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The Democrat-ObamaCare Purges

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.” So said Stalin about his genocidal purges. Obama and the Democrats are whipping up an omelette. We the American people — and the free enterprise system — are the broken eggs, the broken lives. At the moment, there are several million broken lives as the unreasonable […]

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Obamacare is Racist

According to the race hustlers of the Democrat party, voter ID laws are racist because, according to this site: thousands of young to middle-aged people who are earning low to moderate incomes who never obtained a copy of their birth certificates because no one ever asked for it before, and even if they were asked, […]

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Hollywood Hair: Leda Styled By Leonardo da Vinci

Years ago, on Shabbos evenings, when our children were little, I would frequently grab an art book, sit in my chair, and one of the kids would climb into my lap. We’d turn the pages, look at the pictures, and make up stories about the figures in the paintings. Ariel, Z’TL, was intrigued by the […]

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14 Planned Abortionhood Organizations Are Obamacare Hucksters

Obama calls them navigators. As always, the radical left manipulates language in order to create a new reality. It’s a tactic pioneered by the Bolsheviks, and then brought to it’s logical apotheosis in Mao’s “Cultural Revolution,” which led directly to the murder of 60 million people. No surprise here, but the Obama zombies who have […]

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Obamacare: The Death Spiral

  It would be a mistake for Obamacare’s opponents to focus on the dysfunctional Obamacare websites. The so-called glitches are not glitches at all, but symptoms of 2,7000 pages of Byzantine laws passed exclusively by Democrats — the first stage in the destruction of the finest health care system in human history. Radical leftists — […]

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Muslims Fly Nazi Flag in Israel

To liberals, progressives, peaceniks, social justice activists — whatever you’re calling yourselves this week: please don’t write and tell me that not all Muslims are Nazis, that you, personally, know some very civilized, moderate Muslims. Those unicorn Muslims are irrelevant. That Nazi flag flying proudly in an Arab settlement inside Israel is the true face […]

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Hollywood Stars and Their Cars: I Drive Therefore I Am Free

The automobile represents freedom. You climb into a car and go, go, go, whenever and wherever you want. The car is modern man’s path to liberty. Contrast cars with trains. Railroads are an expression of the collective. Individual identity is erased. You are at the mercy of a government-controlled system that turns  citizens into passive […]

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Website Traffic For Obamacare Exchange Plummets 88%

The Obamacare website is a black hole of government dysfunction. And Obamacare is a perfect metaphor for Obama’s governance: lots of pretty words, endless utopian dreams that result in achieving the exact opposite of what was promised. We have been told—gold-plated Alinsky lies—that the high traffic to the Obamacare website is proof that the American […]

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Storming the Barrycades

The U.S. government is not shut-down. Approximately 83% of the Federal government is up and functioning. Including the Obamacare website, which fulfills every prediction made by anyone with a lick of common sense about what happens when the federal government colonizes one-sixth of the American economy. Just wait for Obamacare to be fully implemented. The […]

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Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1960s: The Manchurian Candidate

We continue our survey of the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1960s. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1950s, click here. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1940s, click here. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1930s click here. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1920s click here. 4. The Manchurian […]

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Jew-Hating Comic Book: Foreskin Man

As a follow up to our post the other day about progressive, anti-circumcision groups, here are a few panels from a comic book published by members of that movement in California. Brace yourselves, this is deeply anti-Semitic imagery, reminiscent of the hate propaganda used by the Nazis, and currently a daily diet in the Arab […]

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Obama’s Unpatriotic Flashback

In 2006, Junior Senator Barack Obama signed and entered this letter into the Congressional Record.     Obviously, this is a principled man who is deeply concerned about America’s fiscal problems.

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First, Progressives Ban Circumcision…

Study Jewish history and you will immediately recognize three narratives used by Jew-haters to delegitimize Judaism—all in the name of tolerance and humanity. Brit milah, circumcision Shehitah, or ritual slaughter of animals for food Torah study The commandment of circumcision—brit milah—is found in Genesis 17:10-14 and Leviticus 12:3. And since Abraham, brit milah—Judaism’s sign of […]

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“Like Dreamers” Yossi Klein Halevi’s Masterful Book About The Soul of Modern Israel

  There was a time when Seraphic Secret was afraid of Yossi Klein Halevi. Flashback: High School. The mid-sixties. Brooklyn Talmudical Academy. Seraphic Secret was a less than enthusiastic student who was forever cutting classes in order to go to the movies and acquire the education I really wanted. Yossi Klein Halevi was one of […]

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The Shadow Iranian Commander

Currently, the American media is focused on the partial Obama government shutdown, and Obamacare. Look, the government shuts down every weekend and the world does not come to an end. Obamacare is a disaster, and it will continue to degrade medical care in America—except for the elites who have exempted themselves from this infamous legislation. […]

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In The Courtyard of the Kabbalist

All great movies are, at the core, love stories. And it follows that all great novels are also love stories. And it is for this reason that novels written by Orthodox Jews about Orthodox Jews have been noticeably absent even with the astonishing modern rise of Orthodoxy in North America and Israel. How is a […]

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