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Jew-Hating Comic Book: Foreskin Man

As a follow up to our post the other day about progressive, anti-circumcision groups, here are a few panels from a comic book published by members of that movement in California. Brace yourselves, this is deeply anti-Semitic imagery, reminiscent of the hate propaganda used by the Nazis, and currently a daily diet in the Arab […]

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First, Progressives Ban Circumcision…

Study Jewish history and you will immediately recognize three narratives used by Jew-haters to delegitimize Judaism—all in the name of tolerance and humanity. Brit milah, circumcision Shehitah, or ritual slaughter of animals for food Torah study The commandment of circumcision—brit milah—is found in Genesis 17:10-14 and Leviticus 12:3. And since Abraham, brit milah—Judaism’s sign of […]

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J’accuse: Shame on Germany for Circumcision Ban

Below is an article by Alan Dershowitz about Germany, Norway and all the other Jew-haters who would ban circumcision, the “Brit Milah”, a 3,000 year old Jewish tradition, in the name of human rights. Save for the last paragraph, which is liberal appeasement, I think Dershowitz does a good job. A group of unhinged Jew-haters […]

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Banning Circumcision The Jew-Hating Tyrants of San Francisco

The commandment to perform ritual circumcision on the male Jewish child is given in Gen. 17:10-14 and Lev. 12:3. The covenant was originally made by G-d with Abraham. It is the first commandment specific to the Jewish people. Circumcision has nothing to do with health or aesthetics. It is a Brit Milah, a holy covenant. […]

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