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Europe’s Suicide via Islam

Here’s a brilliant essay by Bat Ye’or on the Islamization of Europe, a self-inflicted wound growing out of Europe’s willfull ignorance of imperialist Islamic theology, the abandonment of Christianity, and a craven dhimmitude to petro-rich genocidal-yearning Islamist fascists. Originally published by the New English Review, I’m posting the entire article because it’s that important. In […]

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Cartoon by Hugh MacLeod. Okay, time to speak directly to my readers about, uh, stuff. Seraphic Secret started in May 2004 with zero audience. Now, on a daily basis, we have thousands of faithful readers. With high readership comes private correspondence. Numerous emails to yours truly. Here are the five basic categories and my responses: […]

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Seraphic Secret on the Road

Karen and I are leaving Los Angeles for a few days. I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll be able to do while traveling. My aplogies if things are a bit spotty here at Seraphic Secret for the next few days. While gone, I plan on reading Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides, and Insurgents, […]

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Seraphic Non-Comments

As some of you have noticed, we’re still experiencing technical difficulties. For some mysterious reason, some of your comments are not appearing, others are mysteriously disappearing. No, Seraphic Secret has not been hacked. We have enemies, but none are bright enough to bust through our Fort Knox of obscure but oh-so-clever passwords. No, this is […]

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Seraphic Mailbag

I get a fair amount of private e-mail from readers of this blog. Here are some choice selections: Dear Mr. Avrech: I have a great story to tell. I just need a writer. Would you be interested in making a movie about my life story? I’m sure it is fascinating to a great and wide […]

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My Movie Girls, Part Two

“What is this scene supposed to be about?”“He likes her and she’s, um, and they’re, well, you know…”“Flirting?”“Right, flirting!” This exchange of dialogue has happened every single year in my Screenwriting Workshop for the past seven years, ever since I volunteered to teach this class in the girl’s Yeshiva High School, here in Los Angeles. […]

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My Movie Girls, Part One

“Movies,” I tell My Movie Girls, “are a moral landscape.” My Movie Girls. That’s how I’ve come to think of these amazing young ladies. Four of whom are graduating high school in a few days and have been my students for four years — since they were freshmen. So you can see why I think […]

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We’re Baaaaaack!

Okay, the software problems have finally been fixed. Thanks to my good friend Jackie Danicki for taking time out of her incredibly busy schedule to dig into the guts of Seraphic Secret and unearth the code glitches. Thanks to all our readers who kept writing in and telling us how much they missed our postings. […]

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Seraphic New Year

Yesterday, Karen took Offspring #3 to Loehmann’s. While in the dressing room they called Offspring #2 who was, at that very moment, telepathically, in the NY branch of Loehmann’s. Totally unplanned, mind you. So when my girlses (not a mistake) shop it’s a communal affair with lots of give and take and laughter. It’s a […]

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Seraphic Nanny

“Why is it raining!?” Yesterday morning, as I was getting ready to drive Offspring #3 to school, she looked out the window and demanded an answer to her question. Actually, she wasn’t really asking a question, she was just letting me know that she was annoyed with the weather. Afterall, this is California and it […]

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Seraphic Rules

We’ve just had a chance to catch up on most of the comments for the past few days and we’ve had to do something we’ve never done before: censor comments. Not for content, but for language. Bad words. Shame on you, and you know who you are. Karen and I are instituting two Seraphic Rules–only […]

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Seraphic Secret to Marriage Part II

Karen writes: I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that couples have to share identical interests. That is impossibe, it is a question of balance, and of mutual respect. There is a huge difference between an interest and a passion that is all-consuming and eats into the time that your share with your spouse. […]

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Seraphic Secret to Marriage

The other day, I was asked why my marriage to Karen is so good. Immediately, I answered: “Because I’m smart enough to know that Karen is smarter than me, and I act accordingly.” Karen adds: I could write a book on this probably, but Robert asked me to comment. I will quote Rabbi Fohrman, who […]

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Seraphic Shavuos

No time to write about the next great milestone in my romance with Karen now. That will have to wait a few days. We’re madly getting ready for Shavuos. Karen’s sister and her husband have just come on from NY and the house is just bursting with guests and energy. Karen and I shop for […]

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Seraphic Revenge

It is years later. I am a college student, home for winter vacation. I am running some errands for my mother on Avenue J when I see a familiar figure trudging down the street carrying some grocery bags. I walk up to the old man and offer to help him. He squints at me, grunts […]

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Seraphic Bookplates

Seraphic Press book designer Robert Lanphear called me up a few months ago and asked me about Seraphic Bookplates. You will notice that we are both named Robert. Which makes for some hilarious conversations. “What about them?” I asked“You’re a publisher, right Robert?”“Well, Robert, yes, yes we are.”“Publishers have personal bookplates for their books, Robert.”“I […]

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Seraphic Caps

People have been asking me for the longest time, Robert, how do you write a movie? How do you sign with a powerful agent? How do you write a novel? How do you make it in Hollywood? Well, my answer is simple: I wear my official Seraphic Press baseball cap. Yup, wear our cap and […]

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Seraphic Search

Tomorrow, May 20th, marks the first anniversary of Seraphic Secret. Karen and I are searching for the right words to express what we feel. Sometimes language collapses under the weight of obligations and feelings.

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Seraphic Rules of Screenwriting Part II

Gee willikers, how was I to know there are so many aspiring screenwriters out there. Hey, guys, you’re supposed to be learning Talmud in the Beis Midrash, not dreaming up Gwyneth Paltrow’s next project. Ladies, you’re supposed to be slaving away at three jobs in order to support your husband’s learning in Kollel. From the […]

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Seraphic Rules of Screenwriting Part I

I get a lot of mail from readers asking me about writing. More specifically, how do I go about writing a movie? The temptation is to respond with some pat answer, but I know that there are people out there with a burning desire to tell a story, yet lack the basic skills required to […]

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