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Friday Fashion: Bags, Spring 2012

In 1956 while pregnant with Caroline, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco was photographed in New York City by Life Magazine carrying a black crocodile Hermes bag, which she used to cover her pregnancy. After this picture was published the bag became a fashion hit and was renamed the Kelly bag. A woman’s handbag is more than […]

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Friday Fashion: Bag Ladies

Freud famously queried: What do women want? Poor Sigmund, he was so wrapped up in his theories (and cocaine) that he was incapable of looking at flesh and blood women and seeing the obvious: Women want shoes and handbags. Usually, but not exclusively, in that order. Here are a few of the latest fashion offerings […]

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Friday Fashion: Bag Ladies

Seraphic Secret believes that fashion is more than a frivolous pursuit for the rich and idle. Everyone wants to look good. Everyone dresses and primps in order to create an attractive shell. The image we present to the public is an idea of self: glamour babe, rock star, chaste girl, sports guy, yeshiva student, disaffected […]

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Bag of Tricks

In Rear Window, 1954, Grace Kelly’s elegant Mark Cross bag emerges as something of a major character, a twin symbol of desire—Kelly cooly snaps opens the bag, unfurling a fetching neglige—and the domesticity Jimmy Stewart finds so intimidating. Women’s handbags are more than repositories of oh-so-necessary possessions but a reflection of a woman’s priorities in […]

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Friday Fashion: Bag Ladies

Chalk it up to an oversight. Seraphic Secret has long recognized the female passion—only oxygen is more important—for footwear. We have also paid close attention to trends in fashion, with an emphasis on modest, ladylike ensembles. But the other day, I had a revelation—non-religious, mind you. Walking in my neighborhood, I glimpsed a young, fashionable […]

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