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IslamoNazis Murder Another Jewish Woman

Tweet Three terrorists committed a combined stabbing and shooting attack Wednesday afternoon at Jerusalem’s Damascus gate, wounding two female Border Police officers and a young man. One of the guards, Hadar Cohen, 19, was critically wounded and later died from her injuries while hospitalized in Hadassah Medical Center. Cohen, a resident of Or Yehuda, was […]

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Why it’s Correct to Label the Obama Administration ‘Anti-Israel’

Tweet Barack Obama was a member of Jeremiah Wright’s Jew-hating church for over 20 years. Thus, it was entirely predictable —except to 74% of Democrat Jewish voters — that such a creature would channel his anti-Semitism into anti-Zionism. Jennifer Rubin details the Israel/Jew-hatred that is front and center in the Obama administration.

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IslamoNazis Murder Another Defenseless Jewish Woman

Tweet The modern age of IslamoNazi terror was ignited by the Jew-hating Muslim entity that called themselves Palestinian. In fact, this faux nationality was invented by the KGB. The world shrugged its collective shoulders at the hijackings and bombings of Jewish targets. Then it made deals with arch terrorist Arafat, figuring that dead Jews were […]

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Where Does All That Aid for Palestinians Go?

Tweet Israel’s Deputy foreign minister, Tipi Hotovely, has written an important piece in today’s WSJ: One often-cited key to peace between Israel and the Palestinians is economic development. To that end, there seems to be broad agreement about the importance of extending development aid to help the Palestinians build the physical and social infrastructure that […]

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Dafna Meir’s Prayer

Tweet Dafna Meir, 38, knifed to death by an IslamoNazi terrorist, was a beautiful soul. A nurse, and mother to six – including two foster children – she cared deeply about others regardless of their nationality or religion. This is evident from her own blog (translation provided by Moshe).

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Rev. Martin Luther King and Israel


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Mental Illness and the Democrat Party

Tweet I watched about two minutes of Obama’s final SOTU address and realized that I just couldn’t take it anymore —  his alternate reality thing. Obama reminds me of a child who has crumbs smeared all over his face, yet insists that he did not raid the cookie jar. At the moment, I’m far more […]

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How to Be a Postmodern Liberal Jew-Hater

Tweet A pious Muslim tried to assassinate a courageous Philadelphia policeman. The IslamoNazi confessed that he tried to kill the policeman in the name of Allah. He further pledged his allegiance to Islamic Sate. Within  a few hours, the Democrat mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, lectured that the attempted murder has “absolutely nothing to do […]

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The Jewish Vote in 2016

Tweet My wife Karen and I were born and bred in Brooklyn. Which is to say that we were New York Jews whose parents were lever-pulling Democrats. We were told that Democrats cared about the poor and Republicans only cared about rich people. That’s what passed for political analysis in our crowd. As Karen and […]

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New Year, Old Hollywood

Tweet Here at Seraphic Secret we try to maintain an optimistic demeanor. However, after seven years of Obama, this becomes increasingly difficult, if not downright impossible. Cognitive dissonance is not our style. IslamoNazis are on the march all across the globe. In Israel, the murder of Jews by IslamoNazis who call themselves Palestinians—a faux nationality invented […]

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2015 Man of the Year

Tweet The Washington Free Beacon has named Israeli Cpl. T. as Man of the Year. This is an inspired choice.

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Jew With Gun

Tweet There is no such thing as gun violence. The left uses the absurd phrase “gun violence” in order to rid our culture of human agency — in other words, of morality. The left denies the notion of good and evil just as it denies IslamoNazi terror, a malignant ideology that is spreading like cancer […]

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Iran in Syria

Tweet Below the fold, my good friend David Gerstman analyzes Iran’s tactical and strategic position in Syria. David and other analysts have come to the conclusion that Iran is taking a beating in Syria. But a common mistake analysts make when viewing IslamoNazi movements—state and non-state players—is to judge them by Western standards. This is […]

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67% of So-Called Palestinians Support Stabbings of Jews

Tweet In yesterday’s post we discussed the sobering demographics of world wide Muslim support—active and passive—for genocidal jihad. The IslamoNazis who call themselves Palestinians are part and parcel of this global Islamist movement. The only difference between Islamic State and the PA are operational. The overall strategy of both groups are exactly the same: to […]

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By the Numbers: The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics

Tweet We are told—sternly lectured is more accurate—that only a small fraction of the world’s Muslims are violent jihadists. Of course, when you look at the numbers it’s not so simple. In fact, we’re talking about millions of violent Muslims, and millions more who passively agree with the demented values of radical Islam.

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How to Thwart an IslamoNazi Terrorist Attack

Tweet Two of our closest friends, Jeremiah and Miriam*, moved to Israel a year ago. Karen and I miss our Shabbat dinners together where we discussed politics, culture, and, of course our children and grandchildren. I just received an amazing note from Jeremiah in which he details how he identified an IslamoNazi preparing a terrorist […]

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Israel, the EU, and IslamoNazis

Tweet Below the fold is an interesting article by Alex Benjamin, a Jewish blogger who lives in Brussels. Benjamin believes that since the Paris massacre, the EU has begun to realize that its kumbaya world view of Islamism is suicidal and that Israel, whom the EU reflexively demonizes at every turn, is Europe’s best hope […]

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Thanksgiving 2015: The Children of the Children of Israel

Tweet As far as I know, there are only two countries in the world that were founded on the idea of hope. America and Israel. And what was the hope? The hope of achieving religious freedom, and freedom from the tyranny of centralized government. The Children of Israel, fleeing Egyptian slavery and religious persecution, settled […]

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Jews With Guns

Tweet   I’ve developed close friendships with several LAPD officers over the past few years. They love making fun of all the stupid stuff they see on TV cop shows. At the same time, the officers I know — men and women alike — are dying to get hired as consultants on cop shows so […]

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Will the Threat From ISIS End the Double Standard on Israel?

Tweet Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, is one of my oldest friends. We attended Yeshiva Flatbush elementary school together. When Karen and I made our first exploratory trip to Los Angeles, Abe was one of the first people we contacted. At the most difficult time in our lives, Karen and […]

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