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Prager U: Does Free Speech Offend You?

Trigger warning: You are about to view the truth about liberal fascism. [youtube][/youtube]   Should offensive speech be banned? Where should we, as a society, draw the line where permitted speech is on one side, and forbidden speech is on the other? Should we even have that line? And should free speech be limited by […]

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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions

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Carole Lombard: A Woman’s First Job

“I’ve lived by a man’s code designed to fit a man’s world, yet at the same time I never forget that a woman’s first job is to choose the right shade of lipstick.” — Carole Lombard

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Stock Market Prediction

We have been investing in the stock market for over thirty years. Our portfolio is diversified. We hold individual stocks, CDs, bonds, and an array of mutual funds. Our biggest holding is Apple which we started buying back in 1990. Our philosophy has been to invest in solid, brand-name companies that manufacture products we understand. […]

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Obama’s Nuclear Capitulation

[youtube][/youtube]   My good friend Omri Ceren, Senior Policy Advisor to The Israel Project, explains why the Obama-Kerry nuclear deal with Iran is such a disaster.

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Americans Rescue Europe… Again

It is an almost perfect metaphor. Three Americans aboard a train in Europe note the metallic snap of an automatic weapon coming from the train’s bathroom. They know that something bad is about to happen. Friends from childhood, educated in a Christian school, and exquisitely trained by the American military, they prepare to do something.

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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions

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Sophia Loren on Jayne Mansfield’s Girls

  Sophia Loren’s sidelong glance at Jayne Mansfield’s proud cleavage is ubiquitous on classic movie blogs. Over the past few years, I have seen this picture reproduced on dozens of sites. The picture seems to tell a simple story. Sophia Loren (b. Sofia Scicolone, 1934), an international star whose cleavage was also a prominent onscreen […]

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Talking About Carly Talking

[youtube][/youtube]   A major, but frequently overlooked ingredient that contributed to the glamorous image of Hollywood’s greatest stars were their voices. Under the studio system, actors were given rigorous voice training. They were taught to enunciate clearly, and how to emphasize certain words in order to give better line readings. They were drilled on how […]

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Prager University: The Abortion Question

  [youtube][/youtube]   In this superb video, Dennis asks us to set aside the legality of abortion and focus instead on morality. This line of argument will, of course, infuriate the left. Because more than anything, they do not believe in right and wrong.

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Clinton Contempt Machine Spells Doom for Hillary

[youtube][/youtube]   Ask any marriage therapist for a predictive behavior that guarantees divorce and the one attitude that always appears is contempt. Everything Hillary Clinton has told us about her private server, her deleted emails, and her handling of classified material has been a lie.

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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions

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Barbara Stanwyck on How to Act in Hollywood

“Eyes are the greatest tool in film. Mr. Capra taught me that. Sure it’s nice to say very good dialogue, if you can get it. But great movie acting — watch the eyes!”

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Veterans Against Iran Deal

[youtube][/youtube]   A group of Iraq war veterans has launched a powerful campaign opposing President Obama’s surrender to a nuclear  Iran. The Iran deal will unfreeze billions of dollars that Iran will use for terrorism. Tell your Senator: No money for Iranian terror. No deal for Iran. For more visit:

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New Face of Hamas — Same as Old

I met Arnold Roth for the first time a few days ago. A mutual friend deemed it important that we meet and discuss ways to more effectively combat the war of propaganda that the global media is waging against Israel. Arnold’s daughter Malki was one of the fifteen people murdered by Hamas at the Sbarro […]

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Seraphic Secret in the Land of Israel, Part III

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Seraphic Secret In the Land of Israel, Part II

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Seraphic Secret In the Land of Israel, Part I


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Prager University: The Iran Nuclear Deal


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Israel’s Choice: Conventional War Now or Nuclear War Later

  Norman Podhoretz offers a sober analysis Obama’s surrender to the IslamoNazis of Iran, and what it means for the Jewish state. Almost everyone who opposes the deal President Obama has struck with Iran hotly contests his relentless insistence that the only alternative to it is war. No, they claim, there is another alternative, and […]

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