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Why Do Wages Rise?

Many people believe the only path to higher wages is to put in more work hours, but there are actually many economic factors that go into deciding the number on each worker’s paycheck. Watch this short video to learn more!

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As the Rich Get Richer, the Poor Get Richer

The rich are getting richer, and the poor are… also getting richer. What’s driving this wealth creation process? In this video, Daniel Hannan explains why it is capitalism — and capitalism alone — that has led to the unprecedented enrichment that is the central fact of Western life.

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Brexit: Why Britain Left the European Union

Is the European Union good for Europe? Or would Europeans be better off without it? Nigel Farage, a leader of the United Kingdom’s Brexit movement, shares his view.

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President Trump’s SOTU: Americans Are Dreamers Too

In spite of the fact that the speech was too long (any speech that runs longer than 7 minutes is too long) I loved President Trump’s SOTU. It was filled with a love of America, pride in our military, respect for our flag, and an almost mystical vision of the American people and their unique […]

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How to Be a Conservative

“Sir Roger Scruton, a formally trained political philosopher, talks about his life and the events he’s witnessed that led him to conservatism. He first embraced conservatism after witnessing the leftist student protests in France in May 1968. During the ensuing riots in Paris, more than three hundred people were injured. Scruton walked away from this […]

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Prager University: Income Inequality is Good

[youtube][/youtube]   The hot buzzword making the rounds in leftist circles these days is income inequality. Local, state, or federal, not an election goes by when Americans don’t hear that manipulative phrase. Amid the moral blackmail, few find the peace of mind to ask themselves if income inequality is actually bad. A new video from the […]

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Book Review: The Scandal of Money by George Gilder

Seraphic Secret invited our good friend Jake Novak to review George Gilder’s important new book. Imagine you’re a carpenter who naturally relies on a good hammer to get your work done. But after years of reliable service, that hammer starts to act strangely. Sometimes it pushes the nail into the wood, and sometimes it doesn’t. […]

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Boys and Girls Together — But Not On Facebook

The goal of the postmodern Democrat party is to centralize and harness the power of the state, which is then used as a blunt instrument of intimidation to suppress liberty and bring about an imagined Socialist utopia. Because Socialism always brings poverty, unemployment, misery and chaos wherever it rears its collective head, Democrats have re-branded […]

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The Democrat-ObamaCare Purges

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.” So said Stalin about his genocidal purges. Obama and the Democrats are whipping up an omelette. We the American people — and the free enterprise system — are the broken eggs, the broken lives. At the moment, there are several million broken lives as the unreasonable […]

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Obamacare: The Death Spiral

  It would be a mistake for Obamacare’s opponents to focus on the dysfunctional Obamacare websites. The so-called glitches are not glitches at all, but symptoms of 2,7000 pages of Byzantine laws passed exclusively by Democrats — the first stage in the destruction of the finest health care system in human history. Radical leftists — […]

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Storming the Barrycades

The U.S. government is not shut-down. Approximately 83% of the Federal government is up and functioning. Including the Obamacare website, which fulfills every prediction made by anyone with a lick of common sense about what happens when the federal government colonizes one-sixth of the American economy. Just wait for Obamacare to be fully implemented. The […]

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Obama’s Unpatriotic Flashback

In 2006, Junior Senator Barack Obama signed and entered this letter into the Congressional Record.     Obviously, this is a principled man who is deeply concerned about America’s fiscal problems.

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Businesses, Unions And Schools All Warn Of Cuts In Hours Due To Obamacare…

Even NBC, a bastion of liberal thought and Obama-worship, can no longer deny the obvious economic disaster that is Obamacare. [youtube][/youtube]

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Cyprus American Style

The Socialist government of Cyprus is planning on stealing money—they call it a tax—from the savings accounts of Cypriot citizens. People will lose between six percent and nine percent of their savings. Naturally, the government has closed the banks for fear of a run by depositors. They call it a “banking holiday.” Notice how the […]

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We The Government

Obama’s SOTU in brief: Raise the minimum wage. This is a job killer. Spend more in infrastructure. Higher taxes. We’ve been here before. It was called shovel-ready jobs. Which Obama famously yucked-up as not-so-ready.

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Putting the Cool In Coolidge

Yesterday, Congress passed a bill which will: 1. Increase taxes on everyone. 2. Increase the national debt. 3. Increase the size of government. The politicians are slapping themselves on the back, boasting that they have avoided the so-called fiscal cliff. But what they have really done is place America on the road to serfdom. A […]

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Debate #3: The Statesman and the Community Agitator

Well, clearly Mitt Romney reads Seraphic Secret. Yesterday we asserted that two foreign policy issues should dominate the final Romney-Obama debate: 1) The greatest threat to America’s national security is our failing economy. 2) A nuclear Iran. Thus, Romney relentlessly hammered away at Obama’s failed economic policies, linking this with weakness overseas. Regarding Iran, Romney […]

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The Red Line and, Gosh, Look Who’s Endorsing Barack Hussein Obama

Iranian human rights activist Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi hosts and narrates this film about the Iranian nuclear threat. Banafsheh fled Iran during the revolution. She left behind her father who was jailed by the regime. Last year, he committed suicide as a final protest against the Islamist tyranny. [youtube][/youtube] Tonight is the final Romney-Obama debate, and […]

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Oops! U.S. “Overpaid” $14 Billion In Jobless Benefits

Seraphic Secret is in the movie business. Emphasis on the word business. Here’s how it works. Yours truly writes and produces a movie. If it makes a profit, it’s a success. Those involved prosper. If the film loses money, heads roll. Either way, there are consequences. Business measures itself through profit and loss. But the […]

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It’s The Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Stupid!

A close friend, a teacher in Los Angeles Unified School District, said to me: “There’s a kid in one of my classes, bright and adorable, but with some, y’know, learning issues. I sat down and talked with him, tried to find out what was going on. Naturally, there were problems at home, the parent’s marriage […]

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