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Defecting Iranian Journalist: U.S. at Nuclear Talks ‘To Speak on Iran’s Behalf’

It should be clear to anyone who is paying attention that Barack Obama is on a carefully orchestrated jihad against the Jewish State. Obama’s radical leftist, anti-Semitic world view is now in full flower now. Denis McDonough, Obama’s chief of staff, blasted Israel at the anti-Semitic J Street confab, stating that“an occupation that has lasted […]

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Friday Photos: Announcing a New Jewish Holiday Edition

Jewish humor is filled with self-deprecating observations. We poke fun at our peculiar foibles, and frequently address our greatest anxieties — intermarriage, Jew-hatred, weight-gain — with a take-no-prisoners attitude. If you want to know how Jews are really feeling about something or someone, pay attention to the jokes Jews tell each other. A few days […]

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Reading Lunch Under the California Sun

I usually read several few books at a time. I think I have a touch of ADD. Or maybe I’m just intellectually restless. Because we live in Los Angeles where the sun shines almost every day of the week, I often sit in Casa Avrech’s patio eating lunch and reading. Here’s a sample of the […]

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Magda Goebbels: Downfall Beyond Imagination

Over the past few years, YouTube viewers are regularly entertained by a short portion of the German movie Downfall (’04). Using a single clip from the film, these ubiquitous and frequently clever shorts show Hitler ranting at his generals as Russian troops encircle Berlin and seek out the bunker. The thousand year Reich has lasted but […]

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Obama’s Jihad Against Israel

Obama’s inner Jew-hatred is finally bubbling to the surface for all to see. He’s just using Bibi’s overwhelming victory as a convenient pretext to abandon Israel and realign with the IslamoNazis of Iran. Bret Stephens writes about The Orwellian Obama’s Presidency in this morning’s WSJ: The humiliating denouement to America’s involvement in Yemen came over […]

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How Important Are Shared Memories?

More than anything, I look forward to Friday night Shabbat dinner. Frequently, Karen and I are invited to friend’s homes where we and other guests talk, eat, and sing sweet Shabbat songs. But when I’m alone with Karen on Friday night, there is a certain magic that happens — and I never know what form […]

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Friday Photos: The No Men Edition

In Pierke Avot (Ethic of the Fathers) Hillel teaches: “In a place where there are no men, strive to be a man.” Bibi Netanyahu won a resounding victory over the Israeli left and Barack Obama by paying heed to the great sage Hillel’s teaching. Bibi is a man in a world that is awash in eunuchs.

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Margaret in Hollywood

Back in the days when Shakespeare still meant something to a lot of people, I wanted to be a great dramatic actress. Before I knew it I was in Hollywood . . . Thus begins Darcy O’Brien’s novel “Margaret in Hollywood” (1992), the story of Margaret Spencer, an early child star of vaudeville and a rising […]

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Bibi Defeats Barack

The Israeli election of 2015 is a crushing defeat for Barack Obama and the appeasers of the left. Despite the dozens of Obama’s Democrat operatives who flooded Israel in the past few months, despite the unprecedented vilification Benjamin Netanyahu has suffered at the hands of the mainstream American and Israeli media (save for Sheldon Adelson’s […]

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Obama Declines to Renew Emergency Oil Supply Pact With Israel

Yes, Obama is that spiteful against the Jewish State. In September 1975, when Israel and Egypt were negotiating Israel’s withdrawal from Sinai, the status of the Sinai oil fields was a central issue. Israel had been getting oil from these fields after taking over the Sinai in the aftermath of the Six Day War in […]

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Obama’s Two-Pronged Attack on Israel

Two stories have come to light that should alarm those who care about the Constitution and Israel. The Obama administration claimed that they were boycotting Netanyahu’s historic speech to Congress because it was too close to Israeli elections and they did not want to take part in what they characterized as a partisan speech. Of […]

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Friday Photos: Trompe L’oeil Nation

The idea is to fool the eye, to convince the viewer that the object exists in three dimensions. But of course, the surface is flat. It is a masterful illusion. So it is with Barack Obama and the postmodern Democrat party, who wage a ceaseless campaign of political trompe l’oeil. The Constitution, the separation of […]

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Progressive Privilege: Two Police Officers Shot in Ferguson

It was inevitable. Once Holder’s Department of Justice lynched the Ferguson Police Department with phony statistics and basically called for nationalizing a local police force, it was open season on the police in Ferguson. Now two Ferguson police officers have been shot.

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O (rwellian) U Speech

The facts seem simple. A bunch (not sure how many) of drunken frat boys from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at Oklahoma University were taped chanting about ten seconds of a racist song. There will never be a nigger at SAE There will never be a nigger at SAE You can hang him from a tree But he’ll […]

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Why America Invaded Iraq

A superb history lesson in five minutes by the great British historian Andrew Roberts, produced by Prager University. [youtube][/youtube]

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If You Stand With the Jews Obama’s Gonna Get You

Maud used to say: “G-d’s gonna get you.” This classic sitcom line is always punctuated with canned laughter because comedy frequently unveils tragic truths. Obama’s political hit squad, ironically named the Department of Justice, is about to charge Sen. (D) Robert Menendez on Federal corruption charges. Seraphic Secret has no doubt that Menendez is something […]

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Friday Photos: There is No End of History Edition

Benjamin Netanyahu, in his devastating deconstruction of disastrous Obama’s Iranian policy was, in spite of Obama’s unprecedented assault on the Jewish State’s Prime Minister, a Churchillian attempt to preserve Western civilization against the onslaught of IslamoNazis. Obama’s White House would have you believe that Obama’s problem is a personal beef with Bibi. In fact, Obama’s […]

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Purim: The Non-Progressive Jewish Holiday

Today is the holiday of Purim. And it is no accident that Benjamin Netanyahu referenced this Jewish holiday when delivering his powerful and historic address to the U.S. Senate the other day. It’s an old ( 5th century B.C.E.) but agnonizingly familiar story: A Jew-hater named Haman hatches a plan to annihilate the Jewish people […]

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Rabbi Chaplain Abraham Avrech, First Yahrzeit

My father, Rabbi Chaplain Abraham Avrech passed away on March 15, 2014, which in the Jewish calendar translates into the 13th of Adar. Thus, this is the first Yahrzeit, memorial, without my father’s physical presence in this world. My father was 94 years old. He is gone, but he is certainly not forgotten. During Prime […]

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Bibi Speaks and Democrats Play the Jew-Hatred Card

[youtube][/youtube]   Here is Bibi’s powerful speech to Congress. No wonder Obama did not want the American people to hear it. Bibi clearly laid out why Obama and the Democrats are delusional, dangerous appeasers of the IslamoNazis of Iran.

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