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Sorry For the Silence

My computer is having a nervous breakdown, hence the silence these past few days. I’ve been consulting with computer people all over the place but my little laptop seems to have gone blooey.  Thanks for all your concerned emails, comments, and for your patience. I’m hoping to be back online in a few days.

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No Comment

Seraphic Secret’s comment section has been invaded by, uh, something. We are working on repairs but this might take a few hours.The comment issues have been addressed. There was a problem with an upgrade that corrupted the database. It has been corrected. Thank you, InterTrip

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You are not alone in experiencing problems in posting comments about Porn in our institutions of higher learning. Try posting here.

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Our deepest regrets and apologies. Movable Type is having a major technical meltdown. We thought we had the problem solved; alas, it persists. In the meantime, Karen and I want to take what little space we have to wish our Jewish readers a happy and meaningful Chanukah. To our Christian readers we wish you a […]

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Dear Readers, Please be advised that due to technical difficulties you are getting a weird message when you try to view comments. We are working around the clock to try to fix the problem.

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Evil Robots

You may have noticed that certain kinds of spam have slipped into the Comments Section in the past few hours. This is because Seraphic Secret now has much more visibility on the web, thus certain evil robots are targeting this site. To secure Seraphic Secret we have instituted a registration system for comments users. You […]

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Amazonian Error

Help! Somebody, please! The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden is a Hardcover book. For some reason and Barnes & have it listed as a paperback. Days ago, Marvin Sekler, the intrepid and incredibly wise Vice-President of Marketing at my exclusive distributor, Jonathan David Publishers, contacted both companies and asked them to correct […]

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