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Judah Maccabee Wants You to Man-Up

Before Judah the Maccabee and his pitifully small band of 3,000 men went to battle against the great armies of the Selecuid empire, Judah assembeled his troops and gave them a rousing speech. This excerpt, from the Book of Maccabees, gives you an idea of the noble and pious rhetoric Judah used to inspire his followers. […]

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Thanksgiving, Chanukah 2013

The problem with liberty is, once achieved it becomes like oxygen — something taken for granted. Said John Adams, “There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” For the first time, and never again, the first day of Chanukah will be celebrated on Thanksgiving. This is a moment in time we should […]

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Obama Plays Knock Out The Jew

For the past several months, roving bands of black thugs have been assaulting Jews by punching them in the face. It’s called Knock Out the Jew. It’s a game. Presumably, the moron who knocks out the most Jews is the winner. Most of the assaults have taken place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, which is the […]

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Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1960s: Ride the High Country

We continue our survey of the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1960s. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1950s, click here. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1940s, click here. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1930s click here. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1920s click here. 5. Ride the […]

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Confessions of a Shomer Shabbos Hollywood Screenwriter

Act I: Exposition—In Which the Main Characters and Primary Drama Are Introduced It’s Shabbat morning. I’m in synagogue, praying, where an undertone of chatter is definitely not the norm. For me, a frum-from-birth screenwriter, this synagogue, where my wife and I have been members since we moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn, is my fortress […]

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ObamaCare: You May Not Like Your Cancer, But You Will Keep Your Cancer, Period

Last week, Karen and I were invited by close friends to a Shabbat meal at their lovely home. One of the nice things about Shabbat meals is that you never know who you’re going to end up sitting next to. Most luncheons are joyous affairs where old friends reconnect, and strangers become new friends. Karen […]

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Friday Footwear: The Best of Times, The ObamaCare of Times

Hollywood’s greatest era, the 1930’s, gave birth to two luminous and entertaining genres: the screwball comedy, and the lush musical. It is no coincidence that these escapist movies, filled with glamorous women swimming in fur and jewels, and painfully handsome men in perfectly tailored tuxedos, were produced during the depths of the Depression. You might […]

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ObamaCare: If You Like Your Slut You Can Keep Her

The ObamaCare ad targeted to young people reads: Susie & Nate Hot to Trot. Let’s Get Physical/ OMG, he’s hot! Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control. My health insurance covers the pill, which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers. I got insurance. Thanks […]

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Lori Gottlieb, a lock-step liberal writer for the New York Times, has just been mugged by Obamacare. And by those whom she thought were her friends. Ms. Gottlieb had the chutzpah to complain about her ObamaCare-KafkaCare experience in the New York Times, and she is shocked, just shocked, that the outpouring of sympathy she expected, […]

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Veteran’s Day, 2013: Rabbi Abraham Avrech, My Favorite Veteran

Today we honor our veterans—the living and the dead. Take a moment to ponder the enormous sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes and their families. Millions and millions of people all over the world are forever in their debt. Keep in mind that the U.S.military has freed more people on this earth from tyranny and […]

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Friday Photos: Totally Random

Usually, we publish photos that have a central theme. Not today. We’re feeling a bit scattered. Perhaps we’re spooked by ObamaCare, by what’s happening to this country. We are watching a national calamity unfold in slow motion, and we are helpless to stop it. In any case, here are a few photos, most taken by […]

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The Utopian Chaos of ObamaCare

The Wall Street Journal pointed out in this editorial that ObamaCare was dismantling the individual insurance market, as its architects intended from the start … this month’s mass cancellation wave has been the President’s political goal since 2008. Liberals believe they must destroy the market in order to save it. Conservatives should not, and must […]

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If You Like Your Cancellation Letter You Can Keep It

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Edie Littlefield Sundby chronicles her struggle to survive Stage 4 gallbladder cancer. ObamaCare has just cut Ms. Sundby’s private insurance, making her fight to stay alive that much harder. As if that weren’t bad enough, ObamaCare has cut her off from her team of medical specialists. That’s right — the […]

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Ava Gardner Does Not Grow Old

In 1988, only two years before her death, Ava Gardner, living in semi-seclusion in London, unable to get work, and running dangerously low on funds, asked the late British author Peter Evans to ghostwrite her autobiography. Deadpanned Gardner: “I either write the book or sell the jewels, and I’m kinda sentimental about the jewels.” Only […]

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