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Palestinians Dancing In The Streets Of Gaza After Boston Massacre, Hamas And Islamic Jihad Hand Out Sweets

Tweet In yesterday’s post, Seraphic Secret argued that Israel and America’s shared values make us allies in the war against Islamism. Of course, its immediate corollary follows: the so-called Palestinians—a reichlet founded on lies in order to justify and glorify genocidal Jew-hatred—are not only Israel’s enemy, but the mortal enemies of America. And yet, Barack […]

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Hamas Leader Khaled Mashal: We Will Not Relinquish Palestine from the River to the Sea…

Tweet On Saturday, Hamas leader Khaled Mashal gave a speech notable for its honesty. Which is to say that this IslamoNazi fully articulated the goal of Hamas: the liquidation of the Jewish state. When Hamas or the Palestinian Authority speak of the “occupation,” they are not referring Judea and Samaria. They are speaking of the […]

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The Terror of Art

Tweet In 1917, Marcel Duchamp signed R. Mutt to a porcelain urinal, titled it “Fountain,” and declared it a work of art. The art world was immediately plunged into a new era where talent, draftsmanship, and beauty were suddenly declared irrelevant, and unnecessary. In fact, the very notion of talent was deemed unnecessary to the […]

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The Drones Done Did It

Tweet Seraphic Secret has just returned from a four-day trip to Israel, where we attended our niece Ariella’s wedding. We then spent a lovely and peaceful Shabbat with beloved cousins in Mitzpe Netofa, a yishuv in the upper Galilee. We are beyond jet-lagged. In fact, semi-comatose. But before collapsing in a cranky heap, we’d like […]

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Peace in the Middle East

Tweet The one and only Pat Condell on Israel, IslamoNazis and the delusion of a peace process.

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Operation Pillar of Defense, Day Seven: Hey, Maybe the Ethnic Cleansing of Jews from Gaza Wasn’t Such a Bright Idea

Tweet A few days ago, Seraphic Secret recalled a conversation about Gaza with an American-Israeli leftist who supported the expulsion, all in the name of rainbows and unicorns. Of course, it was not only the left who advocated expelling 8,000 Jews from Gaza in a gesture of land for peace. There were those on the […]

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Operation Pillar of Defense, Day Six: A Decisive Conclusion is Necessary

Tweet “Our struggle against the Jews is extremely wide-ranging and grave… Israel, by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish population, defies Islam and the Muslims.” “With their money, they [the Jews] took control of the world media, news agencies, the press, publishing houses, broadcasting stations, and others. With their money they […]

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Operation Pillar of Defense, Day Five: Hey, I’ve Seen This Movie Before

Tweet Eight years ago, in conversation with a wild-eyed Israeli-American member of Peace Now who was forcefully advocating for the expulsion of some 8,000 Jews from Gaza, I argued that: 1. Jews have the right to live anywhere, Brooklyn, London, Paris, Cairo, Damascus, Oslo, and yes, Gaza. Once you agree that, for the sake of, […]

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Count to Fifteen: Israel, America Under Fire

Tweet While the Obama regime consolidates its power over every aspect of our lives here in America — soft tyranny in action — the Jew-haters and Jihadists are on the march. The so-called Arab Spring, which Obama enabled at every step, is turning, as Seraphic Secret predicted, into a full-blown Islamist movement that is sweeping […]

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Obama’s Democrats: Israel Betrayed

Tweet     Even CNN cannot cover for Obama and the Democrats’ new party platform in regard to Israel. The Democrats have stripped vital pro-Israel language from their 2012 platform. According to the new document, Israel is no longer America’s “strongest ally in the region.” The world according to Obama will, no doubt, move whatever […]

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The Brother From Planet Sharia

Tweet Useful idiot John Kerry lectures us that we shouldn’t prejudge the Muslim Brotherhood. President Obama called Mohamed Morsi to congratulate him. No doubt, Obama has warmer feelings towards Marsi and the Brotherhood than to Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud. In a way, Kerry’s statement and Obama’s obsequiousness  are even more alarming than Mohamed Morsi’s election […]

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Fast and Furious: Obama’s IslamoNazi Edition

Tweet Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi is the “spiritual leader” of the Muslim Brotherhood, and a “prominent Islamic scholar.” Here’s a sample of his spirituality and scholarship: As Seraphic Secret has been saying from day one of the so-called Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood will seize or get elected to power in Egypt—where the MB were just […]

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Egypt: And Now It Begins

Tweet The mainstream media invented a feel-good narrative called The Arab Spring. In this soft-focus tale, a multitude of young, freedom-loving tweeters, fed up with the fossilized Arab regimes, were bravely ushering in Jeffersonian democracy. Seraphic Secret, along with other bloggers and writers who actually understand the Middle East, warned that the aspiring Arab Muslim […]

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Egyptian TV: “Jews Have “Satanic Plan To Dominate The World…”

Tweet Passover is over. But what’s a day in the Arab Muslim world without a blood libel. In case you haven’t received the memo, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a notorious Tzarist forgery. This Egyptian program is not an anomaly in the Arab Muslim world. In fact, Hamas, the genocidal yearning terrorists […]

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Hamas and Fatah Agree: Kill All the Jews

Tweet Ever since Seraphic Secret was founded in May 2004, we have patiently explained the not-so-secret facts regarding the Middle East: 1. The Muslim-Israeli conflict has nothing to do with national boundaries. 2. Muslims consider the entire state of Israel an “occupied settlement.” 3. The only differences between Hamas and Fatah are tactical. Hamas want […]

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The Curse On Seraphic Secret, Forbidden Mannequins, Lovely Audrey

Tweet   Just a few hours before the New Year, Seraphic Secret crawled out of bed at 5 in the morning for my daily three-mile walk. Half-comatose, I grabbed my trusty Apple laptop and started down the stairs. If this were a film, you would see high-contrast black and while lighting, ominous music, and the […]

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Hamas Loud and Clear: Goal Is Destruction of Israel

Tweet   In Islam there is a religiously sanctioned obligation called Taqiyya, lying. Speak soothingly to the enemy in order to lull him into a state of unpreparedness. Yet to their own people, the truth is loud and unvarnished in the form of frequent calls for genocide and world domination through a caliphate. Deceit and […]

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Moderate Nazis Poised to Take Power in Germany

Tweet I assume the phrase moderate Nazi got your attention. In fact, you probably got a severe case of mental whiplash because your rational brain said: “Hey, self, there’s no such thing as a moderate Nazi. Nazis are, by definition, genocidal racists.” For the past few days the American public has been treated to a […]

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Israel Under Fire c/o Iran

Tweet Once again Israel is under fire from the terrorist reichlet of Gaza. The terrorists are now armed with Grad rockets c/0 Iran. Thus, Iran is at war with Israel. Iran is also at war with America; they are and have been killing Americans in Iraq ever since we liberated that country. Make no  mistake […]

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Abbas to Pay Released Murderers’ Pensions With U.S. Aid Money

Tweet The evil that is at the heart of Palestinian selfhood is founded on Jew-hatred and plays itself out as a death cult that rivals the blood-soaked human sacrifices of the ancient Mayans. That American tax dollars enable this evil to flourish is a sign of post-modern times where suicidal impulses—Obama’s “smart power”—is now enshrined […]

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