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A Duck Dynasty Purim!

The 2014 Purim celebration begins on Saturday night March 15 and continues through the 16th. On the holiday of Purim, Jews listen to a reading of Megillat Esther, send gifts of food to friends and neighbors, donate to the poor, attend a festive meal where we make a l’chaim—“Genocide averted, let’s eat!”—and frequently wear witty […]

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Quiet: I Kill You!

Word is that Jeff Dunham’s hysterical comedy act “Achmed The Dead Terrorist” offends some Muslims. Translation: Terrorist enablers are looking to stifle free speech. Reason enough to go to the videotape:

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Child Care: Palestinian Style

From Seraphic Friend Jake Novak, a glimpse into Palestinian society, where abuse of children has been elevated to a religious and national duty. Palestinian Day Care Daily Schedule 6:30am: Mothers drop children off, get beaten for not watching their children. 7:00am – 8:30am: Morning prayers, followed by daily Jew-bashing sermon. 8:45am – 9am: Clean up […]

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Agenda: 2008 Democratic National Convention

As some of you may know Seraphic Secret has confidential sources deep inside the Democratic Party. Recently this secret document was leaked to us by our source: Deep Kvetch. Yup, it’s the official agenda for the 2008 DNC Convention. The agenda of the opposition is deeply revealing—especially the last item. 7:00 pm Opening flag burning.7:15 […]

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Those Whacky Gazans

I don’t know about you but I need some comic relief, and really if you examine the Israeli-Gaza situation, it is pretty nutty. The Gazans overwhelmingly voted into power Hamas, a terrorist organization whose Islamist, Jew-hating covenant explicitly calls for the elimination of the State of Israel, and of Jews everywhere. And yet Israel supplies […]

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What the Palestinians Will do with East Jerusalem

by Jake Novak 10) Build enormous closet for Mahmoud Abbas’ $3,000 suits. 9) Create large complex to house Michael Vick’s exiled dog fighting operation. 8) Invite U.N. workers to tour the area… then kidnap them. 7) Begin scholarly archaeological dig to prove that Jews don’t exist. 6) Build world’s largest stone throwing practice range. 5) […]

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Achmed, the Dead Terrorist

Who drove Hitler bonkers? 1) Winston Churchill. 2) General Eisenhower. 3) Charlie Chaplin. 4) Franklin D. Roosevelt. The correct answer is Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin’s ballet with the globe in The Great Dictator, made Hitler absolutely furious. The German dictator had no response to Chaplin’s biting satire. And neither do the grim, murderous Muslim jihadists. Presenting: […]

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Global Warming: The Solution

Jihadists are blowing up innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, London, Israel, Spain; well, name a country with a Muslim population, and what shock — you’ve got Islamic terror. But the progressives/liberals/Democrats/lefties/Greenies, oh, gee I give up — are worried about, um, the weather. That way they don’t have to think about some lunatic […]

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Specializing in Infidel Dogs.

Top 10 Medical Insurance Questions at Dr. Mohammed Mohammed’s Office by Jake Novak 10. Blood Type, please circle one: A, B, O, Jewish. 9. Please state the reason for your injury/illness: a. car accident, b. slip/fall c. failed suicide bombing. 8. Have you had any exposure to: a. asbestos b. toxic materials c. ramshackle Iranian […]

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Seraphic Pick: Sands of Passion

Okay, not quite on the level of Mizoguchi or Kurosawa, but still great stuff. It’s important to poke fun at our jihadist enemies. They have no answer to humor for like all tyrannies they are miserable people with no sense of humor. Hitler was enraged beyond endurance by Charlie Chaplin’s mockery in The Great Dictator. […]

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Jihad Soap Opera

This is hysterical. I’m totally hooked. Hat Tip: Seraphic Friend, Seawitch.

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Education: Palestinian Style

Top 10 Classes Offered at Palestinian Refugee Camps by Jake Novak 10) Crying on Cue. 9) A.P. Embezzling. 8) Tire Burning for Dummies. 7) Elementary Techniques in BBC Correspondent Kidnapping. 6) Shooting in the Air 101. 5) Duping Peaceniks. 4) 9/11 Celebration Street Folk Dancing. 3) Do-it-Yourself Honor Killing. 2) How to Impress the Yale […]

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Purim 2007

By Jake Novak WAR IN IRAQ

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Top 10 Signs I’m More Insecure than Robert

Actually there are 11… I’m too insecure to do just 10. by Jake Novak 11. Robert is secure enough to just make fun of liberals… I just make fun of everyone and hope nobody takes me seriously. 10. Robert is unafraid to publish all the key emotional details of his courtship with Karen… I’ll do […]

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With Anti –Tank Gunners Like These…

After the Oscars, I needed a laugh. Can someone tell me if the troops in the video are French, or French-Canadian? Apparently one can tell by their accents. Proudly, I do not speak French.

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How They’ll Be Spending New Year’s Eve

By Jake Novak 10) Al Jazeera TV: broadcasting “Aymin al Zawahiri’s Exploding New Year’s Eve!” 9) Jimmy Carter: writing a book blaming New Year’s hangovers on Israel. 8) Judith Regan: partying with Mel Gibson, then publishing his father’s books on World War II. 7) Goldman Sachs CEO Leonard Blankfein: counting his $53.4 million bonus… and […]

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