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Why Do Wages Rise?

Many people believe the only path to higher wages is to put in more work hours, but there are actually many economic factors that go into deciding the number on each worker’s paycheck. Watch this short video to learn more!

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Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids

You are currently funding some dangerous people. These people are indoctrinating young minds throughout the West with their ideology that’s built on resentment. In this video, Jordan Peterson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, explains who they are and how American parents and taxpayers have found themselves funding this dangerous gang of nihilists.

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Adam Carolla: Don’t Make Things Worse

 Adam Carolla, comedian, social critic and host of the wildly popular Adam Carolla podcast, delivers the 2018 commencement address for Prager U. He offers some sage advice and makes a heart-felt request — as only Adam can.

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Prager University: Income Inequality is Good

[youtube][/youtube]   The hot buzzword making the rounds in leftist circles these days is income inequality. Local, state, or federal, not an election goes by when Americans don’t hear that manipulative phrase. Amid the moral blackmail, few find the peace of mind to ask themselves if income inequality is actually bad. A new video from the […]

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Book Review: For the Love of Wine

As most of my readers know, Seraphic Secret does not drink. Not wine, nor any type of liquor. That’s because alcohol, even the smallest amount, is a sure-fire trigger for a migraine. So, you ask, why is Seraphic Secret reviewing a book dedicated to wine? Well, it’s simple, the author of this elegant and fascinating volume, […]

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ObamaCare: Average Deductible for Bronze Plan is Over $5,000 a Year

The problem with ObamaCare is not the website. But of course, the very fact the Democrats cannot build a functioning website in three years—the time it took to win WWII—at a cost of over a billion taxpayer dollars, should indicate that turning over one-sixth of the American economy to the very same Democrats might not […]

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Israel Makes a Free-Market Move

Over the years, Seraphic Secret has made many friends through cyberspace. One of the earliest readers and commenters at this blog was Jake Novak, an intellectually curious and honest liberal. Convinced over time by our Conservative arguments, he has evolved into a passionate and articulate spokesman for Conservative values. Now an executive producer of the […]

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