Anti-Israel Tweets from IslamoNazi American Olympian


Ibtihaj Muhammed, an IslamoNazi,  is a member of the American Olympic fencing team. Of course, the left wing media think she’s absolutely fab-u-lous because the bag she wears on her head is just so gosh darned authentically multi-cult.

I wonder if a female Hasidic Olympian would garner the same enthusiasm from the media.

That was a rhetorical question.

The left wing media, which is to say the Democrat party, are now shameless enablers of IslamoNazi Jew-hatred. If you want to see what happens when the left cozies up to Muslims who are waging civilizational Jihad, just take a look at France, Germany, and Belgium. England still has a chance to remain a civilized Western nation—the Brexit vote was a step in the right direction. But make no mistake about it, France, Germany and Belgium have been fatally compromised by an aggressive, supremacist Islam.

She has been the media darling of the Olympics: Ibtihaj Muhammed, the first Muslim-American athlete to don a hijab during the games. The mainstream media have spoken of her at every chance and even wished for her to be the one carrying the American flag during the opening ceremonies instead of gold medal collector Michael Phelps. 

When she was interviewed, Muhammed said she was concerned about Donald Trump’s rhetoric about Muslims, calling his words “dangerous.” But she is hoping her media presence can help turn the tide:

The  next quote is precious:

“I’m hopeful that, in my efforts to represent our country well as an athlete — that they change the rhetoric around how people think and perceive the Muslim community.”

We now perceive the Muslim community as home to genocidal Jew-hatred.

But it’s Muhammed’s own rhetoric that will hinder any chance of a shift in public opinion about Muslims. On Twitter, Muhammed has exposed herself as a typical anti-Semite, anti-Israel Muslim. Pamela Geller posted a collection of screenshots of those tweets:

So, while the media is distracted by this “historic” moment pushing religious attire, it’s actively ignoring the troubling beliefs of its favorite fencer — who, by the way, will not be bringing home an individual medal after all the hype.





Screen-Shot-2016-08-08-at-7_39_42-PM Screen-Shot-2016-08-08-at-7_30_31-PM

Source: Truth Revolt

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  1. Michael Kennedy
    Posted August 13, 2016 at 8:32 pm | Permalink

    She got a medal demonstrating that Muslims are good at stabbing.

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  2. STW
    Posted August 11, 2016 at 11:05 am | Permalink

    She will discover shortly what so many before her have discovered that in a week, or less, when her usefulness is past, the fawning press will forget her like last week’s garbage. In a month no one will remember her name.
    Of course, if HRC wins she might get a sinecure on some national sports council for world peace.

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  3. serene
    Posted August 11, 2016 at 8:17 am | Permalink

    How appropriate that a Muslim would be a fencer. Probably epee, so that she can practice stabbing anywhere on the body.
    She also stated that she “wish[es] that, not just my life, but the lives of Muslims all over the world were a little bit easier, particularly in the United States.” Nice representation of her country there! Obviously, Michelle “I can finally be proud of this country” Obama is one of her mentors. Since, we all know, Muslims have it much worse in the US than in any other country, and MUCH MUCH worse than Jews or Xians in Muslim countires.
    With all her inflammatory tweets, she better bring more than her knife to the gunfight she’s asking for.

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  4. kishke
    Posted August 11, 2016 at 7:17 am | Permalink

    Hateful woman. I hope she gets skewered in her pretend sword fight.

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