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Hollywood: I Drive Therefore I am Free

Tweet The automobile represents freedom. You climb into a car and go, go, go, whenever and wherever you want. The car is modern man’s path to liberty. Contrast cars with trains. Railroads are an expression of the collective. Individual identity is erased. You are at the mercy of a government-controlled system that turns  citizens into […]

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Hollywood Friday Photos — The Beautiful and the Damned


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Hollywood Friday Photos — Just Because

Tweet This week Seraphic Secret has been preoccupied with, um, stuff. Hence, no time to post about the latest ObamaCare outrage, our government of the pen and by the phone, and of course, John Kerry’s startling and touching discovery of his Jewish ancestry. Anyhoo. It is Friday. Time to take a vacation from the weight […]

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Friday Photos: Totally Random

Tweet Usually, we publish photos that have a central theme. Not today. We’re feeling a bit scattered. Perhaps we’re spooked by ObamaCare, by what’s happening to this country. We are watching a national calamity unfold in slow motion, and we are helpless to stop it. In any case, here are a few photos, most taken […]

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Friday Photos: Gone To Texas

Tweet Karen and I took a short vacation last week in Texas. We have beloved cousins who live in Dallas, and we and stayed with them for Shabbos. Texas is a great state with sane housing costs, low taxes, and reasonable regulations. Concealed carry permits are issued without onerous burdens on the citizen. The orthodox […]

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Friday Photos: Art of the Manhattan Subway and Teaneck, N.J.


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Friday Photos: Random

Tweet Totally random selection of photos today. Enjoy!

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Friday Photos: Whatever

Tweet No theme today. Just a random collection of fun photos. Enjoy!

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Friday Photos: Seraphic Secret in Israel

Tweet Karen and I attended our niece Ariella’s wedding in Israel two weeks ago. It was a quick trip, just four days, but it was still enough to create a lifetime’s worth of memories.

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Friday Photos: Johnstown Flood

Tweet Somehow, it seems appropriate to publish these old photos today. “Over one-hundred and twenty years ago the Johnstown Flood killed 2209 people.  The bodies of 900 victims were never recovered. “The Pennsylvania flood had both natural and human origins.  A powerful storm delivered six to ten inches of rain in twenty-four hours.  Then the […]

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Friday Photos: Stars And Their Cars

Tweet Automobiles represent freedom. You climb into a car and go, go, go, whenever and wherever you want. The car is modern man’s most potent symbol of, and path to liberty. Contrast cars with trains. Trains and subways are an expression of the collective. Individual identity is erased. You are at the mercy of a […]

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Friday Photos: Montage

Tweet Last night’s Vice-Presidential debate was most notable for the optics delivered to the public. No matter what the candidates said, their style conveyed a powerful message. Joe Biden, a bombastic wind-bag, smirked, snarled, rolled his eyes, laughed, and displayed contempt for Congressman Ryan. In contrast, young Paul Ryan was dignified, earnest, polite, respectful and […]

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Friday Footwear: Lielle Meital Kicks Up Her Heels

Tweet Here are some more pink shoes Lielle has her eyes on.

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Friday Photos: Maayan Ariel

Tweet It’s been quite a week. The RNC took center stage with a powerful message calling for a return to constitutional values, support for Israel, and a resounding rejection of the collectivist, big government tyranny being imposed by the current, extremist regime. Hurricane Isaac brought disaster to some communities in the Big Easy, while Obama […]

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Friday Photos: Blue

Tweet Wandering around my beautiful neighborhood recently, I’ve noticed lots of blue. Always on the lookout for compelling Friday Photos, I decided that blue would be a fun theme. And then, once I made that decision, all I saw was blue: blue cars, blue buildings — you name it, it’s blue. I suppose the same […]

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Friday Photos: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Tweet Summer vacation. Seraphic Secret spent time in Yosemite and not long afterwards, Offspring #2 and family arrived in Los Angeles for a two-week vacation. Activities included a wedding at the Terranea Resort, day trips to museums, playgrounds, and swimming in Casa Avrech’s cement pond. Vacation time is almost over, but our memories will last […]

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Friday Photo: Maayan Ariel, American Girl

Tweet Maayan Ariel and I were playing together in the courtyard when she asked me about the flag flying outside our home. “It means we’re proud of our country, proud to be Americans.” “I’m proud too,” she said with solid conviction. “A proud American girl.” “Take a picture, Saba.” (Hebrew: grandfather) “Okaaay!” Karen and I […]

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Friday Photos: The Not So Glamorous Family

Tweet Hollywood’s Golden Age, from the 20’s to the late thirties, was a dream factory. And glamour was the dream that was sold in every frame of every film. Studios tightly controlled the image of the stars they groomed and promoted, presenting them as glittering jewels, untouched and unsullied by the daily concerns of ordinary […]

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Friday Photos: Seraphic Secret’s Vacation

Tweet Karen and I slipped away to Yosemite for a brief vacation. In the old days, I used to shlep an SLR and half a dozen lenses. Now I just use my iPhone. The truth is the best camera is the one you use and my iPhone, for better or worse, is always there like […]

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Friday Photos: A Star Is Created

Tweet Stars are not born; they are created through a long and tortuous process of trial and error. When conjuring our favorite star we remember an iconic image that captures that personae. When we think of Jean Harlow we see her glowing platinum hair, a fetching body draped in silk, and a come hither look […]

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