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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions, Passover Edition

When Mike Todd (b. Avrom Hirsch Goldbogen) was killed in a plane crash, Elizabeth found comfort in Judaism. “I am absolutely Jewish now in my beliefs and feelings,” she said. At her conversion, Elizabeth Taylor took the Jewish name Elisheva Rachel. In the compulsively readable Furious Love, Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger report on the frequently […]

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Israel, Natural Gas, and Power in the Middle East

This is a fascinating analysis of Israel’s new economic profile with the discovery and exploitation of two giant off-shore natural gas deposits that belong exclusively to the Jewish state. Benyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime minister is known to joke about the fact that Moses led his people during forty years in the desert to the […]

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Obama’s Jihad Against Israel

Obama’s inner Jew-hatred is finally bubbling to the surface for all to see. He’s just using Bibi’s overwhelming victory as a convenient pretext to abandon Israel and realign with the IslamoNazis of Iran. Bret Stephens writes about The Orwellian Obama’s Presidency in this morning’s WSJ: The humiliating denouement to America’s involvement in Yemen came over […]

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Obama’s “Whatever” Ideology In Action

[youtube][/youtube]   What’s shocking about IslamoNazi students at UC Davis shouting “Allahu Akbar” as a taunt to Jewish students is that anyone is shocked. You would have to be comatose not to have noticed that over the past ten years, Jew-hatred has become as normal as beer kegs in American colleges and universities. The communist […]

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12 Years After 9-11

Twelve years after the American homeland was attacked by Muslim terrorists, Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, is sending entire battalions to Syria to prop up Assad’s regime. Twelve years after 9/11, Barack Obama’s reset button with Russia has finally yielded what the radical left in America has always wanted: a diminution of American […]

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Al-Jazeera Commentator: Al-Sisi Is Jewish, Implementing Protocols of Elders of Zion in Egypt

Egyypt is engulfed in chaos. All across Cairo, churches are being burned by Muslims and converted into mosques. Catholic nuns are being paraded in the streets like “war criminals.” Because Egypt is Judenrein, the Islamists have moved on to the next best physical target: Christians. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian military are locked in […]

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Killer Kabuki or Why Is Israel Releasing 104 IslamoNazis?

Kabuki. Highly ritualized theater of dance and drama distinguished by elaborate makeup that transforms human characters into demons. The performances play for hours, even for days. Ritual suicide is the hallmark of kabuki’s third act. Israel is, once again, being forced to perform kabuki. FADE IN: Montage: Wide Angle Shot#1: Syria is in the third […]

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Muslim Brotherhood Says Interim President Is A Jew, Secretly Backed By Israel…

A few days ago, when the mobs were gathering in Tahrir Square and the talking heads were all agog about another Arab Spring, I turned to Karen and said, “How long before these—ahem—freedom fighters, start raping women?” Karen shrugged, rolled her eyes. “How long before the Egyptians blame everything on the evil Jews?” I persisted. […]

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“Khaybar” IslamoNazi Miniseries on Egyptian TV

The Wall Street Journal reports on a Jew-hating miniseries to be aired during Ramadan on Egyptian TV. Hundreds of millions of Muslims will view this openly anti-Semitic propaganda. In March, on his first visit to the Jewish state as president, Barack Obama exhorted Israelis to reach out to their Arab neighbors and see that “sometimes […]

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A 21st Century Exodus from Egypt to Israel

Tonight begins the last two day of Passover in which the Jewish people celebrate their liberation from Egyptian slavery. The IDF recently published an amazing story about Dina Ovadia, an Egyptian Jew, whose narrative is a modern Passover story. This isn’t Cpl. Dina Ovadia’s first Passover in Israel. Slowly, slowly she seems to be moving […]

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Obama’s in Israel, But Keep Your Eye on King Abdullah of Jordan

Seraphic Secret is not going to spend a great deal of time of Obama’s visit to Israel. It is Kabuki theater. Israel is focused on domestic issues. The so-called Palestinians are a pathologically sick culture steeped in Jew-hatred and victimhood. Most Israelis have correctly given up on this demented society. In foreign affairs, Iran is […]

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Egyptian Cleric: Christianity Emerged from Penis Worship; Christian Women Raise Dogs to Replace Husbands

The following are excerpts from an address by Egyptian cleric Abu Islam, which aired on Al-Omma TV (via the Internet) on February 13, 2013. Rumor has it that Chuck Hagel plans on appointing Abu Islam to a senior advisory post in the DOD. Egyptian cleric Abu Islam: I swear to God the Almighty – and […]

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Morsi: “Jews Are Apes and Pigs,” World Yawns

Imagine how the mainstream media would salivate and then pounce if Benjamin Netanyahu ever called Arabs apes and pigs? [youtube][/youtube] As American social policy falls deeper under the Obama Democrat-Socialist juggernaut of massive taxes, fiscal suicide, and shrinking liberties, the mainstream media—which covers for Obama instead of covering Obama—has also adopted the radical leftist Jew-hating […]

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Egypt’s New and Improved Pharaoh

Seraphic Secret is fascinated by the internal contradictions which characterize the Muslim Brotherhood’s current power grab in Egypt, and America’s sudden lack of interest in the so-called Arab Spring. It was not too long ago that Hosni Mubarak was scorned as a new Egyptian Pharaoh. He was deposed by an uneasy alliance of naive students, […]

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Operation Pillar of Defense, Day Eight: Hey, Let’s Talk About That Massacre in Gaza

A few years ago, I was approached by an independent producer who wanted to hire me to write a script. In truth, the producer was an amateur, someone with no credits. But he had lots of enthusiasm and claimed to have money in place to develop a script. I sat down for lunch with the […]

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Count to Fifteen: Israel, America Under Fire

While the Obama regime consolidates its power over every aspect of our lives here in America — soft tyranny in action — the Jew-haters and Jihadists are on the march. The so-called Arab Spring, which Obama enabled at every step, is turning, as Seraphic Secret predicted, into a full-blown Islamist movement that is sweeping through […]

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Obama Buried Head in Sand, Ignored Israel’s Security Warnings

Before we get to a revealing article from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that is stunning but hardly surprising, Seraphic Secret would like to observe that: 1. The beast that is loose in the Arab Muslim world has nothing to do with some obscure You Tube trailer which looks like it was made on  a budget […]

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Muslims Murder U.S. Ambassador

Seraphic Secret predicted that the so-called Arab Spring was, in fact, the first flowering of an IslamoNazi rise to power. Islamists in Libya murdered U.S. ambassador Stevens, and three others including two U.S. Marines at the embassy last night. In Egypt, Muslims stormed the American embassy, sovereign American soil, tore down the American flag, raised […]

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Egypt: Another Failed Islamic State

Remember when Western reporters gushed about the Facebook/Twitter revolution taking place in Egypt’s Tahrir square? These credulous journalists were anxious to convince us, and themselves, that with Mubarak’s ouster — c/o Obama’s betrayal — a new, democratic Egypt was just over the horizon, whose leaders were young, hip and empowered by the new media. The […]

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Egyptian Candid Jew Camera

It’s been a terrible few days for Israel and America. In the wake of all the death and destruction in Bulgaria and Colorado it’s time for some, ahem, entertainment. From happy-go-lucky Egypt. In these clips the Egyptian producers inform their guests, candid camera style, that they are, in fact, on Israeli Television. To say that […]

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