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Hollywood Friday Photos — The Beautiful and the Damned


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A Beautiful Mind in Marin County

The other day, a friend from shul told me that he feels like giving up. “Reading your blog post about the countless gender choices on Facebook,” said my friend, “made me realize that my grandchildren won’t be shocked at this craziness. To them, it will be normal. And that is sick. It feels like the […]

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Boys and Girls Together — But Not On Facebook

The goal of the postmodern Democrat party is to centralize and harness the power of the state, which is then used as a blunt instrument of intimidation to suppress liberty and bring about an imagined Socialist utopia. Because Socialism always brings poverty, unemployment, misery and chaos wherever it rears its collective head, Democrats have re-branded […]

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The Cancer That Is ObamaCare

In today’s  WSJ editorial page, Stephen Blackwood details how ObamaCare made his mother’s excellent coverage illegal, even as she battles cancer. When I read this story, I was gripped by rage and sadness. Our son, Ariel Chaim ZT’L, battled cancer for eight long years. Our insurance coverage was excellent. Only once did the insurance company […]

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Hollywood Friday Photos — Just Because

This week Seraphic Secret has been preoccupied with, um, stuff. Hence, no time to post about the latest ObamaCare outrage, our government of the pen and by the phone, and of course, John Kerry’s startling and touching discovery of his Jewish ancestry. Anyhoo. It is Friday. Time to take a vacation from the weight of […]

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Jew-Hating US Church Goes Progressively Medieval

The Jew-hating agenda of Presbyterian Church USA is cloaked in liberal/progressive/leftist/Democrat sloganeering — in other words, Orwellian Newspeak. The PCUSA utilizes the fashionable squawk of social justice, but mixes it with the blood-soaked theology of supersessionism. The church’s published work, “Zionism Unsettled,” is a poisonous document that argues for delegitimizing Israel. The subtext of this […]

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Penn & Teller: Gun Control is … Expletive Deleted

Democrats insist that murdering children in the womb is legal and moral because it’s a matter of privacy. And yet Democrats also insist that it’s my responsibility to pay for this mass murder — mostly of black babies, which constitutes not just a war on babies, but a race war. So: abortion is private, but […]

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Classic Hollywood Passport Photos

If you want to torture yourself, take a look at your passport. Chances are you look pretty awful. With flat lighting, a grim full frontal pose, and that look of bafflement, your photo probably looks like a mug shot. Are glamorous Hollywood stars just like us when they submit to the artless lens of the […]

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In Memoriam: Shirley Temple Black, 1928 – 2014

Shirley Temple Black passed away yesterday. She was 85. At the height of her career in the 1930s, she was the most popular actress in Hollywood with more drawing power than Clark Gable and Greta Garbo combined. As a child star during the Depression, the little girl with the 56 perfect corkscrew curls projected determination […]

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Obama Goes Full French as Jews Flee France

France. To some, the very word conjures images of romance: Maurice Chevalier, the Eiffel Tower, damp cobblestones under pale moonlight, elegant women sipping wine, and goofy black berets. Me, I think of Vichy France. I think of the gendarmes enthusiastically rounding up French Jews, herding them into cattle cars, and shipping them to the crematoria […]

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Democrats — Burning Down America

  Conservatives believe that Democrats are delusional utopians. Democrats believe that conservatives are evil. My wife, Karen, and I were raised as lever-pulling New York Democrats. Why were we Democrats for so many years? Well, because our parents were Democrats. Why were our parents Democrats? Because, they told us, Democrats were for the little guy […]

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Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1960s: To Kill a Mockingbird

We continue our survey of the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1960s. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1950s, click here. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1940s, click here. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1930s click here. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1920s click here. 6. To Kill […]

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Mona Liza — an Arab Christian and Israeli Soldier — Would Sacrifice Her Life for Israel

The Democrat party, via ObamaCare, is shredding the greatest health care system the world has ever known. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, Obama revealed himself as a serial liar and immature kvetch who blames Fox News for his countless failures. Meanwhile, John Kerry, Obama’s secretary of state, whose primary talent is marrying immensely wealthy […]

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Obama’s War Against One Percent and Jews

Jews are hated because we are: capitalists, communists, anarchists, Christ-killers, rootless cosmopolitans, land-grabbing imperialists… whatever fits the moment. In truth, Jews are hated because we brought monotheism to the world and insisted, through the Written and Oral Torah, that human beings are agents of morality who are free to choose between good and evil. This […]

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Obama’s Perversion of Religious Liberty and Persecution of Religious People

Freedom of religion. We take it for granted. This past Friday evening, Karen lit candles, ushering in Shabbat.. Openly wearing my kippah,, I walked to shul and prayed with scores of friends and neighbors. After prayers, Karen and I sat down to a joyous dinner where we sang Shabbat songs and expressed gratitude to G-d for […]

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Scarlett Johansson Defies the Jew-Haters

It is rare for a Hollywood star to act with courage, especially when it comes to supporting Israel. Let’s face it: Except for Friends of Abe, Hollywood is a deeply conformist community that marches in left-leaning lock-step. Postmodern liberal ideology views Israel as an evil colonial empire. Never mind that Israel is a minuscule country […]

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