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Fire Bombing Jewish Children In Sweden

Like a California fire, Islamism is devouring Europe at a rapid and unchecked pace. French Jews are leaving by the hundreds, soon to be thousands. When walking the streets of Jerusalem I hear more and more French speakers. Jews of England also see the writing on the wall. And the Jews of Sweden, just 18,000, […]

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The Third Jihad – Religious Persecution

I think we’re making a huge mistake when we focus exclusively on Muslim terrorists entering America. A more serious threat to our way of life are Muslim supremacists; immigrants who do not advocate violence but who wish to live under sharia wherever they settle.

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Goodbye Sweden

Here’s an in depth report by the Israeli Broadcast Authority on the Jew-hatred that is gripping Sweden, a liberal and ahem, enlightened, socialist democracy. The mayor of Malmo, where Jew-hatred is at a high pitch, advises Swedish Jews to distance themselves from Israel and then everything will be just peachy. The mayor is a classic […]

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Swedish Jews: Going… Going… Gone…

One of the most cherished myths of liberals/leftists/progressives is that criticism of Israel should not be equated with Jew-hatred. It’s just, uh, constructive criticism, or, and this is my favorite, tough love. Sort of like a man who beats his wife to a pulp and claims that he does it because he loves her so […]

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