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Gilad Shalit is Home

Seraphic Secret deplores the uneven deal that has freed Gilad from cruel captivity—a war crime that has conveniently escaped the notice of the UN and every vile leftist NGO on planet earth—but of course we are happy and relieved that he is home. Another consolation is the certain knowledge that a small but significant number […]

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Prisoners Set For Release or: Positive Reinforcement for IslamoNazis

Seraphic Secret has already made it quite clear that though we are happy that Gilad Shalit will be freed from his cruel captivity we deplore this deal with the devil and urge Israel to institute new social and military doctrines that will eliminate such exchanges in the future. It is a certainty that more Jews […]

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Deal With the Devil

Hamas terrorists kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit on June 25, 2006. The Red Cross has never been allowed to visit him, nor have any of the so-called human rights groups agitated to visit and deliver messages from his family. Hamas is  an IslamoNazi movement whose charter blames the Jews for both World Wars, quotes generously […]

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