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Flashback: When Hollywood Celebrated Christmas

There was a time when Hollywood openly and joyously celebrated Christmas. Now, among the Hollywood elite, the greeting I hear is “Happy Holidays.” Look, we at Seraphic Secret are Orthodox Jews. This is not our holiday. But we want our Christian friends to celebrate Christmas. The politically correct Happy Holidays shtick is another nail in […]

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Friday Fashion: Hollywood Hats for Passover

Passover is almost here. Cleaning, changing dishes, and buying Passover food takes up a huge amount of time and energy. Observant Jews also take the opportunity to purchase new clothing in honor of the holiday in which we celebrate our deliverance from Egyptian bondage. Orthodox women cover their heads in synagogue—a sign of modesty—thus new […]

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Anita Page: Last Star of Silent Films, 1910 – 2008

Anita Page, Our Modern Maidens, 1929. A moment of silence, please. Anita Page, the legendary actress, passed away in her sleep on Saturday morning. Anita Page, the last surviving star of the silent movies, has died at the age of 98 in Los Angeles. Page’s career spanned 84 years – and her lasting fame endured […]

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