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Friday Photos: Stars And Their Cars

Automobiles represent freedom. You climb into a car and go, go, go, whenever and wherever you want. The car is modern man’s most potent symbol of, and path to liberty. Contrast cars with trains. Trains and subways are an expression of the collective. Individual identity is erased. You are at the mercy of a state […]

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Let’s Ban Fat People

  The progressive playbook goes like this: create a national emergency and then fix it through government intervention. In my lifetime the left has brought us: 1. Global Overpopulation — Solution: abortion and higher taxes for couples who choose to have more than one child. 2. Global Freezing — Solution: higher taxes that fund Byzantine […]

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Obama’s Trainwreck

High speed rail. It’s got a romantic vibe. You think of a sleek, bullet-nosed slab of steel flying along at unimaginable speeds. Inside, passengers lounge in plush chairs, sipping cocktails, clacking away at laptops and iPads, reading a trusty Kindle. No pesky traffic jams, no worries about the cost of fuel, no-stress travel. Just leave […]

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