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Hidden Hollywood: Gloria Swanson’s Wedding Night

Between 1919 and 1921, Gloria Swanson starred in a series of wildly popular films for director Cecile B. De Mille in which the iconography of Hollywood glamour was formally codified. The titles of these films carry the whiff of scandal and decadence: Don’t Change Your Husband (1919), For Better, For Worse (1919), Male and Female […]

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Friday Photos: Till the Cows Come Home

I’ve just finished a long and depressing conversation with a close friend who attends Daf Yomi with yours truly. We were wondering (among other things) what has possessed Barack Hussein Obama to release five more ruthless Gitmo detainees? All evidence, and common sense, suggests that these IslamoNazis will return to jihad and commit further rampages […]

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Hollywood Mothers

On screen, they are larger than life. Hollywood stars seduce us with their glamor. They become the vehicles of our dreams and desires. We rarely imagine them as ordinary people. And so, when we see a Hollywood star posing with family members—mortals like you and me—it comes as something of a shock. But after a […]

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