each man his plowshare and his colter and his axe and his mattock… And it was on […]

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Obama By The Numbers

The statistics charting our nation’s economic decline during the Obama years are devastating and damning. More and more, under Obama and the Democrat party, America resembles the disastrous Socialist European model that is—big shock—imploding, exploding and melting before our very eyes. But nothing will deter Obama’s radical ideology which calls for more government regulation, increased […]

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Glenn Beck Interviews Itamar Marcus on Official Palestinian Deception

Not too long ago, the editor of the Los Angeles Jewish Journal labeled Glenn Beck an anti-Semite. This is a blood libel in reverse, a Jew accusing a Christian. The irony is that Glenn Beck has done more for Israel, the Jewish State, than the relentlessly anti-Israel editor in the entirety of his not so glorious […]

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Friday Fotos: How I Spend My Lunch Break

Seraphic Secret follows a pretty rigid daily schedule. I stumble out of bed at 5AM and take a three-mile walk. Usually, I bop along to a music playlist on my iPhone, but for the past few days I’ve been listening to the audio version of Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Lincoln.” It’s a thrilling book that makes […]

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The Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1940s: ’44-’46

We continue our series of the Twenty Greatest Movies of each decade. Last week we listed the first Ten Greatest Movies of the 1940’s. Our list continues with the next five great movies. 11. Double Indemnity, 1944. Once again, a Barbara Stanwyck performance that is nothing less than perfection. This time Stanwyck plays bad blond […]

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