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Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1950s: Sunset Boulevard, Rashomon, Strangers on a Train

Call me lazy. Or indecisive. But Seraphic Secret has not updated our Greatest Movies list of each decade for far too long.  We’ve covered silent films, the 1930s, and finally the 1940s. It’s time to head into the 50s. This was an interesting decade. Hollywood’s studio system was a wheezing dinosaur. Television was thought to […]

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Israel Faces Chemical Islam — The Screenplay

Wide Angle Shots: American liberal-progressives move to disarm law-abiding American citizens. Barack Obama’s vision of a degraded American military gains traction among the elites. America supports the Muslim Brotherhood, a proudly Jew-hating, America-hating, genocidal-yearning gang of Islamic theocrat fascists. Intertitle: Somebody has to take the lead in the fight against the rising tide of Islamism. […]

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Another “Mysterious” Iranian Nuclear Explosion

Have you noticed all the mysterious explosions that happen with increasing frequency to the Iranian nuclear program? There’s also the oh-so-mysterious deaths of various scientists and military figures who are vital to the Iranian push towards a nuclear red line. Just bad luck, I guess. Or: Maybe the Iranians are a bunch of incompetents. Or: […]

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Five Most Hardcore Female Combat Roles

It would be a great temptation to use the role of women in the IDF as a template for America’s armed forces — which have been ordered to integrate women into combat units. I think the comparison has notable weaknesses. Israel is a tiny country, the size of New Jersey, with a tiny population. Surrounded […]

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Friday Footwear: Killer Heels

Dear Seraphic Secret: It’s true, we are depressed that Obama won the election. We are also angry that the Second Amendment is under attack by the commies who now run the U. S. government. But we still love shoes. So what gives, Robert? Is Karen walking around in flip-flops? Come on. Get over it. And […]

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Gun Confiscation in Australia: How’s That Working Out?

Take a look at what’s happening in Australia as the anti-gun fanatics move towards a complete weapons ban for private citizens. [youtube][/youtube] It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that good citizens will hand over their weapons rather than stand in violation of the law and go to jail. Criminals then take advantage of the […]

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Jew With Shotgun

I love the smell of guns in the morning. It’s a whiff of freedom in Obamerica. I’m in the Martin B. Retting Gun Shop, located in scenic Culver City.  The store is jammed. When I lived in New York, Barneys used to have a one-day super sale. The line to get in was around the […]

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Welcome to Obama’s Sing-Sing

Years ago, I spent a few weeks visiting Sing-Sing Prison conducting research for a TV series. It was a grueling and depressing experience. I interviewed drug dealers, murderers, rapists—human monsters one and all. Each night, I’d go to bed thankful for prisons and wishing for even more prisons to lock away the evil. But, every […]

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Inaugural Message From Mark Levin

Every morning when I take my 5 a.m. walk, I clamp on my headphones and listen to a podcast of Mark Levin’s radio show. He’s the only man who properly articulates Seraphic Secret’s frustration and rage at this Obamaland to which we are subject. Obamaland, argues Levin, is well on its way to becoming a […]

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Jews Without Guns

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Hitchcock and the Holocaust

Alfred Hitchcock’s movies have been the subject of intense scrutiny for decades. Understandably, we who love Hitchcock, focus on his unique cinematic language, the almost shamanistic ability to move the audience into shifting and complex points of view, and his mastery of suspense. Less known are the propaganda films he volunteered to work on during […]

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More Ch-Ch-Changes and C-C-Confessions: A Unique American Moment in Jewish-Christian Relations

The response to yesterday’s post was both surprising and gratifying. The comments by our readers are so insightful, so profoundly moving that Seraphic Secret is using today’s post to answer all the lovely comments. We have reached a unique moment in history. And by we, I mean Torah Jews — Jews who observe the rules […]

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Ch-Ch-Changes, Plus Personal C-C-Confessions

Adam Corolla has a wonderful and important new video for Prager University about the amazing, and oh-so-necessary human capacity for change. First the video, and then a personal confession. [youtube][/youtube] Once upon a time I used to believe some pretty foolish things. Jewish, lower-middle class, born and bred in Brooklyn, my family were (and many […]

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Morsi: “Jews Are Apes and Pigs,” World Yawns

Imagine how the mainstream media would salivate and then pounce if Benjamin Netanyahu ever called Arabs apes and pigs? [youtube][/youtube] As American social policy falls deeper under the Obama Democrat-Socialist juggernaut of massive taxes, fiscal suicide, and shrinking liberties, the mainstream media—which covers for Obama instead of covering Obama—has also adopted the radical leftist Jew-hating […]

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Fay Wray: Beauty and the Beasts, Part III

In her disarmingly modest, and revealing autobiography, On the Other Hand, film actress Fay Wray (September 15, 1907–August 8, 2004), best known for her role as Ann Darrow in the classic film King Kong, unravels her life in a lovely, impressionist style. As Seraphic Secret wrote in Part I, Wray, a fatherless young beauty from […]

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You Don’t Own Your Guns! Confiscate Those Weapons!

Remember when Barack Hussein Obama informed us that we didn’t build what we built? Somebody else built that, he lectured. And who was that somebody? Well, in the world according to Obama, the work is always done by the government, government employees. You know, those hard-working, delightful and diligent bureaucrats we deal with at, oh, […]

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Obama’s Latest Jew-Hater

As Seraphic Secret indicated in yesterday’s post, Chuck Hagel, Obama’s pick for Sec. of Defense, tells us just as much about Barack Hussein Obama as it does about Chuck Hagel. At every stage in Obama’s political career he has embraced and made common cause with the Jew-haters of the left. Of course, these Jew-haters usually […]

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Obama To Nominate Jeremiah Wright for Sec. of Defense

Okay, not really. But Hagel and Wright are cut from the same Jew-hating cloth. Have you noticed that wherever  Barack Hussein Obama goes, he manages to hook up with Jew-haters?

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Patronising the Palestinians

Pat Condell delivers some simple truths about the liberal chattering classes who are, when it comes to Islam and Arabs, racists. [youtube][/youtube]

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Friday Photos: Random

Totally random selection of photos today. Enjoy!

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