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A 21st Century Exodus from Egypt to Israel

Tonight begins the last two day of Passover in which the Jewish people celebrate their liberation from Egyptian slavery. The IDF recently published an amazing story about Dina Ovadia, an Egyptian Jew, whose narrative is a modern Passover story. This isn’t Cpl. Dina Ovadia’s first Passover in Israel. Slowly, slowly she seems to be moving […]

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Just Because

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Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1950s: The Man Who Knew Too Much

We continue our survey of the twenty greatest movies of the 1950s. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1940s, click here. For a listing of the greatest movies of the 20s and 30s click here. 16. The Man Who Knew Too Much, 1956 In  François Truffaut’s 1967 ground-breaking interview with Alfred Hitchcock, on Hitch’s […]

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Passover 2013: Of Slaves, Slavery, Judenrat, Kapos and America

Tonight begins the holiday of Passover in which Jews celebrate deliverance from Egyptian bondage. In order to escape the shackles of slavery, the vast machinery of the mighty Egyptian state had to be crushed. Those who wielded absolute power were reduced to nothingness. G-d did this not only to diminish the physical power of a […]

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Passover: Liberty, Then and Now

Seraphic Secret rises at 5 a.m for a morning walk. The streets are empty save for the chug-chug-chugging of the pick-up trucks delivering newspapers. Sprinklers hiss, and lawns glisten. The air is lightly perfumed with jacaranda. I listen to a news round-up and feel—there is no way around this—sad and defeated.

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The Centurions: The Prophetic Vision of Jean Lartéguy

In 1960, The Centurions, a French novel of Indo-China (Vietnam) and the Algerian insurgency, by Jean Lartéguy (b. Jean Pierre Lucien Osty), a highly decorated soldier and journalist, was a blockbuster in France. The book, a brilliant portrait of those who fight a nation’s dirty little wars, and the craven political class who command them, men who […]

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Obama’s in Israel, But Keep Your Eye on King Abdullah of Jordan

Seraphic Secret is not going to spend a great deal of time of Obama’s visit to Israel. It is Kabuki theater. Israel is focused on domestic issues. The so-called Palestinians are a pathologically sick culture steeped in Jew-hatred and victimhood. Most Israelis have correctly given up on this demented society. In foreign affairs, Iran is […]

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Cyprus American Style

The Socialist government of Cyprus is planning on stealing money—they call it a tax—from the savings accounts of Cypriot citizens. People will lose between six percent and nine percent of their savings. Naturally, the government has closed the banks for fear of a run by depositors. They call it a “banking holiday.” Notice how the […]

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The Best Kosher Wines for Passover

Passover is almost here. We’re scrubbing Casa Avrech top to bottom, switching dishes and silverware, purchasing tons of kosher for Passover food, and shopping for new clothing. And many are wondering which wines to buy for the Passover seders in which we are commanded to drink four cups of wine. Seraphic Secret does not drink […]

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Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1950s: Invasion of the Body Snatchers

We continue our survey of the twenty greatest movies of the 1950s. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1940s, click here. For a listing of the greatest movies of the 20s and 30s click here. 15. Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1956. This film has no CGI. No SFX. And no gripping battle scenes […]

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The Seraphic Secret Study of Fat Lesbians

Yesterday, Seraphic Secret reported that the Obama administration is going to spend $1.5 million tax dollars to find out why lesbians are fat. This is, after all, a burning social issue that demands attention by the federal government. Because we are concerned, patriotic citizens, Seraphic Secret has conducted its own study of fat lesbians—at no […]

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Obama to Spend $1.5 Million to Find Out Why Lesbians Are Fat

Okay, Seraphic Secret admits that $1.5 million is not a lot of money. Not anymore. President Obama and the Democrats have so redefined the concept of money and debt, that anything below trillions and billions, is barely worthy of note. But this $1.5 million dollar grant—your tax dollars at work—to answer the burning question: why […]

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Obama: Arming and Training Syrian Islamists

I suppose we should not be surprised that Barack Hussein Obama is secretly running with the Syrian Islamists. Afterall, it was Obama who insisted that the Muslim Brotherhood get front row seats to his first speech in Cairo. And, of course, it was Obama who threw Mubarak under the bus in favor of the Muslim […]

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Peaceful Muslims Pray, Set Jew on Fire

On Friday, Muslim “worshipers” rioted on the Temple Mount, throwing stones and molotov cocktails at Israeli police. One Israeli was set ablaze. These photos are from Al Quds, the official propaganda machine of Hamas.

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Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1950s: Ordet

We continue our survey of the twenty greatest movies of the 1950s. For a complete listing of the greatest movies of the 20, 30s and 40s, click here. 14. Ordet (English: The Word), 1955. On a rural Danish farm, a young man gets up from his bed in the middle of the night, wanders outside, […]

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US Funded Fatah Mourns Jew-Hating Tyrant Chavez

Socialist tyrant Hugo Chavez is dead. Hell’s waited too long. Chavez was a tyrant who claimed, like all socialists, to be for the people. But of course, like all populist political thugs, he was a thief who amassed a private fortune of over 2 billion dollars. Chavez was also a classic leftist Jew-hater.

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700 Pages of New Rules for Obamacare

“A nation can survive fools, even ambitious ones. But it cannot survive treason from within.” — Cicero Here’s how the con works. Get the media and the public focused on sequestration, which accounts for pennies, and then quietly get Health and Human Services—Orwellian Newspeak—to mandate 700 pages of Obamacare regulations. This is what happened last […]

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Republicans and Their Faulty Moral Arithmetic

In today’s WSJ, Arthur C. Brooks scolds Republicans for allowing the Democrats to dominate the political landscape by claiming to care for the poor. Brooks correctly points out that graphs and charts proving Republican policies are better for most people are useless when placed alongside a Democrat who claims to “care.” I believe that Brooks […]

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Jewish + Black = Miss Israel

One of the up sides of being a religious Zionist is having an excuse to post photos of beautiful Jewish women. From JTA Yityish Aynaw, a former Israeli army officer, became the first Ethiopian-Israeli to win the Miss Israel pageant.

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