An Arab Muslim in the Israeli Army

Why would an Arab Muslim serve in the Israeli military? Because he, like many Israeli Arabs, proudly defend the nation that has given them freedom and opportunity. Mohammad Kabiya, Israeli Air Force reservist, shares his remarkable story.

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  1. pigpen51
    Posted December 4, 2017 at 11:11 am | Permalink

    This reminds me of the many who fight for our nation who are not U.S. citizens, who still fight in our military, for much the same reasons. At a time when many who are actual citizens, yet would be unwilling to fight for our nation, it is always refreshing when I hear the stories of men and women who voluntarily serve our nation, hoping for nothing but the chance to one day become citizens of this great country, something that many have handed to them, simply because of the luck of their birth.

    Every time I stop back in here, I am never disappointed. You always find wonderful stories that uplift my spirit, or cause me to think, or as is often the case with your work and lifetime of contacts, show me the insider view of Hollywood. My favorite is when you post pictures of some of the old actors who have gone to war. Not that I am enamored with war, or violence, quite the opposite. However, often, it is only by being strong and prepared to defend yourself that others respect you enough to not wish to fight you. That is the way that I was able to avoid nearly all fights in my youth. I was a very peaceful young man, never wishing to fight anyone, and yet often we know that people have conflict. But as an athlete in high school, and in particular a pretty good football player, I had some kind of aura about me that made people think I was violent and given to rage. So no one ever sought to engage me in a fight. The same thing carries over to nations, it is often by projecting strength, that a nation is able to remain neutral and conflict free.

    As we wrap up another year, I wish you and your extended family peace, and safety. May you be comforted for anyone you have lost this past year, and of course, I continue to pray for your family and the memory of your son, Ariel. Your loss has even greater significance to me this year, as my wife is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. The doctors are very confidant that they will be able to cure my wife, but it is still scary. We just celebrated 25 years of marriage, and we are as close as two people can be. G-d continues to draw me closer to Him, as I grow to depend upon Him for strength.

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