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Netanyahu Calls Obama’s View of Jerusalem ‘Un-american’

Tweet   Seraphic Secret would like to remind the 74% of American Jews who voted for Obama that he spent over 20 years as a faithful member of Jeremiah Wright’s openly Jew-hating, America-bashing (so-called) church. Thus, Obama’s hostility and racism towards the Jewish state was nothing if not predictable.

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Joan Winters: Restored to Memory at Last

Tweet by Rahel Jaskow It seemed like such a simple request: to photograph a grave in a nearby cemetery. “She is buried in the American Cemetery in Jerusalem,” Robert Avrech wrote in July 2011 at the end of his post about Joan Winters, an American actress who was found murdered at the foot of the Mount of Olives […]

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T’sha B’Av During Operation Protective Edge

Tweet Five misfortunes befell our fathers … on the ninth of Av. …On the ninth of Av it was decreed that our fathers should not enter the [Promised] Land, the Temple was destroyed the first and second time, Bethar was captured and the city [Jerusalem] was ploughed up. — Mishnah Ta’anit 4:6

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Jerusalem Day — Yom Yerushalayim, Gen. Uzi Narkis

Tweet Today is Yom Yerushalaim, Jerusalem Day. We celebrate the historic liberation and reunification of the city of Jerusalem from Jordanian occupation during the Six Day War of 1967.

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Hasmonean Past Is Present

Tweet As the Demorats and their ObamaCare law grinds millions of Americans into misery, we who love this republic, are deeply worried about its future. Simultaneously, Obama betrays Israel at every step, enabling the IslamoNazis of Iran to achieve their nuclear goal. Thus, Israelis, and those who love Zion, are also worried about the future. […]

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“Like Dreamers” Yossi Klein Halevi’s Masterful Book About The Soul of Modern Israel

Tweet   There was a time when Seraphic Secret was afraid of Yossi Klein Halevi. Flashback: High School. The mid-sixties. Brooklyn Talmudical Academy. Seraphic Secret was a less than enthusiastic student who was forever cutting classes in order to go to the movies and acquire the education I really wanted. Yossi Klein Halevi was one […]

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Yom Kippur, 2013

Tweet …In the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, you shall afflict your souls, and you shall not do any work … For on that day he shall provide atonement for you to cleanse you from all your sins before the L-RD. —Leviticus 16:29-30

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The Lost (And Found) Grave of Joan Winters

Tweet My name is Rahel Jaskow. I live in Jerusalem, where I work as a translator and editor. I’m also a singer and amateur photographer. Seraphic Secret has been one of my daily reads for several years, and I’d like to thank Robert for giving me the opportunity to write a guest post for his […]

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Tweet Mitt Romney’s visit to Israel can be summarized in one word: capital. Romney said, “It is a deeply moving experience to be in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.” Which should be a duh moment in a sane world. And Israel’s economy, explained Romney, is a roaring success because of capitalism. The radical leftists of […]

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The New, Improved Jew-Hatred: Jerusalem Denial

Tweet   Let us stipulate that Jerusalem is the eternal, undivided capital of Israel. If you give up Jerusalem you surrender Zion. Game. Set. Match. The Arab Muslims understand this all too well. Why do you think their propaganda is an unrelenting assault on Jewish history? But liberal Jews do not get it. Or if […]

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Tisha B’Av, 2012

Tweet Today we observe Tisha B’Av, a solemn day of mourning and fasting in which we commemorate the destruction of the first and second Temples, both of which were destroyed on the ninth of Av. The first Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 B.C.E.; the second by the Romans in 70 C.E. Today […]

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Bobby Kennedy: America’s First Victim of Palestinian Terrorism

Tweet I am a Jew from Brooklyn, New York. Thus, like virtually all baby boom Jews, I was reared as a lever-pulling Democrat. We were told that Democrats were for the poor and Israel and Republicans were rich people who hated Jews. It was that simple, that simple-minded. I don’t think I met a Republican […]

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Indivisible Jerusalem

Tweet Yesterday was Jerusalem Day, which celebrates the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem from Jordanian occupation during the 1967 Six Day War. Among the chattering classes there is constant talk of—sigh, once again—dividing Jerusalem. This is not only dangerous but impractical. Daniel Greenfield writes: Jerusalem Day is a reminder of what the real problem is […]

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In the Footsteps of King David

Tweet King David is the most fully documented character in the Torah. His narrative is epic, filled with the kind of detail—heroic and unsavory—that makes David such a compelling character. We identify with his yearning for a relationship with G-d, his courage in battle, we see aspects of ourselves in his tragic weakness as a […]

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Tisha B’Av: Downgrade in Nutrition

Tweet Today is Tisha B’av, a fast day. Without food and coffee I usually succumb to migraine. So I’m going to preserve my energy and post this summary from Judaism 101. Note: There’s another great photo of an ancient Jewish artifact below the fold. Tisha B’Av, the Fast of the Ninth of Av, is a […]

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O’ Jerusalem

Tweet Tweet Tuesday night and Wednesday are Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day. Here’s a neat little video that summarizes 4,000 years of Jerusalem and Jewish history in five minutes. Note that Arab Muslims are no more than a blip on the historical screen and the faux Palestinians have roots in Jerusalem that are as shallow and […]

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Dance of Death

Tweet Pious Jewish men praying at the Kotel, the Western Wall. Photo by Robert J. Avrech, all rights reserved. Imagine for a moment that you are dancing with a partner who has loudly announced plans to murder you when the music stops. You want to get off the dance floor, but clueless wallflowers insist the […]

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Muslim Sensibilities and the Shofar Rebellion

Tweet During the British Mandate in Palestine, Jews were forbidden at the close of Yom Kippur, to blow the shofar at the Kotel, the Western Wall, for fear of offending “Muslim sensibilities.” Sound familiar? Left unsaid then as now, is that if Muslim sensibilities are offended, said Muslims will riot, burn, loot, and murder. In […]

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Jerusalem, Eternal and United

Tweet If I Forget Thee O’ JerusalemPhoto © Robert J. Avrech Today is Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, the celebration of the reunification of Jerusalem during the Six Day War, after Israel crushed the combined armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan. A bit of Jerusalem history from CAMERA On November 29, 1947, the United Nations General […]

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Sarah Palin Rips Obama on Israel

Tweet Notice Sarah Palin’s lapel pin. I wear the same one on my suit. On her Facebook page, Sarah Palin scolds Barack Hussein Obama and his radical anti-Israel administration for embracing third world tyrants and communists while attacking America’s democratic and dependable ally, Israel. It’s all the rage among leftists—especially liberal Jews—to make fun of […]

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