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Seraphic Secret Hollywood Star Quiz: Answer Revealed

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Seraphic Secret Hollywood Star Quiz

Chanukah is a time for latkes—which I don’t eat out of respect to my heart and my waistline. It’s also a time of prayer. We sing Hallel during morning prayer, and after sundown, when lighting the menorah, we chant additional prayers. Chanukah is also a time for games. Spinning the dreidel is the most popular. […]

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The Reveal: Before They Were Stars, Sequel to the Sequel

Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, and Myrna Loy (her photograph sits on the desk) in Wife vs. Secretary, 1936. This is what the audience sees. And this is what it takes to create the scene. The great director Clarence Brown is seated with a hand over his mouth. Tweet Okaaay, as we hoped, our quiz proved […]

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Before They Were Stars: Sequel to the Sequel

Alice Terry starred with Rudolph Valentino in Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1921. Tweet Okay, kids, Seraphic Secret has redesigned the format of our contest in order to make it more likely—or, um, less impossible—to have a winner. Your chances for picking correctly have greatly increased now that we’ve made it a multiple choice quiz. […]

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The Sequel, Movie Stars as Children: Identities Revealed

Intertitle from The Jazz Singer, 1927. Tweet Unfortunately, we do not have a winner this week. We tried making it easier, but evidently we miscalculated. Thus, next time out we will present a different format that will make guessing correctly a far likelier possibility. You see, we really do want you to win. Okay, let’s […]

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Before They Were Stars: The Sequel

As Hollywood emerged as the motion picture capital of the world, glossy fan magazines fed the public’s bottomless appetite for Hollywood glamour. Luscious covers were painted by brilliant artists. In the depths of the Depression paid subscribers and newsstand sales boosted circulation to three million readers for some magazines. Their influence was enormous, on box […]

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Movie Stars as Children: Identities Revealed

Love Before Breakfast, photo by Walker Evans, 1936. Tweet Name the Movie Star was definitely a challenging quiz. Unfortunately, no one guessed correctly. Whistlingypsy, a new and welcome visitor, came very close, missing by only one. The difficulty is not surprising when you consider the metamorphosis each movie star experienced as they matured into their […]

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Seraphic Secret Contest: Name the Movie Star

Title card, True Heart Susie, 1919. Tweet I don’t know about you kids, but Seraphic Secret needs a break from Osama bin Laden news—still dead—and the questions swirling around his assasination. Should death photos will be released? Oh please, we deserve a final gruesome image to replace all the heroic bin Laden postures. Did waterboarding […]

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Name the Movie Star #1 Answer: Lana Turner

The movie star with Ronald Reagan is none other than Lana Turner. No correct answers this week to our quiz. The photo was taken in 1937, not long after Turner made her heart-stopping film debut, age 16, in Mervyn LeRoy’s (real name, Levy) They Won’t Forget. Lana Turner in They Won’t Forget. Lana Turner, born […]

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Name the Movie Star #1

Seraphic Secret has, in the past few weeks, posted a series of quizzes asking our readers to identify Jewish movie stars. The response was gratifying. However, quite a few readers wrote privately telling us that though they enjoyed the posts, the quizzes are just too darn hard. Can’t Seraphic Secret create a Hollywood quiz that’s […]

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