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Friday Photos: Mood Board

Tweet This morning, after Daf Yomi, my friend turned to me and said: “Some week, huh?” I said: “It seems that every week is some week.” “Yeah.” On that downer, let’s try and alter the mood with some photos and stories.

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Friday Photos


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Friday Photos: Just Because the World is Still Burning…

Tweet It’s been another terrible, horrible very bad week with the release of a Democrat, ahem, study, that seeks to persecute President George W. Bush and the CIA for their efforts to protect America against genocidal IslamoNazis. The Democrat Senate report is a lynching, just as the Ferguson riots are lynch mobs, and just as […]

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Friday Footwear — Stiletto Statistics

Tweet Sigmund Freud famously asked: “What do women want?” A new survey by confirms what Seraphic Secret knows: Women want shoes. Women dream of nose-bleed stilettos, ballet flats, boots, Oxfords, sandals — whatever! If it clothes the foot, women lust for it.  Okay, a few statistics.

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Friday Footwear

Tweet ObamaCare is creating financial and healthcare instability for millions of Americans. Foreign governments have come to understand that Obama has no interest in asserting America’s dominant role in world affairs. Thus, our allies despair, even as IslamoNazis ruthlessly fill the void created by Obama’s policies of appeasement. In reaction to the prevailing political gloom, […]

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Friday Footwear: The Best of Times, The ObamaCare of Times

Tweet Hollywood’s greatest era, the 1930’s, gave birth to two luminous and entertaining genres: the screwball comedy, and the lush musical. It is no coincidence that these escapist movies, filled with glamorous women swimming in fur and jewels, and painfully handsome men in perfectly tailored tuxedos, were produced during the depths of the Depression. You […]

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The Art of High Heels

Tweet Freud famously asked: “What do women want?” Poor Sigmund, obsessively seeking an answer in the murky depths of the subconscious. Really, all he had to do was look around, and down, to realize that women want… shoes. Designer Boyarde Messenger’s hand painted collection of Charlotte Olympia pumps for Neiman Marcus is for women who […]

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Friday Footwear: Killer Heels

Tweet Dear Seraphic Secret: It’s true, we are depressed that Obama won the election. We are also angry that the Second Amendment is under attack by the commies who now run the U. S. government. But we still love shoes. So what gives, Robert? Is Karen walking around in flip-flops? Come on. Get over it. […]

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Friday Photos: Random

Tweet Totally random selection of photos today. Enjoy!

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Friday Footwear: Lielle Meital Kicks Up Her Heels

Tweet Here are some more pink shoes Lielle has her eyes on.

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Friday Fashion: Mayan Ariel Super Styling for Rosh Hashanah

Tweet Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, begins Sunday evening. It is traditional to greet the New Year with some new outfits. Maayan’s adorable dress reflects a discernible trend towards a return to patterns.

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Friday Footwear: Lielle Meital’s Little Cat Feet


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Friday Photos: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Tweet Summer vacation. Seraphic Secret spent time in Yosemite and not long afterwards, Offspring #2 and family arrived in Los Angeles for a two-week vacation. Activities included a wedding at the Terranea Resort, day trips to museums, playgrounds, and swimming in Casa Avrech’s cement pond. Vacation time is almost over, but our memories will last […]

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Friday Footwear: Cool Tootsies

Tweet Millions of Americans are out of work. The federal deficit is a crime. We are on the edge of a double dip recession. What to do? Fashion designers are banking on happy, unexpected colors to dress up your tootsies. Seraphic Secret has done the hard work of combing through the 2013 footwear collections and […]

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Friday Fashion: The Female Animal

Tweet For as long as fashion has existed, animal metaphors have been an indispensible part of the designers language. Hollywood, during its golden age, a leading arbiter of taste, heightened and refined the animal metaphor with brilliant costume designers turning ravishing movie stars into expressions of animal desire.

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Friday Fashion: The Exodus Edition

Tweet On Passover the Jewish people are instructed to envision that they are experiencing the Exodus from Egypt. During the Passover seder (meal) we reenact—through sacred memory animated by ritual—the passage from bondage to slavery. The Torah tells us that the Jews left Egypt with the spoils of their oppressors—compensation for 400 years of cruelty. […]

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Friday Footwear: Hollywood Steps Out

Tweet Classic photos of Hollywood stars usually reinforce a particular image. Lighting, composition, body language, wardrobe and the singular architecture of the face are the ingredients that create a glamorous narrative for audiences to internalize. Clark Gable is the man’s man who doesn’t give a damn; Carole Lombard, the girl next door who will drive […]

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Friday Footwear: Happy

Tweet The American economy is not happy. The European Union is even less happy. And the Asian markets are, you guessed it, totally unhappy. But shoe designers want you, more specifically your tootsies, to be happy in super cute, super colorful, super sculptural footwear. Let’s take a look at some examples of potential female happiness, Seraphic […]

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Friday Footwear: Hollywood Parade

Tweet Glamour depends on mystery, the art of concealment. Hollywood stars of the past and their handlers understood that to maintain the image projected on the screen was a full-time job. Hard working stars like Joan Crawford never appeared in public less than impeccably turned out. Even at their most casual, Hollywood stars of the […]

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Friday Footwear: Into Thin Air

Tweet Several days ago Seraphic Secret received this email from a loyal but unhappy reader: Dear Robert: It’s been ages since you posted a Friday Footwear blog. I get it. You like to write about Israel. Awesome. I’m a Christian Zionist who loves the Jewish people. You like to cut Obama down to size. Double […]

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