But It’s Okay to Slaughter Jewish Children

A few of the Israel children slaughtered by IslamoNazis.

And now the Manchester atrocity.

Another IslamoNazi terrorist attack in which lives are snuffed out and the injured are burnt, blinded, deafened, crushed and absent limbs, condemned to a life of psychological and physical agony.

Observe the kabuki theater of solidarity, candles, flowers and shrines of stuffed toys. Listen to the boiler plate expressions of outrage as  they wash over the media with numbing mindlessness and, ultimately, meaninglessness.

Once again we hear the trope that not all Muslims are jihadists.

Well, of course.

But most good Muslims have made themselves irrelevant. Just as good Germans were irrelevant during the Nazi horror, just as good Turks were irrelevant when the Muslim Turkish government committed genocide against a million Armenian Christians.

We are told that the “extremists” have reached a “new low” because they targeted children.

But the IslamoNazis have been targeting Jewish children in Israel for generations. Forgotten are the massacre of the children of Ma’alot, Kiryat Shmona, the Dolphinarium, and thousands of other Jewish children who have been slaughtered by the IslamoNazis who call themselves Palestinians.

But the leftists in Europe lectured that Israeli children died because of a “regional conflict.”

We, who have been living with an awareness of Islamism for generations, knew better. This was and is no regional conflict.

Muslims have declared a religious war against the Jewish people. It is called jihad.

Disputed boundaries are just an excuse to kill Jews, whether in Israel, France, India, Argentina, New York, or Stockholm. It is open season on Jews.

And against Christians, in Africa and of course everywhere in the Middle East except Israel.

The so-called occupation is another justification for the murder of Jews, for calls of genocide.

There is always a grievance that justifies the murder of Jews. We are Capitalists. We are Communists. We killed Jesus. We rejected Mohammed. We are stateless. We have a state. We have big noses. We fix our noses. We are clannish. We are cosmopolitan. We are cowards. We are war mongers. We culturally appropriated Falafel.

The Jew-hating narratives are endless, unbound by rational thought.

Islam is, and has always been, an intolerant ideology that makes war as a matter of religious doctrine. Islam is also a colonial ideology. When the textbooks blandly speak of the spread of Islam, they are conveniently forgetting that this was accomplished at the point of sword, through mass murder and tribal genocide.

The Europeans self-righteously moaned about the poor Palestinians being oppressed by Nazi Jews. But now that jihad has embedded itself in Europe these same Europeans have to tie themselves in knots to look for a motive. After all, they are not occupiers. This is not regional conflict. And, they are not Jews. They are not even Christians. They are enlightened secular humanists. What could be objectionable about such impeachable liberal credentials?

As it turns out, to the Islamist, everything is objectionable about secular humanism: unveiled women, homosexuals, good liquor, music, dancing, literature, movies, infidels, synagogues, churches, freedom. Every crown of a liberal democracy is reason enough for Islamists to hate and kill.

Motivation? Read the Koran, the Hadith. Step into your local mosque. Look at the multiple pathologies that characterize every Muslim majority nation on earth. If you are honest you will identify a death cult on the march.

And Western civilization is turning into a suicide cult.

But this truth must be suppressed because it calls into question every leftist policy of the overeducated, overbred European leaders who have led their country into their current morass by being ever so tolerant of the intolerant.

Thus, lies about Islam become Newspeak, state lies that demand conformity: Islam means peace. Christians are just as prone to terrorism as Muslims. Israelis are the new Nazis. Western women are to blame when raped by pious Muslims because they dress like sluts. Unchecked Muslim migration poses no threat to the West. Muslims are victims of Western privilege.

Everyone knows these are lies, but an entire continent has been cowed into submission because if you speak the truth, you will be labeled a bigot or charged with a thought crime.

Dear Europeans, once you made excuses for the slaughter of Jews, of Jewish children, you made yourselves vulnerable. You gave the IslamoNazis permission to slaughter your children.

What begins with the Jews never ends with the Jews.

I’m not saying that the Europeans deserve this atrocity. But I am saying that if Western Civilization is to survive Jihad Europeans must revise their policies regarding Israel, regarding Jews and Judaism.

Only Israel has the experience to show Europeans how to fight Jihad.

It is time for Europe to recognize that evil exists and its home is in Islam.

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  1. kishke
    Posted May 25, 2017 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

    Powerfully written, and sadly, correct in every detail.

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