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Why the Jews?

At David Horowitz’s restoration weekend, Caroline Glick explains the roots of genocidal Jew hatred, and why this oldest of hatreds has never taken root in America.

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LBJ Outlines Progressive Democrat Election Strategy

H/T Weasel Zippers

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Multiple Israeli Moves Against Iran, Borat Say: “High-Five!”

Central Asia. We think of the nations in this volatile sphere as set-ups for the vulgar, tasteless and wildly funny Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen’s clueless fictional character from the glorious nation of Kazakhstan. But gaze at the map. Geography is destiny. Israel now has access to military bases in two strategic Central Asian Muslim states. […]

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Hey Kids, Instead of Obama’s Long-Winded Speech… Meet John Doe

[youtube][/youtube]   Tonight, Obama will be delivering another, no doubt, long-winded hymn to self and the Democrat-Socialist Party of America. For the countless failures and scandals of his administration, Obama will, of course, blame George Bush, Republicans, Trotsky, saboteurs, Jewish settlers, Fox News, the Tea Party, and, sigh, racism. Seraphic Secret is not even going […]

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Murder in Gun-Free Zone… Again

You are a law-abiding citizen. You own a legally purchased firearm. When you are confronted with a sign like the one above, which is posted in the Maryland Mall, you obey the law. But the killer who is intent on murder sees that same sign and smiles, saying to himself: “Perfect place to kill.” Gun-free […]

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Teresa Wright’s Audacious Normalcy

Actress Theresa Wright (1918-2005), gained unusual clout in the early stages of her distinguished career when she insisted on a most unusual clause in her 1941 contract with Samuel Goldwyn. Goldwyn, a talented, but hard-headed Hollywood producer, desperately wanted Wright under contract, and so he swallowed his pride and allowed Wright’s clause to stand. But […]

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ObamaCare’s Bitter Medicine

ObamaCare is imploding. The ostensible reason for this Soviet style central plan was because, said President Obama: “I’m not going to walk away from 40 million people who have the chance to get health insurance for the first time.” The so-called 40 million uninsured was a fantasy number designed to enhance the notion that America […]

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Obama & Davis: Pigment and Sexual Organs and Pretty Little Liars

At a certain point, Barry Obama realized that becoming Barack was a better career move. He cleverly made liquid his national origins; sometimes he was American born, at other times he was born in Africa. Barry/Barack’s audience determined his narrative. The point was to move forward, to get what he wanted. Obama also realized that […]

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Canadian PM Heckled By Arab Politicians

Can we trade Obama for Harper, eh? Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered a wonderful speech to the Knesset in Israel. [youtube][/youtube] As once Jewish businesses were boycotted some civil society leaders today call for a boycott of Israel. On some campuses, intellectualized arguments against Israeli policies thinly mask underlying realities such as the shunning of Israeli […]

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Obama: ‘Racism Is Why My Approval Rating Is Down’

You just knew this was coming. President Barack Obama said that racial tensions may have softened his popularity among white voters within the last two years, according to a story posted on the New Yorker magazine’s website today. “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the […]

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Barbara Stanwyck’s Secrets

The new Barbara Stanwyck biography, A Life of Barbara Stanwyck: Steel True, 1907 – 1940 by Victoria Wilson, is, with appendix, footnotes, index and acknowledgements, over 1,000 pages long. And it is just volume one. This first, full scale bio of Barbara Stanwyck is an exhaustive (and sometimes exhausting) study of Hollywood’s greatest actress. Born […]

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Praetorian Guard (AKA the FBI) Won’t File Charges Against IRS for Targeting Conservatives — Never Interviewed A Single Tea Party Group

The FBI—fast becoming Obama’s Praetorian Guard—will not file charges against the IRS for targeting conservative groups. However, the FBI never—that’s right, never!—interviewed a single Tea Party group. Sounds like the kind of due process normally used by totalitarian regimes. But for His Majesty Obama, the autocratic DNA of the Democrat party is in full flower. This […]

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Bye Bye Phil Everly

[youtube][/youtube]   Phil Everly passed away on January 3, 2014. He was 74 years old. With his brother Don, the Everly Brothers were one of the most important rock musicians of the past century. Their sweet harmonies paired with propulsive beats, heavily influenced the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Byrds, Simon and Garfunkel, Linda Ronstadt, […]

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Warrior: Ariel Sharon, 1928 – 2014

The first few days of the Yom Kippur War were confusing and frightening. We heard that things were going badly for Israel on both fronts.  Later, after the war, we learned that Moshe Dayan told Prime Minister Golda Meir that the Third Commonwealth was about to fall. Turning the tide of war called for operational […]

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Friday Footwear

ObamaCare is creating financial and healthcare instability for millions of Americans. Foreign governments have come to understand that Obama has no interest in asserting America’s dominant role in world affairs. Thus, our allies despair, even as IslamoNazis ruthlessly fill the void created by Obama’s policies of appeasement. In reaction to the prevailing political gloom, footwear […]

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Obama’s War Against Little Sisters of the Poor

As Orthodox Jews and Conservative Republicans, Karen and I have discovered that our values align closely with Conservative Christians of all denominations. In fact, Karen and I agree that we have far more in common with Conservative Christians than with liberal, secular Jews. Values transcend tribalism. I have a particular weakness for nuns. One of […]

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Walmart Health Plan Is Cheaper, Offers More Coverage Than ObamaCare

The left loves to hate Walmart. In fact, the hatred of Walmart reminds Seraphic Secret of Israel-bashers. Both are pathologically hysterical conditions based on lies and immune to facts. Opposition to Israel is Jew-hatred in disguise. Opposition to Walmart is, at the core, anti-free market Marxism. The left demonizes the retail chain at every opportunity. […]

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All Animals Are Equal, Unless They Are Democrat Animals

In George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” the pigs exert total control over the farm by passing one simple law: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Orwell’s novel was a devastating critique of Communism. But the Democrat party, with its totalitarian impulses no longer disguised or in check, are the new […]

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Hollywood Mothers

On screen, they are larger than life. Hollywood stars seduce us with their glamor. They become the vehicles of our dreams and desires. We rarely imagine them as ordinary people. And so, when we see a Hollywood star posing with family members—mortals like you and me—it comes as something of a shock. But after a […]

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New York Business Survey Of Members, Not A Single One Says ObamaCare Lowers Costs

Here in California, Governor Brown has signed approximately 800 new  laws and regulations. We cannot buy the light bulbs of our choice. We cannot purchase toilets that flush properly. We must install a conservation filter in showers which turn a powerful spray into a pathetic dribble. Now, when I go to my local grocery store, […]

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