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Paris and The Beasts of Islam

The French have spent years bashing Israel and supporting the so-called Palestinians (Palestinian is not a nationality but a profession) in a desperate bid to appease global IslamoNazis. A few weeks ago, the French voted in favor of raising a Palestinian flag at the UN headquarters. “This flag is a powerful symbol, a glimmer of hope […]

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A Poignant Evening With Jews Fleeing France

Last Shabbat, my wife Karen was out of town. Close friends, unwilling to let yours truly endure a Shabbat dinner alone, invited me for the Friday night meal. Also present was a family from Los Angeles: a physician, his mother and his two daughters. The physician, Dr. M., was born on the Tunisian island of […]

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Obama’s Random Dead Jews

Speaking to the liberal media lapdog Vox, Barack Obama revealed his contempt for Jews and his tolerance for IslamoNazis yet again by referring to the Paris supermarket massacre as a random shooting of a “bunch of folks.” Bunch of folks being, in case you are brain-dead, Jews. Of course, there was nothing random about it. The supermarket is a kosher supermarket […]

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It’s Not Islam — It’s Shape Shifting Jews!

[youtube][/youtube] Yesterday, we pointed out that that Arab Muslim world is a universe of dangerous conspiracy theories — most of which accuse the Jews/Israel of, well, everything, including IslamoNazi depredations. At the very same time we have Barack Hussein Obama’s tortured explanations as to why his administration refuses to label Islamic terrorism as Islamic terrorism. […]

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French Jews Without Guns

Over 5,000 police officers have been deployed to protect synagogues, and Jewish schools in France.

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Vichy France is Alive and Well

If you read the official French military history of World War II, you will discover an unusual take on France’s role in that global conflict. There is no mention of the Vichy Government. According to the official Gaullist history, every Frenchman was active in the resistance, every Frenchman fervently anti-Nazi. This is, of course, an […]

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Update from France: Four Hostages Killed — A Call For the Reformation of Islam

Reports indicate that French SWAT teams have stormed the kosher market. Four hostages are dead. Baruch Dayan Emet. Why did the IslamoNazis take hostages in a kosher market? Were their cartoonists hanging out in the aisles on erev Shabbat? Of course not. The IslamoNazis were there to kill Jews. Because that’s what IslamoNazis do; it’s […]

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France: IslamoNazis Seize Kosher Market

And of course, the Charlie Hebdo massacre leads to the Jews of France.

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Saudi Arabia Hands Out 1,000 Lashes for Insulting Islam

The massacre of the Charlie Hebdo journalists and two policemen yesterday was, ostensibly, revenge because the satiric magazine insulted Mohammed and Islam. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has blasphemy laws with which they punish those who also insult Mohammed and Islam. Thus, the IslamoNazis of Paris and the IslamoNazis of Saudia Arabia are working off the same […]

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French IslamoNazis Attack Jews in Synagogue

This report from Paris from Elder of Ziyon, via JSS News. I’m in Paris.I’ve seen these videos where they shout “Death to the Jews” in the streets of Paris. But the truth is that with a video, we are still not that aware of this reality.So when I, completely by chance, ended up at Republic […]

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Obama Goes Full French as Jews Flee France

France. To some, the very word conjures images of romance: Maurice Chevalier, the Eiffel Tower, damp cobblestones under pale moonlight, elegant women sipping wine, and goofy black berets. Me, I think of Vichy France. I think of the gendarmes enthusiastically rounding up French Jews, herding them into cattle cars, and shipping them to the crematoria […]

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