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From Somalia to Brandeis, The Road of Liberal Fascism

Tweet And if your son asks you in the future, saying, What are the testimonies, and the statutes, and the judgments, that the L-RD our G-d commanded you? You will say to your son, We were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt; and the L-RD brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand. The L-RD […]

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Meet the Jewish-American Fascists of Brandeis

Tweet Liberty’s Spirit has written an Open Letter to the Jewish-America Community: What Is Wrong With You? This letter is wrenchingly on-target. In it, she decries the suicidal political correctness that animates the self-righteous Democrats who also happen to have been born Jewish. No better example of this PC insanity can be found but at […]

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Homo Fascism and the Mozilla Moment

Tweet A few weeks ago, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson was mugged by Homo Fascists and their media lapdogs for stating what has been a truth for every civilization since the beginning of time. Last week, Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigned under pressure, also for supporting traditional marriage. Eich, a Silicon Valley techie, invented JavaScript, […]

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Obama Commends Abbas For, Get This, ‘Consistently Renouncing Violence’

Tweet Last week, before meeting with Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, President Obama made this statement: “I have to commend President Abbas,” Obama said alongside the Palestinian leader. “He has been somebody who has consistently renounced violence, has consistently sought a diplomatic and peaceful solution that allows for two states, side by side, in peace and […]

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Islam’s Bloody Mission

Tweet Islam’s mission, past and present, is to persecute, plunder, rape, enslave, and murder non-Muslims. We hear lots of talk about moderate Muslims and how they deplore the blood lust of their radical brothers. Unfortunately, the evidence for millions of kumbaya Muslims is slim. Common sense tells us that an army of moderate Muslims would […]

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Gangster Government: Convicted Al Qaeda Spy Weiss Rasool Works for IRS

Tweet This is perfect. A convicted IslamoNazi is working for the IRS. At first, Seraphic Secret was surprised, even baffled, at this startling news. But then we got over our naiveté. After all, Obama & Co. actively support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They forget, or perhaps do not wish to recall, that the MB […]

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Memo to President Obama: Ten Facts Underlying the Arab Muslim War Against Israel

Tweet Russia, as Sarah Palin predicted they would in 2008, is invading Ukraine. China hungrily eyes the Japanese Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. Iran races toward the nuclear red line. In Syria, Bashar Assad, allied with Russia, slaughters thousands of own people — daily. The North Korean gulag starves millions and continues to build and test long-range missiles. […]

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Why the Jews?

Tweet At David Horowitz’s restoration weekend, Caroline Glick explains the roots of genocidal Jew hatred, and why this oldest of hatreds has never taken root in America.

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Multiple Israeli Moves Against Iran, Borat Say: “High-Five!”

Tweet Central Asia. We think of the nations in this volatile sphere as set-ups for the vulgar, tasteless and wildly funny Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen’s clueless fictional character from the glorious nation of Kazakhstan. But gaze at the map. Geography is destiny. Israel now has access to military bases in two strategic Central Asian Muslim […]

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Obama: ‘Racism Is Why My Approval Rating Is Down’

Tweet You just knew this was coming. President Barack Obama said that racial tensions may have softened his popularity among white voters within the last two years, according to a story posted on the New Yorker magazine’s website today. “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like […]

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Obama Plays Knock Out The Jew

Tweet For the past several months, roving bands of black thugs have been assaulting Jews by punching them in the face. It’s called Knock Out the Jew. It’s a game. Presumably, the moron who knocks out the most Jews is the winner. Most of the assaults have taken place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, which is […]

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Muslims Fly Nazi Flag in Israel

Tweet To liberals, progressives, peaceniks, social justice activists — whatever you’re calling yourselves this week: please don’t write and tell me that not all Muslims are Nazis, that you, personally, know some very civilized, moderate Muslims. Those unicorn Muslims are irrelevant. That Nazi flag flying proudly in an Arab settlement inside Israel is the true […]

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Canada Revokes Islamic Society of North America’s Tax Exempt Status For Support Of Terrorism

Tweet In August 2013, President Obama sent a gushy greeting to the Islamic Society of North America. Obama’s outreach lends a cloak of respectability to IslamoNazis. Because, like CAIR, the ISNA is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, whose, ahem, charities, support international Islamic terror. You can pretty much follow one simple rule of thumb when you […]

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12 Years After 9-11

Tweet Twelve years after the American homeland was attacked by Muslim terrorists, Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, is sending entire battalions to Syria to prop up Assad’s regime. Twelve years after 9/11, Barack Obama’s reset button with Russia has finally yielded what the radical left in America has always wanted: a diminution of […]

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Syria, Poison Gas, Israel, America, and Awesome Obama Guppiness

Tweet The United States is in a difficult position. We understand that intervention in the Arab Muslim world is a thankless task that inevitably leads to further hatred of America and fixes absolutely nothing. Nothing can be fixed in the Arab Muslim world because the countries there have no sense of personal responsibility. The sectarian […]

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Among IslamoNazis to Be Released: Murderer of Holocaust Survivor

Tweet According to the Israeli government, releasing IslamoNazi Jew-killers is a “confidence-building measure” that will bring the genocidal-yearning Arabs back to so-called peace negotiations. A little clarity: Releasing jihadist Jew-killers excuses and rewards Jew-killers. It tells the world that the lives of Jews are unimportant. It encourages the future murder of Jews in Israel and […]

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Killer Kabuki or Why Is Israel Releasing 104 IslamoNazis?

Tweet Kabuki. Highly ritualized theater of dance and drama distinguished by elaborate makeup that transforms human characters into demons. The performances play for hours, even for days. Ritual suicide is the hallmark of kabuki’s third act. Israel is, once again, being forced to perform kabuki. FADE IN: Montage: Wide Angle Shot#1: Syria is in the […]

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Little Girls on PA TV: Jews are Barbaric Monkeys, Wretched Pigs…

Tweet Egypt is burning. As of last Sunday approximately 90 women have been raped in Tahrir Square by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, and their opponents. Don’t look for good guys in this bottle of scorpions. Over fifty people have been murdered. Civil war is on the horizon. Syria burns. Their civil war has been […]

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Muslim Brotherhood Says Interim President Is A Jew, Secretly Backed By Israel…

Tweet A few days ago, when the mobs were gathering in Tahrir Square and the talking heads were all agog about another Arab Spring, I turned to Karen and said, “How long before these—ahem—freedom fighters, start raping women?” Karen shrugged, rolled her eyes. “How long before the Egyptians blame everything on the evil Jews?” I […]

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IRS Gives Hugs to Terror-Tied, Democrat-backed CAIR, While Targeting Conservative Patriots and Pro-Israel Groups

Tweet Seraphic Secret is no longer shocked by anything that crawls from the slime of the Obama White House. What is shocking is that the American people tolerate Obama’s radical agenda—Cloward-Piven strategy mixed with Alinsky tactics—that is trampling on our rights, making a mockery of the Constitution, and turning America into a European style welfare […]

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