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Obama and the Hebrew Language

First of all there is no agreement between Iran and the Obama administration. There is a framework for a deal. Whatever that means. And apparently Iran and Obama already disagree on the nature of the framework. But let’s dispense with fine and not-so-fine print. Let’s cut to the proverbial chase. The current framework for an […]

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Obama’s “Whatever” Ideology In Action

[youtube][/youtube]   What’s shocking about IslamoNazi students at UC Davis shouting “Allahu Akbar” as a taunt to Jewish students is that anyone is shocked. You would have to be comatose not to have noticed that over the past ten years, Jew-hatred has become as normal as beer kegs in American colleges and universities. The communist […]

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Operation Protective Edge: The Liberal Media’s Advocacy for Terrorism

Modern warfare operate in two dimensions that are deeply intertwined: 1. The actual battlefield. 2. The media battlefield. The PalNazis have  benefited in the informational wars by virtue of their ideological alignment with the organs of the LibProgs such as The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, all virulently anti-Israel publications […]

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The Ariel Avrech Memorial Lecture Presents Michael Medved

The Eleventh Annual Ariel Avrech Yahrtzeit Lecture took place on Sunday June 8, 2014 at the Young Israel of Century City. The title of Michael Medved’s lecture is: “Shifting Alliances: Why Liberals No Longer Reliably Support Israel — And Conservatives Do.” [youtube][/youtube] We will leave this up for a few days. May Ariel’s neshama have […]

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Hillary’s Terrorist Credentials

We keep hearing that Hillary Clinton is more hawkish than Barack Obama. We are also supposed to believe that Hillary supports Israel. In short, the American Jews who helped saddle this country with a radical leftist community organizer are in full Judenrat mode for a woman who is Obama’s ideological clone. Have you forgotten HillaryCare? […]

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Meet the Jewish-American Fascists of Brandeis

Liberty’s Spirit has written an Open Letter to the Jewish-America Community: What Is Wrong With You? This letter is wrenchingly on-target. In it, she decries the suicidal political correctness that animates the self-righteous Democrats who also happen to have been born Jewish. No better example of this PC insanity can be found but at Brandeis […]

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Obama: Arming and Training Syrian Islamists

I suppose we should not be surprised that Barack Hussein Obama is secretly running with the Syrian Islamists. Afterall, it was Obama who insisted that the Muslim Brotherhood get front row seats to his first speech in Cairo. And, of course, it was Obama who threw Mubarak under the bus in favor of the Muslim […]

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Can’t Name A Single Reason For Jews To Support Obama Except Abortion

In Kalooki Nights, the fine Jewish British novelist Howard Jacobson—whose work is akin to Jane Austen rather than the tedious Philip Roth to whom he is frequently compared—describes the type of secular post-modern Jew that has replaced traditional Jewish-Torah values with the false G-d of secular liberalism. In the novel the main character is describing […]

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Useful Idiots for Palestine

Lenin coined the phrase “useful idiots” to describe fellow travelers in the US and Europe who were willfully blind to the Communist Party’s mass murders, deportations, and forced starvations. Pat Condell unmasks the useful idiots who are today’s liberals/progressives. This is a follow-up to Condell’s previous video, The Great Palestinian Lie. [youtube][/youtube] Speaking of useful […]

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The Smell of Revenge In the Morning

 Jury Duty: I was voted off the island late yesterday morning. The attorney representing the State in an eminent domain dispute correctly judged that yours truly would mentally check out during proceedings which promised to be a massive dose of Thorazine. Who says President Obama is a divider? In fact, Obama, whose hostility to Israel […]

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David Mamet’s Drama

David Mamet, a brilliant playwright, screenwriter and director was, in his own words, “a brain-dead liberal.” Gradually, over the years, he awakened from his political coma, turning to Conservative politics and Judaism. His turnabout is startling but hardly impulsive. It came about through rigorous self-examination and an unsentimental view of illiberal-liberal thought. His rabbi, Mordechai […]

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The anti-Israel Democrats

I didn’t leave the Democrat Party. The Democrats abandoned me. The Democrats have evolved into a political movement that thrives on identity politics—a racist world view that sees only groups as opposed to individuals—a party that is, at the core, pacifist, a party whose Keynsian economic model is code for Socialism, a movement that believes […]

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