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American Media, Soviet Tactics

The job of a journalist is to report facts, add context where necessary, and leave it to the consumer to decide what he thinks. In this video, James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas, explains why fewer and fewer people trust modern-day “journalism.”

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American Media Cheers Stalinist Propaganda at the Olympics

Ever since President Trump won the election the left has been spreading the dopey fantasy that America is now living in The Handmaid’s Tale. A world where regiments of red clad women live at the whim of a totalitarian state. The recent film, a turgid piece of left wing propaganda (based on a clunky novel […]

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This Latest Trump-Russia Leak Smells Like a Political Coup

Yesterday, Seraphic Secret wrote that President Trump is the target of of liberal blood libels. For the obtuse, this is a metaphor. The Blood Libel was born as a medieval Christian charge that Jews killed Christian children in order to extract their blood for the baking of Passover Matzo. This grotesque narrative was used to […]

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The Dumb of All Fears: The Bannon Blood Libel

A close friend wrote this blog post for Seraphic Secret. Because the author is Conservative and works with intolerant Progressives, it is being published anonymously in order to protect life, limb and employment. A host of the usual suspect journalists, liberal activists, and all the same pundits who called this election wrong from the very […]

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Trump Rescues William Tecumseh Sherman

The New York Times just did a hatchet job about Trump and women which ended up making the NY Times look far worse than Trump. The Washington Post hired 20 extra reporters to investigate Trump — just as they did not do when Barack Obama was the Democrat nominee. I recently came across a story […]

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How NGOs Aid IslamoNazis

Back in In August, Matti Friedman, formerly an AP reporter, wrote a grim account of the Associate Press’ bias against Israel. It was, arguably, the most important story about media bias against Israel ever published. Friedman is back, this time with a new article in The Atlantic, What the Media Gets Wrong About Israel. For Seraphic Secret the […]

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George Zimmerman: Jew

The prosecution and persecution of George Zimmerman have made clear that the liberal media are nothing less than radical propagandists whose model and tactics are those of the Islamist and Arab media. Genocide, slavery,  mass murder, rape, torture, female genital mutilation, the persecution of homosexuals, and other atrocities are routine in the Arab Muslim world. […]

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Everything You Need to Know About the Media: Jason Collins 2,381 News Stories, Gosnell 115

Jason Collins, a bench warmer, comes out as gay, and the media feast on what is basically, a non-story. But abortionist Kermit Gosnell, an American Mengele, a man who practiced infanticide, is virtually ignored. The American media do not report news, they are left wing commissars who promote news items that support their ideological agenda. […]

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Morsi: “Jews Are Apes and Pigs,” World Yawns

Imagine how the mainstream media would salivate and then pounce if Benjamin Netanyahu ever called Arabs apes and pigs? [youtube][/youtube] As American social policy falls deeper under the Obama Democrat-Socialist juggernaut of massive taxes, fiscal suicide, and shrinking liberties, the mainstream media—which covers for Obama instead of covering Obama—has also adopted the radical leftist Jew-hating […]

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The New Leader of the Free World

One day before the election, a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District told me of a conversation he had with a seven-year-old student. The child asked for whom the teacher was voting. “That’s private, ” said the teacher with a smile. “If you vote for Romney, that means you have Romnesia. He’s only […]

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Child Abuse: Where Jihadists and Democrats Converge

Seraphic Secret is struck, but not surprised, at the way Islamists use and abuse their children in the endless war against Western civilization. Here’s a clip of a child preacher from Egyptian TV. [youtube][/youtube] The kid has no idea what he’s saying. He’s just repeating what he’s been taught, regurgitating hate like a robot. In […]

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Media Blackout on Benghazi Massacre

Sunday, when morning television is wall-to-wall news programs, Benghazigate was a no-show, except on Fox, where Chris Wallace made this emerging scandal the focus of his Sunday panel. My friend, Joel Pollak, over at, reports on a media blackout. The mainstream media’s silence on the Benghazi disaster reached deafening levels on Sunday, as hosts […]

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Friday Photos: Montage

Last night’s Vice-Presidential debate was most notable for the optics delivered to the public. No matter what the candidates said, their style conveyed a powerful message. Joe Biden, a bombastic wind-bag, smirked, snarled, rolled his eyes, laughed, and displayed contempt for Congressman Ryan. In contrast, young Paul Ryan was dignified, earnest, polite, respectful and calm […]

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Liberal Media Are The Enemy Of The American People

Mitt Romney is not running against Barack Hussein Obama. Governor Romney is running against a liberal media complex — Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” — and Barack Hussein Obama. Liberal journalists are not journalists. They are Democrat campaign workers. In domestic policy the media are advocates for the grim European welfare state. In foreign policy, liberal […]

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Obama Lies, Press Yawns

[youtube][/youtube]   President Barack Hussein Obama finally took a few questions from his campaign staff, whoops, I mean the White House press corps yesterday. He was asked about the sleazy campaign he’s running. Obama responded: “Nobody accused Mr. Romney of being a felon. We point out sharp differences between the candidates, but we don’t go […]

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Dishonorable Disclosures

President Barack Hussein Obama, for political glory and personal self-aggrandizement, has compromised operational security. Take 22 minutes out of your busy schedule and watch as brave Americans explain the danger Obama and his flapping seals in the media pose to our republic. [youtube][/youtube]

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Proving Media Bias

It’s an odd notion that one has to scientifically prove what is patently obvious, that the mainstream media is overwhelmingly liberal in the manner in which they report the news. But we live in an upside-down world where the obvious is frequently deemed an illusion and illusion is spun as reality [youtube][/youtube]

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“Land of Promise,” 1924 Silent Film About Zionist Pioneers

When writing about movies, Seraphic Secret usually focuses on Hollywood. But this silent film, “Banim Bonim” Land of Promise, is a documentary/travelogue from 1924 that is fascinating. The second reel is missing, but it’s still 41 minutes long. Take a look, and then some comments. [youtube][/youtube] As with most documentaries, the film was carefully constructed […]

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The Rape, Torture and Murder Of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian

George Zimmerman is being tried, judged and lynched by the race-baiters of the left—in concert with the liberal media. Race-hustlers like Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters and Barack Obama are doing what they do. I expect no less. It’s how they make a living. It’s why they breathe. But the media is […]

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The Great Tawana Brawley Tango

You remember Tawana Brawley: that’s when Al Sharpton burst on the national scene claiming that Brawley, a black teenage girl, was raped and beaten by a group of white men, smeared with feces and then dumped in a garbage bag. It was all so ghastly, so very KKK, that decent people recoiled in horror and […]

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