Bring Iran’s Economy to its Knees

Trump signs the end of Obama’s Iranian appeasement deal.

Will sanctions alone bring down the IslamoNazis of Iran?

I doubt it.

But it’s worth trying.

And then, when sanctions fail, Israel should attack with their extremely capable air force and flatten all Iranian nuclear sites.

Remember, Israel eliminated the nuclear programs of Iraq and Syria. Of course, the international community wagged their collective finger and clucked their thick tongues about Israeli aggression. But is there anyone sane who is not relieved that Syria and Iraq are not nuclear powers today?

President Trump’s declaration Tuesday that he would exit the 2015 Iran nuclear deal was more than just a fulfillment of a campaign promise; it was a much-needed shift in US foreign policy. The message to the world: The era of appeasement is over.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was among the worst deals negotiated in modern times. In exchange for the suspension of America’s toughest economic sanctions, Iran needed only freeze its nuclear program for a limited amount of time — keeping its nuclear capabilities on standby while perfecting its missile arsenal, increasing support to terrorism and expanding its military footprint throughout the Middle East.

By withdrawing from the agreement, Trump unshackled America’s most powerful economic weapons and restored US leverage to push back on the entire range of Iran’s malign activities. Trump must now implement a new strategy that forces Iran to withdraw from Syria and Yemen, verifiably and irreversibly dismantle its nuclear and missile programs, end its sponsorship of terrorism and improve its human-rights record.

Sustained political warfare, robust military deterrence and maximum economic pressure will all be necessary. Pressure will build steadily as our re-imposed sanctions take hold.

Under the laws passed by Congress before the nuclear deal, banks throughout the world risk losing their access to the US financial system if they do business with the Central Bank of Iran or in connection with Iran’s energy, shipping, shipbuilding and port sectors. Companies providing insurance and re-insurance for Iran-connected projects face US sanctions as well, as do gold and silver dealers to Iran.

More here.

Richard Goldberg, an architect of congressionally enacted sanctions against Iran, is a senior adviser at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

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  1. Barry
    Posted May 9, 2018 at 11:21 am | Permalink

    Once again, the ‘peace in our time’ crowd has been dispersed.

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