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Theater Cancels Gone With the Wind

This is one of the consequences of allowing the left to arbitrate what is acceptable in our culture. Once you appease the left, on any issue, they, like all fascists, smell blood in the water, and move on to devour other issues. Same sex marriage leads to the the left’s current gender identity hysteria. Never […]

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The Coming Religious Purges

  Now that SCOTUS has endorsed same-sex marriage as a human right and enshrined it as federal law, those individuals and communities of traditional faith will see their religious freedom curtailed in a series of multi-pronged assaults. It is vital to understand that the left is not really interested in marriage equality; they are playing […]

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Indiana and the Gay Rights Lie

[youtube][/youtube]   Ben Shapiro does a fine job of explaining why the gay marriage movement has nothing to do with tolerance or equality, but is, in truth, an Orwellian assault on freedom of religion.

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Mayor of Houston Withdraws Unconstitutional Subpoenas

It’s not often we report good news. Last week, Seraphic Secret reported on the totalitarian mayor of Houston’s immoral and blatantly unconstitutional attack on the First Amendment. Naturally, radical leftists scurried to her defense with the fiction that this was really about illegal signatures on a petition. But when you read the NRO article below, […]

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When HomoFascists Meet IslamoNazis

Can this really be happening in America? The mayor of Houston has issued a subpoena for the sermons of five church pastors — sermons that may focus on homosexuality. According to Houston’s HomoNazi mayor, Annise Parker, these sermons are at odds with equal-rights ordinances. Make no mistake about it: A red line has been crossed. […]

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The Redefinition of Marriage is Not About Marriage

As the move to redefine marriage in the United States gains steam through the agency of unelected activist courts, it should be clear that the true intent of this radical movement is to wage war against religion and, of course, against the First Amendment. It is vital to remember that the Left uses stealth and […]

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Christian Bakers Who Refused Cake Order For Gay Wedding Forced To Close Shop

  The left has one overriding passion: to destroy the nuclear family. In place of the family, the left wants government, totalitarian government dressed up as a “people’s democracy.” The move to redefine marriage is also a direct assault on religious traditions. Once you understand that everything the left believes and does is designed to […]

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Gay Marriage: Gateway for Polygamy

Regarding gay marriage, really a redefinition of marriage: the ideological lines in American religious communities are pretty much what you would expect. Orthodox Jews are overwhelmingly opposed, Conservative (not a political designation) and Reform Jews are mostly in favor. Seraphic Secret is not as familiar with the multiple and varied Christian communities but we assume […]

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