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Hollywood on Hollywood

Labor Day affords us the opportunity to reflect on work, our jobs, present and past. Good jobs, bad jobs, we’ve all had our share of both. Work should set you free. Honest labor puts money in your pocket which allows you to spend that money as you see fit. Ideally, work infuses the individual with […]

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Friday Photos: Maayan Ariel

It’s been quite a week. The RNC took center stage with a powerful message calling for a return to constitutional values, support for Israel, and a resounding rejection of the collectivist, big government tyranny being imposed by the current, extremist regime. Hurricane Isaac brought disaster to some communities in the Big Easy, while Obama fiddled […]

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Staring at the Walls for Fun and Profit

I spend a lot of time staring at this wall. It’s Labor Day weekend here in Los Angeles. Thus, a few words about work are in order. I’ve been a Hollywood screenwriter for over twenty-five years. I get up early in the morning, bind tefillin and pray, eat breakfast while reading the Wall Street Journal, […]

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