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65 Lies By President Obama

Tnere are two basic rules governing international politics: 1. Never invade Russia. 2. If Barack Obama’s lips are moving he’s lying. [youtube][/youtube]

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Israel Won’t Warn US of a Strike on Iran

The other day I spoke with one of the most important and politically influential Rabbis on the international scene. I asked him if he was going to the AIPAC conference in Washington D.C., March 4-6. “Sure, I have to,” he said. “And when President Obama appears are you going to give him a standing ovation?” […]

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Muslims Throw Hundreds of Korans Into Sewer Filled With Poop

Obviously, the accidental Koran burnings were just another excuse to murder Americans. I’m waiting for Obama to apologize for this. [youtube][/youtube] H/T Weasel Zippers

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Driving While Jewish

Last week while driving home a lynch mob of Jew-hating Arabs attempted to murder Zehava Weiss and her female passenger by stoning her car. Here is the video. [youtube][/youtube] PA prime minister Salam Fayyad—whom the New York Times labels a moderate, described these incidents as “non-violent.” Zehava writes about her terrifying ordeal.

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Friday Fashion: Bags, Spring 2012

In 1956 while pregnant with Caroline, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco was photographed in New York City by Life Magazine carrying a black crocodile Hermes bag, which she used to cover her pregnancy. After this picture was published the bag became a fashion hit and was renamed the Kelly bag. A woman’s handbag is more than […]

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The Wisdom of Hollywood Screenwriters

From where do we draw wisdom? First and foremost, Seraphic Secret relies on Torah, on the lessons of 3,000 years of Jewish history and on the common sense advice of my wife Karen. And then there are the movies, a moral landscape of immeasurable power where searing images and razor-sharp dialogue deliver lessons in human character that, […]

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Memo to Obama: Weakness Invites Aggression

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton on Obama, Israel and Iran. [youtube][/youtube] I was a scrawny, dreamy kid. Schoolyard bullies sensed my weakness and beat the crap out of me on a pretty regular basis. My Yeshiva of Flatbush teachers were less than useless. “I don’t care who started the fight,” they said, “you’re both guilty.” […]

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The Obama Doctrine: Containing Israel

This morning, I was going to write about the unfortunate if not dangerous comments made by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey regarding Israel and Iran’s nuclear program. General Dempsey, it should be noted, has been drafted as a spokesman for Obama’s reelection campiagn.  His remarks are stunning in their strategic foolishness […]

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Jews and Guns

[youtube][/youtube]   Okay, no Jews in this clip of William Shatner from the TV series Boston Legal. But because most liberal American Jews make believe the Second Amendment does not exist, or does not mean what it says, or believe that inanimate objects are evil, I frequently link the words Jew and Gun in the […]

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Friday Fashion: The Past Is The Present

  Seraphic Secret likes to check out the latest fashions, scouting for beautiful but modest clothing. We don’t believe that women have to reveal acres of flesh in order to appear and feel attractive. In fact, the opposite. The more chaste the surface, the more mystery and depth. This season, it’s kind of obvious that […]

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I Only Want To Be With You

Consider this a footnote to my series: How I Married Karen. First the song, then the story: [youtube][/youtube]   A few days ago I was watching a movie when suddenly, in the middle of a scene, Dusty Springfield’s “I Only Want To Be With You” kicked in over the soundtrack. So riveted was I by […]

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Child’s School Lunch Confiscated By Government Official

They are doing it because it’s good for you. They are doing it because it’s good for society. They are doing it because it’s cost effective. They are doing it because they have a degree in it. They are doing it because like Plato’s philosopher king they think long and hard about it while you […]

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It’s Not Fair… It’s Not Fair… It’s Not Fair…

  In 2001, I wrote a film for Showtime called Brotherhood of Murder, based on a book of the same name by Tom Martinez and John Guinther. The film stars William Baldwin, Peter Gallagher and Kelly Lynch. Director Martin Bell did a superb job of translating script to screen. “Brotherhood” is the the true story […]

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It’s The Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Stupid!

A close friend, a teacher in Los Angeles Unified School District, said to me: “There’s a kid in one of my classes, bright and adorable, but with some, y’know, learning issues. I sat down and talked with him, tried to find out what was going on. Naturally, there were problems at home, the parent’s marriage […]

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No Comment

Seraphic Secret’s comment section has been invaded by, uh, something. We are working on repairs but this might take a few hours.The comment issues have been addressed. There was a problem with an upgrade that corrupted the database. It has been corrected. Thank you, InterTrip

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Friday Footwear: Hollywood Steps Out

Classic photos of Hollywood stars usually reinforce a particular image. Lighting, composition, body language, wardrobe and the singular architecture of the face are the ingredients that create a glamorous narrative for audiences to internalize. Clark Gable is the man’s man who doesn’t give a damn; Carole Lombard, the girl next door who will drive you […]

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Three More Notable War Movies

As we noted last week stories about war are, perhaps, the best, most natural material for the movies. Because war is a constant in human history and because war brings out the best and worst in man, every country that has a movie industry will, sooner or later, produce a body of war movies that […]

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Official Iranian Doctrine: “Kill All Jews And Annihilate Israel!”

The prime lesson of Jewish history can be summed up like this: When someone says they are going to kill you, believe them. If you ignore the threats, if you minimize the threats, if you make excuses or justify the threats you are enabling genocidiers. The IslamoNazis of Iran have been killing Jews and Americans […]

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100,000 Christians Have Fled Egypt Since Arab Winter

The centerpiece of Obama’s foreign policy was, as he stated quite clearly at the advent of his administration, outreach to the Muslim world and by implication a chilling of realtions with israel. At his speech in Cairo, Obama invited representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood to attend. They were given front row seats. This was a […]

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Israel Warns US Jews: Iran Could Strike Here

Several years ago, two Los Angeles synagogues were targeted for terrorist attacks by Islamist inmates of a California prison. Luckily, the murderous plot was thwarted by the authorities. Ever since then, most Los Angeles synagogues, Jewish schools and institutions have hired security guards, installed gates and surveillance systems. I know several well-trained men who carry […]

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