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10 Must See War Movies

There is no subject as well suited for the movies as war. In war there is conflict, love, and of course lots of action. Movies, said Hitchcock, are just like life, but with the boring parts cut out. Thus, movies about war delete the incredible boredom of most war-time experiences in favor of the hyper-drama […]

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State TV in Finland Teaches Women How to Get Raped by Muslim Invaders

[youtube][/youtube]   The left always betrays the people it claims to represent.

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Surprise! IslamoNazis Actually Operate in Gaza

[youtube][/youtube]   Those liberals who report on Operation Protective Edge from Gaza fail to mention that they are severely restricted by Hamas in reporting what actually happens on the ground. If they report the truth Hamas will retaliate against them, often with fatal consequences. For instance, have you ever seen a Hamas terrorist in news […]

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Ten Greatest War Movies of All Time

Last week, Seraphic Secret picked the Ten Greatest Movies of all time. Our ruthlessly reductive list eliminated dozens of great movies that we love. Ultimately, we decided on movies that we return to over and over again because there is always something new to see and because they never fail to entertain and astonish. This […]

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Three Notable War Movies from Britain, Russia, & Finland

After the 1973 Yom Kippur War, a close friend who commanded a tank in the Sinai and killed at least 35 Egyptian tanks—“You forget to count after a while”—in a drunken moment said to yours truly: “You know what’s great about desert warfare? No civilians. No cities. No nothing. Just you and the enemy. If […]

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Notable War Movies, Russian and Finnish

Seraphic Secret watches movies in thematic clusters. Last year I concentrated on the work of specific actors, among them: Clara Bow, John Gilbert, Mary Nolan, Lon Chaney, Esther Ralston and, adolescent sigh, Brigitte Bardot. For the past few  weeks I’ve been screening war movies, with an emphasis on films from Russia and Finland. World War […]

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