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Boston Massacre and Obama’s Lies

Andrew C. McCarthy, who led the 1995 terrorism prosecution against IslamoNazi Omar Abdel Rahman and eleven other jihadists, has posted an important piece at NRO: He details how the Obama administration has been handing out incorrect information — AKA lying — about the Boston massacre. McCarthy points out that it was the Obama’s Justice Dept, […]

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CAIR Director: Radical Islam Is Not Primary Driver of Terror In the World

Niwad Awad, director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) went on The O’Reilly Factor last night and insisted that radical Islam is not the primary driver of terrorism in the world. [youtube][/youtube] Seraphic Secret believes that it’s a strategic and moral mistake to present Awad as a guest. By giving Awad face time, O’Reilly […]

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Understanding the Islamic Boston Massacre

“Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” —Koran 8:60 [youtube][/youtube] H/T Joshua Pundit This 11 minute video is solid and refreshingly informative. In it, you will learn a good deal of what you need to know, and everything the mainstream media and craven politicians refuse to acknowledge, about Islamic terrorism. It should be […]

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Boston: The Jewish Settlement

When Muslim terrorists attack Israel, we are told that these acts are in response to “Jewish settlements.” Credulous Western liberals swallow this fictional justification, piously damning the Jewish state for “stealing Arab land.” The truth is Arab Muslim terrorism against the Jewish state has never been about national boundaries, or about so-called settlements. Unless, of […]

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The Boston Massacre, American Infidels, and Islamic Coexistence

Some in the mainstream media are scratching their heads about the motives of the Islamic terrorists who planted bombs packed with nails and steel pellets, at the Boston Marathon. Whatever motivated two Muslims to place a lethal bomb at the feet of 8 year-old Martin Richard? Yes, it’s a real mystery why two Islamist brothers […]

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Palestinians Dancing In The Streets Of Gaza After Boston Massacre, Hamas And Islamic Jihad Hand Out Sweets

In yesterday’s post, Seraphic Secret argued that Israel and America’s shared values make us allies in the war against Islamism. Of course, its immediate corollary follows: the so-called Palestinians—a reichlet founded on lies in order to justify and glorify genocidal Jew-hatred—are not only Israel’s enemy, but the mortal enemies of America. And yet, Barack Hussein […]

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Boston Marathon Blasts: Doctor Credits Israelis With Helping Set Up Disaster Team

Yesterday, Seraphic Secret noted that Israel’s Yom Hazikaron, Day of Remembrance, in which two minutes of silence prevail across the country in memory of those who have fallen in defense of the Jewish state, is, in fact, not just about the past, but the present and the future. The enemies of Israel are the enemies […]

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