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New York Times Predicts The End of Snow and Other Progressive Delusions

Tweet The one defining characteristic of the left is their refusal to recognize evil, much less fight it. It views genuine threats to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — such as communism — as ignorant, xenophobic preoccupations, and lectures us that the true dangers lie elsewhere: in capitalism, colonialism, racism, gender discrimination… the […]

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Obama Intervened on Behalf of Iran in Jewish Center Massacre

Tweet Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman was assassinated for pursuing the truth: that Iran was responsible for the cold-blooded murder of 85 men, women and children in the AMIA Jewish community center building in Buenos Aires in 1994. But the Obama administration, siding with the Iranian IslamoNazis, pushed for an end to the investigation of Iran’s […]

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PalNazi Incitement

Tweet In a statement released by his office, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed the Palestinian Authority for the stabbing attack. “The attack in Tel Aviv is the direct result of the poisonous incitement spread by the Palestinian Authority toward the Jews and their state. The same terror tries to harm us in Paris, Brussels, and […]

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The Laughing Mullahs

Tweet Smart power in action Consider four seemingly unrelated events that happened, almost simultaneously, across continents.

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It’s Not Islam — It’s Shape Shifting Jews!

Tweet Yesterday, we pointed out that that Arab Muslim world is a universe of dangerous conspiracy theories — most of which accuse the Jews/Israel of, well, everything, including IslamoNazi depredations. At the very same time we have Barack Hussein Obama’s tortured explanations as to why his administration refuses to label Islamic terrorism as Islamic terrorism. […]

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It’s Not Islam — It’s the Mossad!

Tweet Anyone with an even passing acquaintance with the Arab Muslim world knows that these culture are cancerous with conspiracy theories. The purpose of these theories is to deny moral agency to the Arab Muslim world. Thus, the economic shambles that is the Arab Muslim world is not because they are regressive socialists, but because […]

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French Jews Without Guns

Tweet Over 5,000 police officers have been deployed to protect synagogues, and Jewish schools in France.

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Vichy France is Alive and Well

Tweet If you read the official French military history of World War II, you will discover an unusual take on France’s role in that global conflict. There is no mention of the Vichy Government. According to the official Gaullist history, every Frenchman was active in the resistance, every Frenchman fervently anti-Nazi. This is, of course, […]

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Update from France: Four Hostages Killed — A Call For the Reformation of Islam

Tweet Reports indicate that French SWAT teams have stormed the kosher market. Four hostages are dead. Baruch Dayan Emet. Why did the IslamoNazis take hostages in a kosher market? Were their cartoonists hanging out in the aisles on erev Shabbat? Of course not. The IslamoNazis were there to kill Jews. Because that’s what IslamoNazis do; […]

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France: IslamoNazis Seize Kosher Market

Tweet And of course, the Charlie Hebdo massacre leads to the Jews of France.

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Saudi Arabia Hands Out 1,000 Lashes for Insulting Islam

Tweet The massacre of the Charlie Hebdo journalists and two policemen yesterday was, ostensibly, revenge because the satiric magazine insulted Mohammed and Islam. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has blasphemy laws with which they punish those who also insult Mohammed and Islam. Thus, the IslamoNazis of Paris and the IslamoNazis of Saudia Arabia are working off the […]

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IslamoNazi Terror in Paris With Obama Flashback That Helps Set The Bloody Scene

Tweet Obviously, the IslamoNazis who barked “Allahu Akhbar”, as they machine-gunned twelve people to death at the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo agree with Obama. And let us not forget that Obama’s administration condemned Charlie Hebdo for exercising their freedom of speech by printing pictures of Muhammed.

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Tweet   Browsing through the day’s news made Seraphic Secret feel sad. An eleven-year-old Jewish girl in Israel suffered third-degree burns over 50 percent of her body after PalNazis hurled a Molotov cocktail at her parents’ car. At the same time, the PalNazis, who enjoy overwhelming support among the oh-so-civilized barbarians of the EU, are studying an online video that gives detailed […]

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Hollywood: When Evil Triumphs

Tweet The most popular and durable Hollywood character is the lone hero. The man, or woman, who against all odds, confronts and defeats evil. In the old days, there was usually a shoot out, a duel on the dusty street of a frontier town between the forces of darkness and the forces of decency. From […]

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Where’s Your IslamoNazi Membership Card?

Tweet Take a look inside your wallet. Chances are you have various membership cards. Seraphic Secret belongs to: the Automobile Club of Southern California, Writer’s Guild of America, West, The Parking Spot, Halachic Organ Donor Society, just a few among many. Are these cards the sum total of our existence? According to the leftists who […]

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Sydney Morning Herald Urges Empathy For IslamoNazi

Tweet The IslamoNazi who has terrorized the citizens of Sydney, Australia is evil But the leftists who demand that good people empathize with this evil are, in many ways, just as dangerous. Democracies do not fall because of outside forces closing in, but because of the barbarians inside who weaken resolve and turn morality on […]

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Democrats Enable Jihad

Tweet Who is telling the truth? Is it the Democrats who wrote their report — actually, a political document — on the CIA and its tactics against genocidal IslamoNazis, or is it the CIA’s former directors and field operatives who claim the exact opposite, and who were not interviewed by Senate Democrats? History is a useful […]

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How NGOs Aid IslamoNazis

Tweet Back in In August, Matti Friedman, formerly an AP reporter, wrote a grim account of the Associate Press’ bias against Israel. It was, arguably, the most important story about media bias against Israel ever published. Friedman is back, this time with a new article in The Atlantic, What the Media Gets Wrong About Israel. For Seraphic Secret […]

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The Ferguson/Palestinian Narrative

Tweet As Seraphic Secret noted yesterday, Jew-hating IslamoNazis have attached themselves to the Ferguson riots. It is a telling moment as IslamoNazis co-opt Ferguson. Ferguson rioters—lynch mob would be more accurate—have manufactured a narrative that is a complete lie. Just as the so-called Palestinians have manufactured an entire national narrative that is a complete fantasy.

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Ferguson: How to Burn, Allah, Burn

Tweet It is obvious that the riots in Ferguson were carefully orchestrated by a tawdry alliance of lefty radicals, anarchists, race-baiters, criminal opportunists, and foaming-at-the mouth malcontents. Police have been pelted with D batteries, which had been carefully stockpiled. Some of the major agitators — AKA community organizers — in Ferguson are Muslim radicals who […]

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